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Let's Get It Started

Well hello there, Golden Panthers fans. As you have likely heard, I'm Adam Beasley, the new FIU print reporter for your Miami Herald. I'll also be weighing in on this blog from time to time, adding to the strong work by Pete.

Tryout You've already gotten my credentials, but let me tell you a little more about myself. From up north, but have lived all over the country. Went to Syracuse, so I know what it takes to put together a dominant basketball program. Spent four years working for the Baltimore Ravens, so I've seen football at the highest level up close. And grew up loving the Phillies, so baseball is in my blood. Oh yeah, I also can’t get enough of the beautiful game – or having fun at my own expense – as this ridiculous picture attests.

In addition to energetically covering the Golden Panthers on a daily basis, I hope to give a fresh perspective on the issues facing the athletic program as it tries to grow into a national power. Some of you already have seen my work on the Kendall Berry murder and the athletic fee story. It's just a taste of what's to come.

I'd love to get to know you all better, so feel free to shoot me an email at abeasley@miamiherald.com or say hello at FIU games. In the end, sports are supposed to be fun, so let's have a good time together.


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I find the following things funny:

"Let's Get It Started"


"Sports are supposed to be fun"

Welcome Beasley. That is your name. Not Adam. But Beasley. Like Pam Beasley from The Office.

"I hope to give a fresh perspective on the issues facing the athletic program...Some of you already have seen my work on the Kendall Berry murder and the athletic fee story"

So Mr. Beasley, are you trying to pronounce your distaste towards FIU by your comments above or trying to proclaim your prophetic style of writing on FIU's behalf? If you ask me, The Miami Herlad is running a dog and pony show as it relates to the reporting of FIU now, and your just the pony.


Welcome Adam, glad to have you on board.

Welcome Beasley. The athletic fee re-hashed story isn't much to boast about though. Quite a few took it as a jab in the face given there was nothing (at first glance) triggering the timing of this story and nothing new to us. But maybe as an outsider you'll provide fresh perspective and call to task the powers that be when neessary.

Just know, FIU fans tend to be a tad conspiratorial, particularly in circumstances even vaguely tied in with our scUMmy second-cousins from and incestuous aunt across town. Know that, and you'll do well.


Beasley doesn't have to know anything about scummy second cousins to do well.

All he has to do is be fair and accurate, and more importantly, be objective.

People shouldnt be all bothered because he wrote a fair story about the tuitions. That's not distaste. It's journalism, something thats been hurting everywhere.

Sigh, good luck Adam.

Welcome to the beat, Adam. My first question to you is: why was the headline of your athletic fee story changed from the time it first appeared? If you can't answer that question honestly, you don't belong on this blog.

Huh? I don't know what the point of that blog was. Are we supposed to make comments like who is this dude and what is his connection to FIU?

Adam, what do you know about FIU? I'm glad you know about yourself.

The athletics fee article was an AWFUL way to introduce yourself to the FIU community. What a joke. You INSULT our school and assume we're going to support you and this newspaper's initiatives?!

Get real.

Welcome Adam. That fee article was complete crap. That's my humble opinion. My question to you is who made you write that article? Not a good way to start your new gig as FIU print reporter. I'll still read any FIU info regardless of who writes it. I just have my doubts about your FIU knowledge but will give you a shot. Good luck!

Pete, have you heard anything about season ticket renewal for FIU football? Seems like athletic dept slacks. Looking forward to season.

As for baseball, we need to get winning streak going. We need to beat teams with our bats. Can't trust our pitching. Go FIU!0

Leave it to the damn Herald and their damn little sports editor Rojas to continue to bow down to the university of Coral Gables. Talk about insecure. Keep up the lousy work, Rojas. What can your newspaper gain by reducing the FIU coverage even more than what you already have. Eventually you'll have to justify your existence while subscriptions and advertising revenues keep going down. Shame on you.


Let's be serious for a moment, you don't really want to do this, that poor excuse for a Sports Editor Rojas has imposed his will on you and Pete.

I am probably one of the most "Dialed IN" FIU Alums when it comes to Sports and I can assure you that this is a losing proposition for you.

This is a CRIME what Rojas and Gyllenhaal have done to Pete Pelegrin and you are party to this now. I'm so sure they would of been fine, had you passed on the opportunity to cover FIU. But your idea of a team player is to do what your told even when it affects someone else.

Where is the pride and integrity ? You're obviously not in this business for the $$$, because there is NONE. What else do you have, when all of us know you genuinely will not cover our program with PASSION, PRIDE and INTEGRITY.

(Friends) - this is my final blog post here, good luck to everyone and see you on 9/11/10 at THE CAGE.

