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GW on SC; FIU Softball Advances to Final

PORT ST. LUCIE -- Congratulations to Garrett Wittels on having the second longest NCAA all-time hitting streak with a hit in today's game against the Hooters.

Gw GW (left, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) is at 48 right now and passed Phil Stephenson of Wichita State, whoSc hit in 47 consecutive games in 1981.

You can catch ESPN News for GW's interview that aired on Saturday's 6 p.m. Sportscenter.

In Friday's SC, GW's hit in his 47th straight game was the No. 10 Top 10 Play.

Let's see what the worldwide leader thinks of No. 48 in tonight's Top Plays.

Followed the action in the last 2 games in Boca Raton from up here in Port St. Lucie as I was sent to the state high school baseball championships where there is an FIU presence here both on the field and in the stands scouting.

David Vazquez, FIU signee and FIU pitcher Andre Vazquez's brother, just won a state championship. Vazquez is the cleanup hitter for McCarthy High and he hit .409 with 4 HR this season.

FIU also got a verbal commit from Deltona Trinity Christian shortstop Chino Vega, who hit .494 this season with 5 HR.


FIU softball won 2 games today in Gainesville defeating Bethune Cookman 2-0 in 10 innings and Central Florida 7-0 to advance to Sunday's regional final against Florida.

Kasey Barrett (right, thanks AJH photo) threw 10 shutout innings against the Wildcats and Jennifer Gniadek tossed the shutout against the Knights.

Ashley McClain went 4 for 9 in the two games and Jenny Welch hit a two-run HR against UCF.

The Panthers will need to beat the Gators twice on Sunday to advance in the NCAA Tournament. The first game is at 1 p.m.


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Congrats to GW and also to the Softball team....great work by both of those units.

Beat them Gators!

Go Panthers!

Damn we play South Alabama on Wednesday at 10am (9am in Tennessee)...hopefully Fondon will bring his good stuff


heard a group of kids dressed from head to toe in FAU gear all fired up about getting GW's autograph on Saturday. Thought that was pretty funny/good.

Adam, why do you get into greater detail about how FAU put up runs, rather then describing the 10 runs we put up? Ive never seen any team writer describe an opposing team's runs/hits more then the team he is supposed to write about. Pretty weird... A normal writer (and please dont come with the "thats what makes me great, im diff.. blah blah blah cr@p") wouldve written in detail about FIU's hits and runs and then said something along the lines of how whatever pitcher gave up #### runs in the following inning; or FAU ended up scoring 11 in their final 3 innings to blow the lead, etc... Just asking, seemed a little odd

Now that the regular season is over, where are all the FIU fans who were "sure" baseball was going to win 40 and called me dumb for saying they wouldn't?

I always own up on this blog when I am wrong.... where are you?

Didnt we go over this already CC? Im pretty sure it was only 1 guy that said that.

Well I will be the first to admit that I honestly thought we could have pulled off a 35+ win season. Not only would that have gotten us to a better seed in conference play but It would have also demonstrated that we have a great team in the 305 and they happen to wear "Golden Panthers" across their chest. Regardless of what has happened now the ONLY important thing is that we need to play our BEST Baseball for another 2 weeks (I hope)..

I think I have said it 100times:
Anything less then Semis= Disappointing Season
Semis= Good Season (my prediction)
Finals= Amazing Season
Regional Qualifiers= CRAZY!!


Also want to give big time credit to Pete and Adam for pushing to get more FIU ink on the paper. Im extremely excited to actually read good news from FIU that is longer then 50 words.. Right now the hottest story in sports has to be Garrett.. Kid is amazing.. Scary to know that he is only a Sophomore!

Go Golden Panthers!

If you think about it, out of the 9 starting (hitting) players, we have 2 Seniors (Arrojo and Jobe), and one JUCO transfer Jr (Behar). The other 6 positions are filled with Sophomores and Freshmen. Of course, we have Freshmen and Sophomores backing up the Seniors and the only Junior. Of our 3 weekend starters, we have 2 sophomores (Fondon and Arboleya), and a Senior in Rebisz.

If every pitcher waiting to play next season, including the ones sitting out the season (Illinios transfer Haig, and MDCC transfer Dodds), our injured playes come back to full form next season (McVay, Leith, Cardenas, and Garcia), plus our pither recruits actually show up to play next season, perhaps our pitching will finally match up in talent with our "every day" players. If that happens, I do expect a great season next coming season.

c-UM - I know it was more than one - and a look back showed that 50% of the FIU baseball fans thought they would win over 35 games.

Wrong again.

i thought we would atleast win 35
maybe next year

Just purchased my 40 yard line season tix, cant wait cant wait cant wait !

CC, you need to not hide for weeks when FIU is doing well, I miss your self-serving rants. The blog isn't the same without you.

What self-respecting fan wouldn't expect their team to do well? I voted for 35 wins, and hoped for that... Then injuries happened to our pitching, we fizzled in the middle of the season and it looked like a wasted year.

Then GW started putting Playstation numbers, got on the streak, the starting pitching came alive and the rest of the rotation's bats woke up... I actually think we have a shot of making some noise at the Conference Tourney, the team is playing well at the right time of the year.

Now if we could sort-out that friggin bullpen

Season isnt over, we can still make it to 35. Wouldve helped if we couldve finished those last 2 games against FAU that really got away from us. We really had both of those.

The good thing about the tourney and us at a 4 seed is that we dont have to play against RED HOT Louisiana Lafayette and Troy, plus MTSU is at home and are pretty hot as of late as well.

Thats a good point FIUloyal, give us B. Garcia during the season and we probably are around 35 wins, but thats all shouldve couldve wouldve, i know. And dont forget, we played less games then last year.

Good points, c-UM. That other bracket has those teams that are on fire playing each other.

Here's hoping we can start off the tournament with a win, so we go to the winning bracket right away. Go FIU!!

i think FAU drew the worst 1st round game, most likely having to face Ridings and WKU. That guy can pitch.

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