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Could Wittels Break Ventura's Record?

SXPJMSJPVLXJVRR.20100310015603 Even the most casual Panthers fan has now heard all about Garrett Wittels' school and conference record 39-game hitting streak, which he kept alive with a two-run home run in FIU's 10-4 drubbing of Bethune-Cookman Wednesday night.

The only benchmark that remains for Wittels, who has hit in every game in which he's played this season, is Robin Ventura's Division I record of 58, set with Oklahoma State in 1987.

Dare to dream?

The cold reality for Wittels is, unless the GP make a deep run into the NCAA Tournament, he simply doesn't have enough games to break the record this season.

For argument's sake, let's say Wittels keeps hitting. And the Panthers win just enough to keep playing, but lose enough to maximize their games played.

He's got nine more games left in the regular season, which would put him at 48 entering the Sun Belt Conference Tournament (which I'll staff, as long as Nashville isn't completely washed away). For FIU to even qualify for the NCAA's, it'll need to reach the conference title game. Let's say that the Panthers lose a game early in the tournament, but still reach the final. That will give them five more contests. That makes 53.

Where will Wittels get his six additional games? Well, the NCAA Regionals offer, at most, another five opportunities. But that would merely tie the record, not break it. For Wittels to eclipse Ventura, it would almost certainly have to come at some point in the Super Regionals -- possibly in the deciding game, with the Panthers' first-ever trip to the Division I College World Series at stake.

I told you to dare to dream.

However, the most likely scenario is that if Wittels continues to hit, his shot at history would come early next season. Could you imagine the pressure of that hanging over his head for an entire offseason?


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Easy, you're breaking every (unwritten) rule of baseball regarding anybody who's on any kind of a streak...you don't talk about it.

Let's take 'em one game at a time.

Can this streak really compare to Ventura's who played for Oklahoma State? Is it really a big deal when you are playing a bunch of High School caliber teams durng half of the games? I mean really, yes he is getting a lot of hits, but aganst the same talent Ventura did - I DON"T THINK SO.


Research my friend CC, research.. the SunBelt this year is one of the best Baseball Conferences in the country, with an RPI rated as high as #5. The Golden Panthers also have had a tough OOC schedule, including the ASU tournament in Arizona.

Research is better than to ASS U ME

I agree with FIUFAN - dont talk about it. Its bad luck.

that argument is played out CC... you constantly pull that card but i dont think it carries much weight in this respect. you said the same thing about TY until he ripped that long return against bama.

but please for the love of god pete and adam LETS NOT JINX HIM.

1st of all, that had to be Rojas' Do-Boy aka Adam that wrote this blog... 2ndly, the Conference tourney is in Murfreesboro, not Nashville.... 3rdly, FIU Baseball does not need to make the conference title game to make a regional. Last i checked, you werent on the NCAA committee. There RPI after last nights win is now back down to 68 and they have series against ASU who i believe is around 91, USA who is around 61, and FAU who is something like 33... Fourth, who gives a f#(k whether the streak is broken this season or next? Im pretty sure Wittels is not going to be walking around only thinking about that, so that was d umb!

I know this is Adam bc Pete has been saying the whole time not to talk about it... So Adam, here is a little advice for you. If you want to be respected on this blog, you need to take your mouth off of Rojas' FLOCK (like pete says, flock is obviously not the word i want to use here but it rhymes) and write real info about FIU, not these childish BS games that c-UM boy asks you to write. That has to be the g@ yest thing ive ever seen...... Rojas = Morris's puppet/[enter another name for female dog here]


Wow Beasley. Can you write one decent blog post? This blog is only worth reading if Pete is writing anything. Please don't allow him to write on this blog.

We get it, you hate FIU and you hate your job.

wow guys.. lay off the poor guy lol alot of venom thrown one guys way. at least his heart isnt in OKlahoma or something lol

Its not his fault, hes just doing what Fat Boy tells him to do, but like i said, if he wants to be respected on this blog dont be a Do-Boy and write these g @y articles that Fat Boy has him do.

I gues Kendall Rodgers has no respect for FIU either.


This post was bad. Plain and simple. I know Pete and Adam have been working together for a short period but there is no flow to these blogs.

Crazy, since you always preach reason in your posts, all the article by KR did was prove your lack of reason for the first comment you made.

KR is correct in assuming that FIU will not make the tournament. They have a lot of work to do to have a shot at making Regionals.

KR is basing his article off of current RPI leaders in the conference. Like WhosHouse said, FIU has a lot of work to do.

There is a lot that can still happen in the sun belt with a lot of the top teams still having to face each other in these last 2 or 3 weeks.

Actually CC, what Kendall Rogers just did was COMPLETELY DESTROY your argument that Wittels streak is weak due to poor opponents.