Beasly: By the way, your article on the fees at FIU was a royal waste of everyone's time. You did NOT write anything new or anything with any substance. Old and rehashed information doesn't sell newspapers, much less keep readers interested. What useful information did you bring to the table on the unfortunate incident with Kendall Berry? PLEASE! The fact that you have to try and sell yourself as a knowledgeable sports guy says a lot. Nobody has answered the most important question - - - Why was Pelegrin taken off the FIU beat? Two things to remember - Subscribe to the KISS theory - "Keep it simple, stupid" and " If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.

Rojas is a joke! Pete is barely covering FIU sports. When herald ask me why I cancelled subscription...I'll just mention him. Sad what Herald has become. Adamjust answer my question on who gave you assignment to write fee article? I have feeling you didn't come up with that by yourself.

Well, I'll welcome Mr. Beasley to the FIU beat. Like others here, I have my doubts as to the commitment level to cover FIU with so many other duties at the Herald. Also, that first story, which was for us FIU fans a re-hash of a prior story, did not suit well with many of us, due to that very same reason.

However, I welcome you to the FIU beat and wish you good luck in this new endeavor, while hoping you enjoy covering our teams.

Ok....back to covering FIU....any news as to whether Isiah will be able to sign any more players in the late signing period that starts this week?

Pete has passion for FIU. Mr. Beasley could care less if the entire FIU athletic program was shut down tomorrow. As a matter of fact, he would be glad, that way he would be relieved of this assignment and moved to one he might actually be interested in. Nothing personal against you Adam but we deserve someone who actually gives a damn about our program.

My subscription was cancelled.

Cueto - I think everyone's comments on here about that lousy fee article has said it all. If you can't see that then you have you're own agenda or may need to work harder to think big picture.

This isn't about what anyone did to Pelegrin. It should be about what the herald is doing to FIU, the students, the alumni, and the community in general. Here's an idea, Rojass - give Beasly his own blog so he can rehash old news and whatever you and the university of coral gables feel comfortable with him writing about. I'm sure that at least 12 readers will follow his "fresh" approach. While you're at it, Rojass, why don't you find out and get a straight answer from Jim Morris as to why he won't play FIU in baseball. It is well known that it is because of a personal problem between him and Coach Turtle Thomas, who didn't speak to one another the entire 1999 National Championship season at the university of coral gables.

I think we're taking out our frustration with Rojas and Herald management on Beasley. His fee article sucked, yes, but he's from up north somewhere and doesn't know jack about this area or FIU(giving benefit of the doubt here). The guy is covering all sorts of sh*t at the Herald, he's probably just trying to work hard, keep his job, and get ahead. What agenda could he possibly have. Problem is he's involved with Rojas's screwing of Pete which we all find absolutely UNACCEPTABLE. Rojas is the culprit here, he has alienated an underestimated fan base, one that has only stuck around here because Pete has put up an admirable front on his continued blogs. Eventually Pete will say F this, move on elsewhere, and we'll be looking for Rojas's head. Believe that.

not sure what to say... only time will tell

Hahahaa. Oh man!!! Youse are all being too rough on Beasley. There is some serious ball breaking going on here.

Just to let all youse know, the behavior of the people on this blog makes FIU fans look bad. We already have a reputation for being whiny complainers and everything negative in between. The things that are being said on this blog just add to that negative image of us.

I understand that all of us are unhappy with the decisions that were made at the Herald, but whats done is done. We shouldnt take it out on Beasley. Lets let him do his job and in time he'll be a true blue and gold FIU fan.

i will wait to comment when he has done some serious journalism about FIU sports. Here is a story subjects for you about FIU? Our women's softball, women's tennis, women's golf, and oh yeah our women's volleyball team.. that's just to get you started.

Canceling my subscription. This is also my last post here and I will stop visiting here. I'm done with the Herald. Go ahead and ignore the biggest school in town.

Pete, sign up for a blog. Get a Twitter account and we will follow you wherever you go. You can do this on your own or start working for FIU.

This past Sunday, the Herald didn't consider the tragedy in Poland to be newsworthy enough to be front page material. NOTHING. NOT ONE MENTION! However, the Herald did run a front page story on how MTV's Jersey Shore Miami stop will benefit South Florida. I am NOT making this up.

Practically all other newspapers of importance, including el Nuevo Herald, ran a front page story about it.

Honestly, how can we possibly expect the Herald to provide honest and legit FIU coverage when they don't even have their front page priorities straight? What I witnessed (or lack thereof) this past Sunday was gross, and in all honesty made my blood boil. If indeed a city's newspaper is often viewed as an extension of its community, then they just made Miami seem that much more ignorant, naive, and superficial.

