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FIU's next opponent: Western Kentucky

If there's a silver lining to FIU's 7-1 loss to South Alabama Wednesday morning, it's this: The Golden Panthers' opponent Thursday suffered an even more demoralizing defeat.

Western Kentucky blew a two-run lead to Florida Atlantic in the 13th inning, allowing a three-run walk-off home run to Mike Albaladejo to lose 9-8. The No. 8 seed burned through its bullpen in the five-and-a-half-hour affair, sending seven pitchers out to the mound, and has just half a day to regroup for Thursday's elimination game.

First pitch is 9 a.m. local time, 10 o'clock back east.


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we need to do what the girls did... win the next two games....Scott as the NO. 2 pitcher should win... and hopefully our No. 3 can hang-on.

Yes, the girls did that, but at the NCAA, but lost two straight Sun Belt....and we don't want our baseball team doing what the girls did in the SBC tournament...

ok, time to come clean boys, who is responsible for that ridiculous poll on the Wittels story? If that doesn't show the "opinion" the herald has of FIU and it's athletics program, then i don't know what will.

Seriously, that poll is absolutely insulting.

I have to express my disapointment on The Herald putting that ridiculous poll out there with such an alternative to provide an avenue for haters that want to diminish anything. Wow..

That poll has Cotex written all over it. Whoever came up with the poll needs to be stripped of any accreditation that they may have in "journalism".

It is nothing but biased idiocy.

Take notes FIU fans... did you see what Miami did to FSU today? That is how you announce your presence with authority.

Says the guy who has no affiliation to UM...

Talk about UM fans obsessed with anything FIU....I can't understand their obsession with anything FIU....LOL...taken from the last blog....Geez.

I need to agree with CrazyCane for once. Yes he's a douche and packs fudge, but he's right UM came out with authority and defeated a quality team. FIU laid another egg. Its getting redundant guys. Not that I'm a huge baseball fan, but this year was full of promises for our baseball team and its turning out to be a relative disappointment.

Again, football (and basketball) can't arrive any sooner.

CC - FSU is just doing their annual season ending collapse. This year its just coming a little earlier then usual. They just finished getting embarrassed by Clemson the weekend before.... Again, i hate that g@y round robin ACC tourney structure. It reminds me of a little league tournament where they guarantee teams that they will play a certain amount of games.

Herald, you fruit cakes are the WORST! I cannot believe how truly homosexual this newspaper its. its like a bunch of highschool and college [Female Dogs]!!! Who would even think to post a poll like that?... Pete, how do you deal with these 1D1OTS??? (can that be one of the questions answered in the next blog??? lol)

I didn't see the poll. Was it taken down? That would be real lame on The Herald's part to belittle GW's hitting streak.

What was the question on the Wittle poll?

It was taken down late last night. The poll basically asked, "What do you think of Garrett Wittells streak?"

The options were:

It's an amazing accomplishment and

It's a fluke helped by poor pitching and lucky hits.

c-UM, why are you so obessed with homosexuality. I think your post is degrading and high schoolish. Well, I guess your name is says it all: "c-UM". I don't like The Herald, but what does it have to do with being gay? Buddy, you should get yourself a boyfriend and get out of the closet.

Did anyone get a chance to vote and see the results afterwards? Just curious.

There was only about 7% saying it was "overrated".

The poll is still up on the main Miami herald page for sports...right above the blogs

Question is: How do you rate FIU basebal player Garrett Wittles' 49-game hitting streak?

-- A great accomplishment, considering it's second-best ever in NCAA history.

-- An overrated streak aided by mediocore pitching and some good fortune.

Results as of 9:38 am on Thursday:

92% of 90 votes great accomplishment

8% (7 of 90 votes overrated)

Now you have to ask yourself how many times did Crazy cane vote for the bottom choice

Who ever wrote that poll a.) knows very, very little about sports in general and baseball in particular or b.) has not been out to see any of Garretts games.

Anyone who has seen him play knows he's a battler. Also, FIU has played #1 Arizona St., top 30 RPI teams like Louisiana, FAU and Western KY. Teams like Florida Gulf Coast who crushed Clemson and many others. Sure, 49 in a row takes some luck but you can't chalk up a season long hitting streak to luck and bad pitching or everyone who plays D-I baseball would go on long, long hitting streaks. Garrett broke the Sun Belt record a month ago.

Can someone over at the Herald please man-up and let us know whose idea that poll was? Because his credibility as a sports journalist is shot!

Pete, could you please shine some light on this poll issue?

I think that it's ridiculous to have something like that posted on a local paper...

ESPN has it front page on their website, yet our local paper is talking trash??? Really? Explain that to me?

Have you guys noticed that the only time FIU makes it to the front page of the Herald is when they talk down on FIU? Wether it's about the response time on KB's murder, or Athletic fees... always a sour story. And now this poll? Makes me sick.

Anything you can tell us Pete?

Sunblazerpanther, im sorry that that post hit a personal spot and close to home. I didnt mean to offend you. I wasnt knocking homosexuality, i was using in a more slang way. Even actual homosexuals use it too, so dont be so sensitive. Are you the person that came out with those "thats g@y!" commercials?

Wow. I can't believe they would put that there. It is such a pointless poll that it can only construed as hurtful. People might care if D'Wade stays with the Heat, or if Zach Thomas will be in the HOF, but no one cares about people who diminish the accomplishments of a 21 year old kid who has the 3rd longest hitting streak btw the MLB and the NCAA after Robin Ventura and Joe Dimaggio (those people being the 7 of 90).

c-UM: Yes, your comments hit a personal spot and close to home. Any form of "slang" regarding sexual orientation or national origin is unacceptable. It's sad as an FIU alum to see FIU students or alums being so immature as you are. Furthermore, I asure you that we do not "use it too" - only homophobic morons do. In regards to your last sentence, grow up. BTW, FIU has gay support groups to assist you with your latent homosexuality - please seek help.

I dont do any of that national origin stuff. thats other people. The "slang" wasnt towards sexual orientation, it has become a universal word with a slightly different meaning and is understood by others. For example, "oh, that movie was so g@y." or "I cant stand that guy, he's such a F@g." Things along those lines. And i have heard plenty of homosexual people use the same slangs.

Again, i apologize if it really did offend you, but i am used to not having any problem with the homosexual people i know.

In your honor, my post will now be free of the "slang", except maybe when im referring to Rojas.

*c-UM is not a sexual orientation attack, its a play of letters attacking that other school

In that case, I give you all the permission to call Rojas a big, old queen, even Queer if you like. Thanks for the response c-UM. Good win today and hopefully FIU will butch it up a notch tomorrow and get more hits and runs ;-)

"The room is spinning, because of all the gayness". Ricky Bobby - Talledega Nights

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