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Spring Game Time Change

Clock The FIU Blue/Gold Spring Game is still on this Wednesday, April 7, but now the game will be played at 3:30 p.m. at FIU Stadium.

The game has been moved up two and a half hours, because a lot of the players have class schedule conflicts.

Will have a LIVE BLOG of the spring game right here on Wednesday. Will be on-line at 3:28 p.m.


It was Opening Day in the major leagues today. FIU reached the mid-point of its 2010 season afterRaiko Sunday's 15-6 win over Louisiana in which Raiko Alfonso (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) homered from both sides of the plate and drove in 6 runs. RA likes Cajun cooking. He had 12 RBI in the 3-game series.

The Panthers stand at 18-10 heading into their home game against Florida Gulf Coast on Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. Right-hander Daniel DeSimone is expected to start Tuesday despite pitching two scoreless innings of relief on Sunday. DD will be looking for his third straight quality start after having won the last two against Jacksonville and Southern Utah.

Will have a mid-season look at the Panthers later this week on the GPP.


Got a text from the Dazzlers today and some of the pictures from the ladies appearances at FIU BaseballDazzlers games this past weekend.

I know you'll probably look straight at the pictures before reading this part so here goes: the Dazzlers will be holding their "Variety Show" on Saturday, April 17 at 7 p.m. at U.S. Century Bank Arena. Waiting for the ladies to provide more Dazzling details on their "Variety Show". For now here are the Dazzlers at FIU Baseball this past weekend.



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18-10 half way through, but still the hardest of games yet to play. GPers, still think they are getting 40 wins this season?Like I said at the start of season, 30-35. Don't get me wrong, 30-35 wins is still a super strong season, just not 40 as predicted by many of the posters on this blog.

I am guilty. I looked at the Dazzler's pics before I finished reading the blog.

Pete, can you help me understand why they wouldnt play this game on a fri-sun??? Why would they do it mid-week at 3pm?? Do they NOT want people to go watch the game??

I was looking forward to going to the game after school tomorrow, was even going to cut my 625 class... now i cant go because i work until 5.

Why would they do the game at 3pm on a wednesday??? I think it's a dumb decision... It goes along with taking away the +1 student tickets when we cant even fill the stadium WITH IT yet. We should be trying to get people in the stands, instead of turning them away.

Think they should at least promote the spring game on fiusports.com. Being that the game is tomorrow.


The reason why you can't have the spring game this Friday or Saturday is that by NCAA rule, you must finish your spring practice 30 days after you have your first session.

FIU had the first practice of the spring on the first week of March, and now they must wrap up practice before the deadline. If pushed back to this weekend then they would violating NCAA rules.

I'm pretty upset about not being able to go to the game tomorrow due to work conflicts, but I understand why the changes are last minute and why the situation has been very murky. The FIU Football program is dealing with the KG tragedy, and that impacts everything off the field, as well as everything on the field - including practice times and the spring game.

With the original spring game scheduled for over a month ago, it gave professors and faculty time to excuse the student-athletes from class and exams, last Wednesday was ideal in order to prevent issues with Good Friday/Easter. The KB tragedy occurs, schedules are thrown off the window and is back to the drawing board for the coaching staff. I'm actually surprised that the game wasn't canceled all together.

As far as not promoting it on fiusports.com, I kinda get that the athletic department after the KB tragedy doesn't want to promote the game, and has scratched the "marketing" aspect of it. It looks like it will basically be an open scrimmage with no periphal events, as it wouldn't be in good taste to have an open party so soon after KB. I do agree that a press release or something should be up on the site by now though.

For those of you lucky enough to go, let us know how it goes.

I agree there shouldn't be much promotion of the game in lieu of recent events. And although the time is inconvenient for us fans I think it's better, makes it a more low key event. Gives the team some space without all the hoopla.

I had about 5 alumni ready to head out to the blue/gold game because it was after 6pm. now, I am hard pressed to go. If you want involvement in the program PG, then make it at a reasonable time. By the way, all of us are season ticket holders who were looking forward to the game. NICE MARKETING MOVE fellas!! dazzlers- looking good for 2010!!!rrrrr!! Now I have to become a corporate time stealing weasel just to see the team...

Its going to be pretty hard to make it at 3pm. The 6:30pm start was awesome.. One things on their defense is that academics come first and the coaching staff is trying to help the players out by moving it to 3pm..

Can you imagine if 10-15 key players are missing due to exams in class. That would make the scrimmage a total disapointment. Dont like the change but I respect it!

Go Gold/Blue..

Gooch, you're right on the school part of it... and there's the key point.

It looks like from Pete's report, the game was going to be rescheduled a week later at the same time, but with limited time to adjust schedules it looks like the Football team got resistance from the academic side of things (professors, TA's and exams). Hence the last minute reschedule. And due to NCAA restrictions, game can't be moved to the weekend.

As a season ticket holder and donor, I'm upset because I wanted to watch the game. But as somebody that has been affected (as a fan) by the KB tragedy, I understand the circumstances and hope we get out of the Spring Game with no injuries.

I'm already looking forward to the fall scrimmage/Alumni Panther Preview.

Big game against Florida Gulf Coast tonight!!!

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