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Busy Monday for Panthers

Lots of FIU content over on the Mothership ...

FIU's emergency response to football player's fatal stabbing criticized

FIU softball team invited to NCAA Tournament

FIU's Wittels extends hit streak to 45

And there's much more Golden Panthers content to come this week. Plan on writing a feature advancing the softball team's NCAA chances, plus will be with the baseball team up in Boca Raton Thursday through Saturday. Live blogs each and every night, plus for all SBC Tournament games next week. Should be an exciting rest of the month.


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Thanks Pete & Adam for the coverage...Go FIU!!

BTW, im pretty positive that i received my text alert before the times listed. The email did come after the text... Its hard to send an immediate alert out when there hasnt really been any time for an investigation. How do you know what information had been given to campus officials or police for that matter??? If im not mistaken, i believe it was scissors that were involved. There are a number of accidents that could've happened.

Its pretty $h!tty and classless how the Herald uses a terrible tragedy like this for their own agenda.... BS!

I guess the Current FIU Dean of the College of Law also has an anti-FIU agenda?

Also, Mark Rosenberg, FIU President, who released a statement saying that the response times were too slow, has an anti-FIU agenda.

FIUChris, is it true that "Beas" refers to you as Professor FIUChris?........... Why you may ask? Because you always are conducting Oral exams to him.

Thats great that the Dean of Law and President came out with that report. How can anyone decide what an appropriate, reasonable, or even obtainable response time is???!!! Every situation has a bunch of different variables... I havent read their reports, so i cannot respond to what they actually reported and im not even saying that i disagree with them. Myself, unlike you, will not pass judgement or make a decision without knowing all the facts. Obviously in any situation like this one, the quicker the response time, not matter if it involves people arriving to the scene, an alert being sent out, etc. the better. Doesnt take a genius to understand that.

the point here is that its just too much of a coincidence that every time FIU is receiving a good bit of positive media, the Herald never fails to come out with a story to TRY and portray a negative picture against FIU.

Where are all the negative articles about the numerous UM deaths? Unsolved crimes, baseball players that are so drunk and driving that they completely drill a parked car on campus then leave the scene and then a little later comeback to check out what happened and gets caught with a DUI. We dont see any of that.

So i stick to my original post, leave this tragedy of a great kid out of any Miami Herald BS! Show some respect.

This was a tragic ACCIDENT that ONLY could have been avoidable by TWO people... That its! No other argument.

Another thing is that I dont think Wyche, or whatever this other kids name is, is a mass murderer that was going around campus looking for students to stab. This was an ISOLATED situation that got EXTREMELLLLYYYYY out of control.

Case Closed... Make sure you respond to the next topic i post something for. thanks for being such a great fan of mine. I love my fans.

I for one think the response time from Fire Rescue was garbage...Police got there quick but not rescue...Heard they were lost & didnt know where the rec center was...Shame on them, they should have a map & know all the buildings on FIU! Kendall's family has a legitimate case to sue Miami-Dade County Fire for a horrible response time! They should be there in 4 to 6 minutes max!!

As far as the text alert, it was not bad but should have been a little quicker...They are doing the right thing by revising the alerts...Imagine an incident of an active shooter! People need to get text messages right away, it can save lives...

I agree with Geniouz. They are doing the right thing by revising it. I received my text that night around 10ish. I remember it was right before I went to bed. I also remember that days before the incident, they were testing the text alerts. They're on the right track. They just need to be a little quicker about it.

I agree with c-UM here. This has been 'breaking news' for the Herald for two days now. What gives?

And why is it the lead in the sports blog? Adam can you explain this? Is it so that the first thing anyone sees when they check on FIU sports this is what they see?

Very classless over there, very classless indeed.

Im sure if there were to be a situation, such as an on campus shooting, an alert message would have been sent out immediately; and i agree with you that it should. Like i said before, every situation has different variables.

As for fire rescue, i agree with that. They should be able to respond fairly quick after receiving the call.

Maybe we're a tad sensitive on the Heralds coverage here. They're reporting on an internal FIU report noting what they (FIU) deem to be unacceptable response times. That's FIU's determination, not the Herald's. And yes the article does appear first but it's a relatively new article, why should we expect them to bury it? I agree in most cases the Herald's FIU coverage is weak and leaves much open to question, but sounds like we're grasping at straws on this one.

Timing? Just so happens a new "article" comes out every time at the same time.

A good example that i pointed out was about 4 or 5 years ago, there was a pitcher for c-UM that was driving completely blasted due to the excessive consumption of alcohol. The player ends up driving straight into a parked car on campus, pulls back, and then leaves the scene.

The player is so drunk that a couple of minutes later he decides to drive back by scene of the one man accident and police notice the damaged car. He ends up getting a DUI, suspended for maybe only 1 game, etc.

Dont remember hearing much about this story...?

Since we are posting articles about internal reports and investigations...why don't you fools at the Herald post a report about Rojas' spelling, grammar and command of the English language. Jorge you wouldn't be hired at any other paper in America, you should stick to cleaning toilets.

George Rowhaas you eternal and epic douche bag, keep tossing University of Coral Gables salad...

c-UM, you're getting really lame and psycho.

- A fellow FIU fan.

Thanks buddy, maybe you should check your name before you start calling anybody lame or psycho. Leave the jokes for the professionals; A, for effort... D-, for content.