If the Herald can't manage to fulfill their respects to one of this country's few allies of our current military campaigns in the Middle East, should we genuinely expect much else from them? For heaven's sake, Poland's President, First Lady, and dozens of high ranking government officers were killed, and the Herald made the decision of talking about Jersey Shore instead?!

No wonder everyone is canceling their Herald subscription.

All I know is that I love Pete's coverage...Don't know what's going on here with the Herald but i wont take it on Beasley...But one thing is for sure, if Pete leaves, ill stop supporting the Herald..

Go FIU!!

Hahaaa FIU can't even keep there own beat rider...He will soon be replaced by this bobo...FIU is going down...Worlds Ahead, yea right...Its all about the U!!

Canes Rule!!

MIACanes...yeah, you're so smart...what's a beat rider

Welcome to the FIU blog, Adam...


"Lets let him do his job and in time he'll be a true blue and gold FIU fan."


You need some meds bro, cuz that is never happening !!!

I feel bad for you beasley. Who did you tick off to get yourself in this losing position. Did you sleep with the editor's or Mr. Rojas' wife or daughter? Pete is pretty much a GOD on this blog and covering FIU. You currently are not so popular. You come from the north and???? "Went to Syracuse, so I know what it takes to put together a dominant basketball program", tell me are you going to be helping manage the team and the athletic department? im confused but happy your onboard, you, probably not so happy. Good luck to you and the phillies (NOT).

WOW!!! That was some post, MIACanes. Great English, grammar, and syntax. At least you provided comedy.

Welcome and good luck, Adam.

Can Mr. Beasley please provide us with a picture of the Golden Dazzlers or Willis Wright training for his FIU debut rather than... "Corky's Travels" a clip from Life Goes On, Episode 17.

Thanks Corky...I mean Adam.

"genuinely will not cover our program with PASSION, PRIDE and INTEGRITY."

Only one of those things should matter, and I have no doubt that Adam Beasley, as a professional journalist, will cover the program with INTEGRITY. He probably understands integrity a lot better than most of the readers here.

As to whether he covers the program with "PASSION" and "PRIDE", that's not his job. Even a little bit.

"Lets let him do his job and in time he'll be a true blue and gold FIU fan."

It doesn't matter if he is a true blue and gold fan. His job is to be an objective reporter and find the information. He has to be passionate, about journalism as his job, not about FIU.

If the fans want someone to just be a fan and give no thoughtful input, you have message boards and fiusports.com.

FIUer, what did peoples comments about Tuition say? It's just bitterness about a fair story. It was a fair story.


Does Bill O'Reilly cover his show with Passion, Pride and Integrity ?? The first 2 he obviously does, but with integrity ? Puuuuleeez.

Dude your Utopian outlook is hilarious. Has Adam's first few articles resonated with Integrity ? Someone posted earlier about this not being about Pete but a move in a new direction by the Herald. Trust will have to be earned all over again for Adam to have the endorsement of the AD office. You think PG, MC, Zeke and Turtle are really going to give the Herald/Adam an opportunity at a fair shake ?

Not gonna happen...too much liability for FIU, we have seen that MH cannot be trusted with what they print.

Don't subscribe but will ask my employer to cancel the 5 units that arrive here everyday.

Mannnn, MIAcanes never learn to read mannnnnnn.... Get over it buddy, "the U" is soooo 1980's/90's.

First of all welcome to the FIU family.. As you can probably tell FIU fans are exteremely over protective about their school. I can't blame them because we actually attended FIU or currently attend the school. Its something that is very special win or lose.. I hope you dedicate plenty of time and effort into delivering information about our athletic programs. As you may know we might not have the best record in football or basketball right now, but we have some pretty damn good teams that need some more ink! We are pretty tired of having FIU articles be no longer then 4 sentences (I thought a complete paragraph was 5 sentences).. Can't wait to see some of your work. If its anything like Pete's, then you will be more then fine! Learn from the best (Pete), and try to make it better!

Note: My subscription to the Herald is over in June and the next 2 months will really dictate on what I will do with my memebership!


FIUer, what did peoples comments about Tuition say? It's just bitterness about a fair story. It was a fair story.

Posted by: Cueto | April 14, 2010 at 10:23 AM

The points here were not arguing whether or not the article was fair or factual, can't say I would argue with much of what's in that article. I thought the same thing when many moons ago when this same topic was published in this same newspaper, talking about the same thing! So where is the journalism in that, re-hashing old stories to fill paper and slap on a new date, that's what you call journalism? I'll analogize it for you, let's say your wife leaves you one day and writes you a Dear John letter highlighting all the reasons she left you, then 6 months later she sends you that letter again just in case you forgot. WHAT'S THE POINT?