Thank you for bringing evidence that you are, as always, delusional.

Have a great weekend, and let's go GW!

How is this a bad blog? It's informative and factual and where is the negative FIU slant. Seriously coming off like a bunch of ucf fans who have a chip on their shoulders about everything (cause they're not USF). People need to get over it, I like Adam's writing. His softball story was positive and a good read. Get over it.

God, you guys are pathetic.

This blog is bad because A) Its dumb and the information is BS from Fat Boy Rojas... B) We've all been saying the whole time you dont talk about the streak, so he decides to write a full blog about the streak and in detail. And then to add to it, he makes it seem like if it is broken next year, its a bad thing. Or better yet, "dare to dream'.

Pretty much this whole blog is a piece of $ hit!!! and if you dont see it, then so are you. Wake up buddy! you're pathetic!!!

If you like him soo much, maybe you guys can form your own human centipede; Adam with his mouf on Rojas' FLOCK and you with your mouf on Adam's...hahaha, enjoy it!

and chris can join in too...

What's funny is that like 5 days ago Pete was openly talking about the streak as well, and now that he arbitrarily decided to stop mentioning it, you guys start ripping Beas for it.

The comments on this blog make the FIU fan base look so bad, and you, C-UM, from your name on down to the idiotic, mindless drivel that you post on a daily basis do more to make us look bad than anyone else.

Honestly, you are an embarrassment.

Wrong again Chris... What am i doing, making us look bad to who?!?!? US??? ahhahaha.... Oh noooo!!!

My post dont do anything near what you are crying about. If you would wipe the tears from your eyes and read what i wrote, i was simply telling "Beas" that if he wanted to be respected by the FIU fans, he would have to stop being Fat Boy Rojas's 8!tch. Write real articles, fair and balanced articles, not c-UM slander.

Secondly, what is wrong with my name.... coral gables-UM?!?!?! Get your mind out of the gutter pig.

The only thing that is embarrassing is your un-athletic attitude! Just by reading your post, i can already tell that your were 1st Team - All State as an Armchair Quarterback. Pull yourself together and go do some pushups for this little charade you are pulling. Next time, you'll run 110's!!

and please point me in the direction where pete was openly talking about GW?... I dont remember that. Im not saying your wrong, but i would like to see some proof of what you are claiming because from what i can remember, pete has been "beating around the bush" so to say when speaking of the matter.

Wow, I really hope you don't go to FIU right now. That would make me really sad. You're hopeless.

And go back to May 1, there's a post where he mentions it in the rainout game. It's not that hard to actually look something up.

I never said it was hard to look it up, but why waste my time. You already mentioned it so it is more efficient to just have you tell me.

"That would make me really sad." This is the type of attitude that i was talking about. Seriously, go buy some beef jerky, a 24 pack, and rent some chuck norris movies and watch them all weekend. You need to get some testosterone flowing again.

This is what you're comparing this article to?!?!?!?!..... "I'm going to try and start a consecutive blog streak without mentioning the Dazzlers and see if I can Daz challenge Garrett Wittels's Sun Belt and FIU hitting streak record of 36 games with GW going for game No. 37 tonight."

Man you really have to be joking me! You are def a personal friend of "Beas". That is the worst argument EVER!

Streak aside, what is your argument for incorrect info such as "For FIU to even qualify for the NCAA's, it'll need to reach the conference title game." At the time, this was nowhere near true. And even now, there is still a slim chance that we could make it without making it to conference title game.

It's an opinion in a blog that FIU would have to reach the conference title game, and it's not really a stretch. FIU is not a good bet to make the NCAAs right now and weren't at that point.

How about the post by Pete "GW At The Bat"?

This isn't about me being a friend of Beasley's, I've never even met the guy. This about the idiocy that is dragging this blog down. Your hatred of Adam Beasley is baseless and you consistently add nothing. I'm honestly not sure why I keep doing this with you, because you're obviously not worth the time. Like I said earlier, you make us look bad and your constant juvenile attacks make me embarrassed to be an FIU student and fan.

This does sound like an opinion, it sounds like its set in stone "For FIU to even qualify for the NCAA's, it'll need to reach the conference title game."

And at that point, that was far from the truth. We were something like 1 game out of 3rd place, with weekends against USA and FAU. Even at this point, which like i said before is a stretch, we still have a chance to finish 1st in sunbelt.

The only "idiocy" on this blog is your lack of ability to READ. For maybe about the 15th time on this thread alone, it is directed mainly to Rojas... You have to be one of the biggest flames i've seen on this blog, seriously. In reality, it is not I that makes "us" look bad, it is definitely YOU.

Heres a tip, if you dont like what i write, then dont read it!!! Deal with it!

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