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Golden Panthers sweep softball awards

Over on the Mothership:

FIU softball may have entered the Sun Belt Conference Tournament as the No. 2 seed, but the Golden Panthers' evening Tuesday was second-to-none.

FIU made a clean sweep of the performer of the year awards at the conference's annual end-of-season ceremony Tuesday, with team members capturing player, pitcher and freshman of the year honors.

In addition, Beth McClendon, who directed the Golden Panthers to a 36-17 mark in her third year with the team, shared the co-coach of the year award with Louisiana-Lafayette's Stefni Lotief.

The winners:

Ashley McClain (player of the year), Kasey Barrett (pitcher of the year) and Brie Rojas (freshman of the year).

UPDATE: FIU fell to Louisiana-Monroe 1-0 in the opening round of the Sun Belt tournament Wednesday. Barrett allowed a solo home run to Brianna Love in the top of the seventh. The Golden Panthers will try to stay alive Thursday against third-seeded North Texas (27-19), which lost to Troy 8-0 earlier in the day.


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Good job, ladies! Way to represent FIU!

Randy gets a contract extension. This is great news, for everyone else in the state. All I've been hearing is all of the "envy our past, fear our future" BS since Randy came along. Let's get to the facts:

1. Randy has been around for several years already.
2. His record is mediocre, barely at .500
3. His bowl game performance is awful, with the latest smacking coming courtesy of barely ranked Wisconsin at #25

Those that want to deny those facts, blame it on Coker, and continue to repeat that "past and future" tag line is delusional.

By the end of Shannon's newly minted contract, we'll see the following take place in our state.

#1 FSU (ACC)
#2 UF (SEC)
#3 USF (Move to ACC)
#4 FIU (Move to Big East)
#5 UM (Move to SEC)
#6 FAU (Move to C-USA)
#7 UCF (C-USA)

I dont think c-UM will move to the SEC, it just wouldnt be a smart move at all for them. THey would have some tough years, in ALL sports if they did that.

We aren't vaulting over UCF in the next 4 years. They'll move up before we do.

Wait, when did Mr. Beasley joined the blog?

FIU is not moving up to a BCS conference ahead of UCF and they are not moving up within the next 4 years. Right now FIU needs to worry about moving ahead of FAU before we start thinking about moving up in conference or moving up in the in-state pecking order.

As it stands right now the list is probably
FIU (until we see actual improvement on the field this is where we will continue to be ranked)

Unfortunately, I have to agree with Jimmy's ranking (for now).

GO FIU!!!!!

Get out to tomorrow nights game. We need everybody out there. Big weekend!!! Free Beer for everyone. jk

Wow Quijote lol. FIU has a LONG way to go before we even have hope of being invited to C-USA which would be huge for us. Let's first:
-get a winning season, 7-5 is all I ask =)
-make it to any bowl game. Really, ANY bowl game. It could be the Latin Cafeteria Bowl.
-win a SunBelt title. Consistently winning the SunBelt should be the focus every single year.

Does FIU softball have a chance at making a regional? Im not too familiar with the regional selection process in Softball. I know they finished 2nd in regular season conference play and have a solid record.

Record is only part of the equation. The biggest limiting factor is resources.

Just ask FAU.

I'm glad that over the last couple of years we've managed to be in headlines. Whether it be through IT or Mr. 42. The FIU name is becoming more and more popular.

Yea as much as I hated hearing that past future crap (and the whole swagger is back thing), no way is UM moving to the SEC. They can barely compete in the ACC and a move to the SEC would guarantee that they have a losing record every year.

FIU wont be moving anywhere anytime soon. Unless we pony up a lot of money, get a loyal following that can provide a lot of television ratings when FIU doesnt play at home, and win consistently, FIU is staying put in the SBC. I dont see any of the things I listed happening, so FIU is staying in the SBC. I love FIU and I want nothing more than for our teams and school to be successful, but its not happening anytime soon.

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