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GWTV & Radio; New Hoop Recruit

Gw Garrett Wittels was on ESPN's First Take this morning talking about his season.

Before that GW appeared on Joe Rose's morning show on 560 WQAM on Monday morning. GW even had his take on the crosstown series with the Coral Gables school and even Rose chimed in.

Next GW is scheduled for Letterman and Leno (kidding).



I liked how GW included his teammates and coaches in both interviews. GW has got a good head on his shoulders. GW finished it by inviting anyone and everyone out to this coming weekend's 3-game home series against South Alabama.


Dw A new recruit has his eye on FIU hoops. Guard Deshaun Wiggins (6-3, 175 pounds) of Bridgton (Maine) Academy recently decomitted from Seton Hall and has the Panthers among his top choices to play college basketball in 2011.

Last season as a junior at Wings Academy in New York, Wiggins averaged 19.4 points and 5.8 rebounds.

To land Wiggins, FIU is competing with Penn State, Florida State, Rhode Island, Xavier and Fordham. Word is it could down to FIU and FSU.


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Great interviews for GW. Love the 560 one especially with the mention of UCG

Awesome interviews...GW seems to be a very well spoken kid indeed. As Pete says, I love the fact he includes his teammmates, and a former one, and Turtle into his intereviews. He is most definitely a team player.

As with Max, love his enthusiasm and sincerety in dealing with Joe Rose's question about playing the canes.

Congrats to GW!!

I usually don't like Joe Rose, but props to him having G-Witt on! On top of it, Rose said it like it was...he knows what's up.

Congrats GW!!! You carried yourself well on the radio.

Now team better show up these last 2 series. Solid pitching and light up the scoreboard.


GW you were OUTSTANDING in your interviews today. Excellent! Look forward to seeing you and the Panthers take on S. Alabama this weekend!


GW, you represented yourself, your family, and the whole Golden Panther nation with a lot of class. Congrats on all your accomplishments. Let get those two last a series and we are tournament bound

G-dub on first take... sweet

Stud! He should be a PIKE

I am very happy for GW. :)

Also, Pete, there was a report on Sunday night about a kid from Brito who is supposed to be the next ARod. Apparently, he is supposed to be coming to FIU. Any more info on him?

That kid, Miri, is Manny Machado, who is considered one of the top, if not the top, high school position player in the nation. He is expected to be drafted early in the draft, and I do not expect to see Machado ever wearing an FIU jersey....like ARod with miami. He will, most likely, be a multi-millionaire in less than a year.

FIUFanati, He will be all but gone to the pros unless he wants a ridiculous amount of money, in which teams nowadays wont draft him early enough for him to go (See Grandall at UM).

Manny is considered by many to be a signability prospect. I'd be very surprised if he demands more than slot. From what I've seen he's gonna go from 5-9 and most teams like him in that area as a good bet to sign.

I'd be very surprised if he came to FIU at all, but it would be nice to see. Coach Thomas compared him to A-Rod and Ripken in terms of what he could be when I spoke with him. From what I've read and seen, he's a bit of a long ways from that now, but he'd be a heck of an addition and would probably play right away here.

Manny is much more highly regarded then Grandal ever was. Manny is considered by some to be the TOP high school prospect. I can only picture him going after a few guys, but you never know until you see the draft order and what those teams need.

Hopefully he blows up and does what A-rod did for c-UM ;) ... PS - TT got A-Rod to sign at c-UM, as well

Thanks, Fanatic. I figured he would probably be drafted right out of high school, esp. if they are comparing to ARod. Kinda stinks because I would love to see him become a Panther, but I wish him the best!

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