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FIU's SBC title chances improve -- a little

Thanks to the Golden Panthers' 12-4 victory over FAU Thursday, and Middle Tennessee State's 5-1 loss to Western Kentucky, FIU has moved into a tie with the Blue Raiders for third place on the conference. Both teams are 2 games behind the conference-leading Owls and 1.5 behind Louisiana-Lafayette, which was rained out Thursday.

FIU still doesn't have control of its own conference championship destiny, but now only ULL stands in the way if the GP sweep FAU. Just four games stand between first and eighth place in the ultra-competitive SBC.

More from Mike Brown of FAU:

The current tie for 3rd is decided with the head-to-head tiebreaker between MTSU and FIU, with MTSU winning the tiebreaker.

However, though currently lower in the standings than MTSU, FIU is still in the running for the regular season championship, and there is no combination of event under with MTSU can will the regular season championship.

At this point, only FAU controls its destiny, as ULL would need assistance from FIU, and FIU would need ULM to take at least 2 from ULL.

The current tie for the 6th spot is decided by ASU, Troy, and WKU records amongst one another, with Troy winning at 4-2, ASU at 3-3, and WKU at 2-4.

It is possible for 4 teams to finish at 19-11.  In such a circumstance, the Sun Belt tie-breaker is no longer straight head-to-head, but rather start with all the teams involved in a 3-way or greater ties in composite records with all other teams involved in the tie.  A tie for 1st assumes an FIU sweep of FAU, with both of those teams being involved in the tie.

Whether a 4-way or any combination of 3-way tie for 1st with 19 wins, FIU would finish in 1st. FAU would finish 4th  in a 4-way tie, and 3rd in any 3-way tie.


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Man you need a degree from Harvard to understand all of those scenarios. If FIU can finish in the Top 3 in the Sunbelt I think that is a great improvement from 3 weeks ago. The best part about all this is that FIU is playing their BEST baseball at the right time. I think ANYONE in the top 6 teams can win the Title, and lucky for us FIU is one of those teams..

PETE: Thanks for the answer about my two previous questions.. I have one more for you.. Is the Regional game for softball going to be on TV?

May has been a great month for most of FIU Athletics.. Now we need to keep the fire on for early June..

Go FIU!!

Amazing how close this conference almost always seems to be, and this year certainly is no exception. Thanks for the blog, Pete...or Adam?

We need to win at least one more game to position ourselves in the top 4 of the SBC. Of course, if we sweep FAU it, would be better, with us securing a 2nd place, depending on what ULL does....it seems. But there is still a lot of baseball to be played, and we could still finish anywhere from 1st to 6th in the conference!



I'll answer your question...nope not on TV unless you want to pay for the GatorZone feed. check on the UF website for details.

Here's one scenario we can all understand Gooch; JUST WIN BABY!

p.s. The story on FIU's big win last night which includes information about Garrett's hitting streak, though most recommended, has been removed from the most recommended list on the front-page of this site. More gamesmenship by the Herald editors? you betcha'.

Yeah Ive noticed them removing FIU most recommended articles before.

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