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Friday morning's opponent: South Alabama

FIU gets a quick chance at redemption.

USA, which beat the Golden Panthers 7-1 Wednesday, fell to FAU 10-9 Thursday night, dropping into the loser's bracket.

FIU-USA is set for 10 a.m. Friday -- although it's really not a big deal. For FIU to get to Saturday, it knew it would have to beat both the Jaguars and the Owls Friday. The only question was the order in which the Panthers would face those teams.

Naturally, live blog tomorrow.


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So how does it work? When we beat USA tomorrow morning and FAU in the pm, do we have to play FAU saturday since they would only have one loss?

a 2nd game against FAU would be at 9AM Saturday morning, and the the championship game later that same day.

We can do it! We can do it! I hate to bring politics into this blog, but: YES WE CAN!!!

It seems like the Final Four Teams will be:

* Already in the Semi's..

Getting payback on South Alabama would be great but having to beat FAU twice seems a little over our heads.. Specially since we will only get a 3hour break between South Alabama and FAU.. Lets beat USA and worry about FAU in the PM..


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