Thanks for the concern though. My fan base seems to be growing at an alarming rate.

Newer articles are posted first and the article is basically saying the same thing as internal FIU reports (which were just released by FIU, how does the Herald control the timing of that?). It's not the Heralds job to be FIU's Public Relations arm (though Pete does a great job of doing that), they should report the news, good and bad. Also comparing a DUI to a murder is a little disingenous (now if you want to compare the Bryan Pata coverage to this, then you would have a point, do you remember reading about that much?) You say you don't want to jump to conclusions about what happened, yet that is what you are doing as it relates to the article. The over sensitivity with legitimate news articles that don't automatically shed FIU in a positive light is a little ridiculous. No one, including my alma mater, is perfect and as much as it hurts us, learning from mistakes and talking about them is how we get better. I commend the Dean of the Law School and FIU President for realizing that there were deficiencies in the process and implementing better policies if a tragedy such as this ever happens again (let's hope they are not needed). Go F I U!

And if you read my first post, you will see that i said that i never said that i disagreed with what the Dean of Law and President reported. I wont rewrite the whole response, but its pretty obvious to everyone in the world that a quicker response time is always better then a slower one.

A lot of variables, terrible ACCIDENT, FIU could not have prevented this situation, and so on...

I wasnt comparing a murder to a DUI, the article is about text message alerts being sent out and response time to an incident on campus and like i said before, this was an isolated incident and i do feel that i received my text alert in decent/timely manner.... I never once commented on the actual murder articles.

The point is, this article should not be on the sports page. It is not sports news. It is local news. Because it is not about sports, it is about the emergency response of a LOCAL university. It stopped being about sports when it stopped being about Kendall and started being about emergency response time.

Interesting debate, buy guys, let's try to turn the page on this one since we all put our opinions out here....

I see the point and generally agree with c-um, but I have to partailly agree in this one with FIUPantherfan. While I'm sure some ( a lot?) in The Herald don't like to shed positive light at all on FIU, this article basically re-states the release by FIU, and as that, I don't see the timing of it (or the contents) as anything other than when FIU released themselves the internal report. I don't think it was a particularly horrible or bad response, but it is clear that there is room for improvement, and our leadership believes so, and are striving for excellence. That is good.

I would also hope we lessen a bit the rethoric and the name calling of fellow Panthers, as even though, I agree, some have taken a 'defensive" approach to anything written negative about the Herald...or positive about Pete Pelegrin...we all are Panthers fans, and we need them all in this family.

What about going to Boca and support our baseball boys and the amazing run Garrett is currently undertaking? That's what we should focus on right now.....

Go FIU!!

BTW, the point has a real good point, and in that sense I agree that it is not considered a sports news, since it is about response time and text/message alert system.

If it was in the sports section, I would have to agree it is more "hard news" and less sports, if at all.

Im totaly excited about the 3 game series against the Hooters. Our boys finally caught some fire and their team is extremly good as well. Should be great baseball. Even with the hot streak Im keeping the goals then same.. Make Semi's and it can be considered a good season. Go further then that and it can be an amazing season. Lets keep the bats swinging!


Yep, the hooters always get fired up to play FIU. Hopefully we can build on the great success and team spirit that has caught fire of late.

Go Panthers !!!

So, who is going to Mouth Mouse to watch the Panthers play?

I will def be there saturday. Going to try and make it thurs and friday, but around 5:00 - 5:30PM isnt the best time to be heading north on 95 after leaving work.

I'll prob leave a little later and show up late to game if i go to one, or both, of the weekday games.

im going to head out to the thursday game. I'll probably head out there a little bit earlier to avoid traffic and get lunch/dinner in the area. can anybody recommend any good spots out there?

The Point will be there Friday.

Die-heart fan but there is no way Im getting on the Highway at 5pm.. If I leave on Thur i might make the Fri game.. Sorry, but I will stick to home games (which im sad to say I only went to THREE).. I hope the Boys play their ass off.

PETE: If FIU takes 2 or 3 will they finish in the Top 3 teams in the conference? Another important question is, out of the 4 softball teams in the Gainesville Region will 1 or 2 teams advance to the Super Regional?

Go Golden Panthers!

Gooch, only one team advances to the super-regional in baseball/softball out of each of the 16 regionals. The super-regional is a best 2 out of 3 to see who the 8 teams are that advance to Omaha.

Should be a good series in Gainseville as we match-up well against all the schools there.

Fan, you making a trip up to Boca?

Busy "Monday", and its Wednesday.

Is this what the Herald meant by much improved FIU coverage by demoting Pete and promoting Adam?

Guys - may I suggest moving our conversations to rivals PantherRage.com site...


I just can't bring myself to post here anymore. Free rivals account and access to all D1 message boards. This blog is just LAME. We can interact with the opposing teams and pump up the 2010 season.

What in the world do u guys want the Herald to post? Sun Belt tourney doesn't start til next week, Football and Baskteball are not even allowed to practice...Either Pete or Adam are probably working on a story for the NCAA softball tournament that starts on Friday. So unless you're expecting a story on T.Y. Hilton eating spaghetti and meatballs for lunch, then please stop complaining.

Whether you like Adam or not, his addition has brought more stories and more blogs. Sure, the headlines might not always be positive but those are the assignments he's been given

"FIUChris, is it true that "Beas" refers to you as Professor FIUChris?........... Why you may ask? Because you always are conducting Oral exams to him."


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