Not a FIU fan, not a Canes fan, but both MH blogs soock.

if you have integrity and will not be a lap dog to PG then welcome and good luck. seems like you are popular already!

Hey Adam, does FIU have a home baseball game tonight? I scoured the hard-copy and didn't see a peep about it, even in the 'things you can watch' section.

The Herald has removed a writer with passion for FIU and replaced him with an ambitious yes-man (as evidenced by your first piece) from the university who pipe-lines media type through this community. I am not looking forward to your bland, innuendo filled writing as this will be more of the same from this paper.

Welcome aboard and I do hope you prove me wrong.


Oh lord...

The people on this blog have officially dropped FIU down a few notches.

no mention of tonight's FIU game is sad.

I can't imagine a worse "starting off on the wrong foot" moment than that student fee article.

None worse.

No better example of the negative, paternalistic, scolding storys the Herald writes about FIU (when not written by Pete).

And its not some sinister plot. its lazy "LAZY WIMP JOURNALISM".

You need to look like your "Exposing" something and you dont want to peeve off your UM contacts, alumni so you pick on the upstart school,.. the Republican school, ...the wacky immigrant school.

Thats how Herald staff see us.

THats whats going on here. Plain and simple.

This would be humorous if it wasn't so pathetic. Beating up on Beasley for doing his job is downright pathetic. As if any of you would just walk away from your job. That would exhibit a true lack of integrity. You guys want to hold it against someone it would be Rojas.

But judging by the Herald's actions, the tiny niche that follows FIU sports just isn't going to influence them, thus far, to do what you ask. Same reason they care more about publishing about the Jersey Shore than the accident in Poland. Because the American people care more about it. Sad reality.

It's like the fat un-athletic kid crying about being picked last for dodge ball and being the first one knocked out. You want the coverage? Go out and earn it or accept the harsh reality.

I'm going to entertain your comment for a moment Fomenter. Just how exactly does walking away from a job demonstrate a lack of integrity?

I hope Beasley does well and he gives FIU the coverage it deserves.

My main problem is with the overall disrespectful coverage we get from the Herald in sports and as the major economic engine in this community.

Adam we dont know you so dont take any of this personally. Just get us a few good scoops on recruits and cover FIU things well and the FIU community will accept and support you.

I'm going to agree with Fomenter on this one. There's no reason to beat on Beasley for what is his new job.

I love Pete's coverage as much as the next guy. I really doubt Beasely, with all due respect, will ever be what PP meant to our school. But it's not fair for him to be attacked for something he definitely has no power over.

I agree to a certain extent. Adam Beasley should've approached his new gig, however crappy he may deem it to be, from a neutral perspective.

Running that story (which I think isn't entirely negative, but I can certainly see why some were offended) about FIU's athletic fee wasn't the best way to approach his newfound followers. Although I took the story to be more factual, it did have a somewhat negative spin. Hence the bad mouthing on this blog.

"Our women's softball, women's tennis, women's golf, and oh yeah our women's volleyball team.. that's just to get you started."

Because Pete covered those things?

I'm going to entertain your comment for a moment Fomenter. Just how exactly does walking away from a job demonstrate a lack of integrity?

Posted by: chrisfiu | April 14, 2010 at 09:42 PM

Do you not get the concept of context? Or is that something your bottom tier schools can't properly convey?

Which one of you would just walk away from your job because they asked you to take on a colleagues workload? You signed the paperwork, you agreed to do what they ask of you. Short of anything illegal or immoral, you have no reason to walk away.

But yes, Beasley should walk away and quit. It's not like he's in a tough field that gets worse every year and we are in a recession.

Mr. Beasley, I wouldn't be harping too much on your “student fee” story because it lacked tons of facts. Had you taken the time to see student fees at UCF & USF you would of found those to be high also. Maybe UF or other 100+ year old universities don't need to ask for much on the student fee side because of those institutions GENERATIONS of alumni and booster donations.

That was a HACK job of an article on FIU and being that we get a sliver of attention from the MH, I considered it wasted ink! Can't see how you can cover such a unique and dynamic university such as FIU, considering you seemed to be forced on this post. Your "stack of stuff" seems pretty high and "oh by the way cover FIU also", will not do justice to this growing institution of higher learning.


"You signed the paperwork, you agreed to do what they ask of you. Short of anything illegal or immoral, you have no reason to walk away."

It's called at-will employment. Neither the employee nor the employer need a reason. In fact, not having a reason to quit is perfectly reasonable under the law. I realize this conversation really has no point, but I'm just pointing out your senseless comment about integrity.

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