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The Golden Panthers (26-14, 10-8 in the Sun Belt) return to SW Eighth Street for a three-game set with Louisiana-Monroe (15-25, 5-13), beginning Friday at 7 p.m.

We'll be live-blogging in this space, beginning at 6:55ish, and follow along as Garrett Wittels tries to break the FIU hitting streak record. He's currently at 35 games, tied for the all-time mark with Anthony Hicks (1989).


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GO G-WITT!!!! We're all rootin' for you. Best of luck today.

2 excellent articles approved by Mr. Rojas in the Herald today about his pride and joy UM...

First, we were blessed with an article about c-UM's great catcher who during his final year in high school was banned by either the FHSAA or school board for throwing up gang signs after a game.

And secondly, we were blessed with another former c-UM player, that is currently in the MLB, but was booted from c-UM for taking vitamin S aka juice aka Mark Mcguire's special vaccination... Its a shame that he had to take the full blame at c-UM, so that Coaches and the university wouldnt have to get rid of another prominent player that was there at the time (hint: best c-UM player in the majors right now).

You're the best Rojas!!! c-UM for life!!! yeaaaaa!!!

correction... i dont know where "banned" came from. I meant to put suspended for a couple of games.

Pete, keep up the good work! got folks out here in Germany lovin' the blog and FIU. hopefully GW and the boys can get hot late in the season and go for a nice run in the tournament.

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