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FIU vs. Texas A&M on Friday

Start the car, ride a bike, jog or walk 9 miles east to Coral Gables, because that's where FIU will play itsLogo NCAA Regional beginning Friday against Texas A&M.

The Panthers and the Aggies will begin the CG regional with the first game of the double elimination tournament on Friday afternoon. Game time will be announced later, but likely that FIU would play the early game at 3 p.m.

This is a regional re-match as FIU defeated Texas A&M in a regional when Mike Lowell played at FIU.

Besides FIU and A&M, UM is also in the regional as well as Dartmouth.

FIU is the No. 3 seed. A&M is No. 2. UM is No. 1 and Dartmouth is No. 4 .

Packed FIU Stadium Club here for the watch party to see where the Panthers play this weekend.

Every time GW is shown on ESPN's selection show, the crowd erupts here.

LIVE Q&A BLOG with Turtle will get rolling soon at 1:30 p.m. today.


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Thanks for the update, and letting us know the atmosphere out there. Great seeing the national attention that Garrett is getting, which permeates to FIU, prior leading up to, and during the broadcast on ESPN!!

Now, let's beat those Aggies!!

This is awful - I'm on an internship in College Station right now! At least I'll be able to watch the game in Aggieland and watch our Panthers take them down!

Gig those Aggies, FIU!

Pete, my first question is about the injuries. Will Jobe and Henry be back?

I love this!! Go Panthers!

Guys lets show up! The Cane fans will be there!

Will We?

incase anyone is planning on going to the games.
General ADmission for the weekend is 40
Chair back is 65
Infield box is 90 or 95..
Just thought I would pass this along to everyone

Does anyone know if players get any guest passes?

General admission is $15 as per hurricanesports.com... this josh fool is always trying to stir up BS

GP 90 - it was a regular season prediction dumb@ss. Get a clue. Then go to a real school and get an education.

FIU Sunbelt Championship Shirts...

The FIU Bookstore will be selling them tomorrow!!!!

Go pick yours up...There is only 50 Shirts!!

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