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Welcome to FIU Stadium on a splendid Wednesday afternoon with sunny skies and just a few small whiteHelmetlogo clouds.

If you're stuck in your cubicle or can't get out of that meeting that will decide if the office will go with blue or black pens, then just kick back and follow along here.

The FIU Blue/Gold Spring Game is about to kickoff shortly as the Panthers finish stretching and pre-game drills.

Check the previous post to follow along what we'll be looking for this afternoon. This will be the last time the Panthers will be on the field until early August. Let's go LIVE BLOGGING....


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Great live blog, Pete. Thanks for keeping us in tune with what's happening at The Cage. Looking forward to your follow up report.

How did saloney joseph do as I worked out with him before he tried out for the team. He is a small guy but the kid has heart. You think he will stay with the team by what u seen so far in practice and the spring game?

Harden is GOOD. When you think he's down he breaks through and picks up another 5-10 yards.

Harden looked real good yesterday, he's the real deal! On D, Tourek and Pooh Bear are monsters . . . I've got a great feeling about the upcoming season.

I LOVE the competition at QB, its only going to get them better. Wes looked great and Wayne looked extremely comfortable back there. They will both thrive in this offense

We looked solid in a lot of spots, including TE. We looked great with Faucher in there, and the position is getting better with everyday CA learns the position and with LaPorte getting healthy.

Defense looked much more hungrier, quicker and aggressive. O-line looks bigger and YES Harden looked incredible. Wow!


I went to the game solely to evaluate the QB play and I will admit Younger looks much imporved. Definitely bigger. However, he was "improved" last year and in the only game he saw extended action, Middle Tenn, he threw three interceptions. He didnt look impressive in other outings as well. So, Im a skeptical hippo when it comes to Wayne Younger. Its Tim Tebow. He can try to fix his delivery and throwing motion as much as he wants, but lets see how he does when 250lb LB's and DL are rushing him. Same argument for Younger.

Wesley looked good, but there were some things he needed to improve upon. Specifically, in my opinion his needs to go through his reads a little more. Seems to lock down on guys. Just my opinion.

I just hope everything plays out by August. I hope and expect to see WC as our QB.

Harden smoked the D! Great to see the guys out there and getting after it. Was impressed with Pooh Bear also!

Who the F is Adam H. Beasley and why is he associated with PP's blog?

No hating on Adam Beasley, he's written some good articles so far. If he wants to jump in and write some blogs too, I don't mind at all bc it means more info for all of us.

Pete, the regular signing period for college hoops should be starting soon, right? I think it's mid-April til mid-May. Does Isiah have any scholarships left for 2010?

How many days til we kickoff against Rutgers!?!?!?

Why does PantherPass not cover the games against MTSU this weekend?... Thats kind of worthless.

I know the saturday game is on TV though.

Wasn't able to make it out there yesterday. Was there a decent turn out?

PantherPride, considering this was a Wed afternoon, it was OK I brought my Belen Junior High PRIDE of Panthers and they had a blast. I know they were tonning it down due to our tragedy, however allowing fans to interact with players, take pictures, etc. after the scrimmage would of been a nice touch.

I think the players would of enjoyed the love from the fans that attended. No one, except for family members were allowed on the field afterwards.


Seems appropriate that only family members were allowed on the field though. What has happened goes far beyond fans, football and spring games.

Saturday's game in on t.v.? Which channel? Do you have the time? I want to set the dvr at the very minimum. thanks.

CSS. In cool TV voice: Check your local listings.

games will be aired by Comcast/Charter Sports Southeast (CSS) and Cox Sports Television (CST). Please check your local listings for additional channel information.

About CSS Network
CSS is a 24-hour sports channel serving approximately 5.9 million cable subscribers across twelve southeastern states. Launched in 1999, the network is a partnership between Comcast Corporation and Charter Communications. CSS carries a full slate of college sports programming including over 40 live football games, 110 college football replay games, more than 200 men's and women's live college basketball games and over 50 live baseball games, as well as a comprehensive mix of sports news and in-depth sports analysis geared toward fans in the Southeast.

For more information on CSS, or to find out how you can get CSS on your cable system, log on to www.css-sports.com.

About Cox Sports Television
The New Orleans‐based sports network launched on October 28, 2002 in front of 450,000 Louisiana viewers. CST has grown over 400% to nearly 2 million in the five years since launch, making it one of the fastest growing regional sports networks in the south. CST is currently carried on cable systems in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Virginia and is available to Dish Network subscribers (Channel 421) in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans markets. CST is owned and operated by Cox Communications Louisiana, LLC. Initially targeted to be a Louisiana sports network, CST has secured collegiate, professional and high school events that have expanded the networks reach throughout the south. For more information about CST, please visit our website at www.coxsportstv.com.

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