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LIVE Q&A BLOG w/Turtle; FIU vs. Texas A&M on Friday

Good afternoon and welcome to the LIVE Q&A BLOG with FIU's 2010 Sun Belt Champions coach TurtleTt Thomas. We will be getting underway about 1:45 p.m. because the celebration here in the FIU Stadium Club is going longer than expected.

Big crowd here for the FIU baseball team learning that they will play Texas A&M on Friday afternoon in Coral Gables. Likely a 2 p.m. game but that has not been confirmed yet.

Thanks to TT for taking time out to join us here. TT will be around for 45 minutes to answer your questions about the Panthers magical season thus far.

Around 1:45 p.m. you can start to submit your questions below. Unlike the live game blogs, there won't be all access to this blog in order to keep the blog from being cluttered with so many questions at one time. So post your questions and I'll move them over and TT will answer them.


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Congratulations! Well done!

FIU and Garrett Wittles finally mentioned during Marlins telecast by Waltz and Hutton. I was wondering when they would mention us. Hadn't heard anything from them yet. One interesting note, FSN used our old FIU logo on the screen. Disappointing and kind of surprisning that FSN cant get our new logo up there. Oh well.

Awesome that coach had Q&A with fans. I was at fieldhouse and atmosphere was great! These players are determined to have good showing at regional. Now, I want everyone to get to stadium and support this team. They deserve it!

I missed it! I was going to ask Turtle if he would consider legally changing his name to Turtle if FIU makes it to the CWS.


I would like to know the full weekend schedule. In other words after the Texas A&M game when will FIU play again? I realize a win or lose makes a difference but some kind of idea?

What are the prices for General seating per game? The ONLY games I care to watch is the ones that FIU will be playing in.

Out of the four teams Im assuming only ONE will continue to the Super Regional..

Go Golden Panthers!

Does anyone know if I can get a 2010 FIU Sunbelt Championship cap or t-shirt?

So FIU got lucky and beat a couple of division II teams to win a meaningless tournament...Its ok UM will finish the job this weekend and eliminate FIU for good...UM will show FIU that it doesnt belong next to the big boys...

And Im not worried about the FIU fans cuz they can´t afford $40 for a game, so you know only Canes fans will be there...Haha can´t wait to start yelling f turtle like last time...There is a reason we fired him...GW sucks, FIU sucks...This weekend will be the end of having to listen to all the nonsense about FIU...

So classy as usual from our "neighbors" to the East.

wow talk about sour, is MiaCanes the same character that came on a live blog hoping we would lose so that he didn't have to hear about FIU anymore. He's jealous because FIU is getting more press than UM right now.

Oh damn I missed the Live Q&A with Turtle. I wanted to ask him if he signed Roly Hernandez and Shawn Zabriskie to the 2011 class? Or if there were any other signees besides the 11 from the early signing period? Maybe either Pete or someone else could help me out with that one. Thanks

It looks like our first game vs A&M will be at noon on ESPNU.

I wonder is elmer will intentionally walk GW every at bat when we play ucg, so he can't go pass 55 or 56.

I was critical of TT earlier this year because I had not seen that much of an improvement. I WAS WRONG! The heart and muscle this team showed makes me feel much better about the program once again. I still feel nervous about our middle relief, however we'll out hit nearly everyone in the nation. Can't wait until Friday!!! It will be my kids first FIU Regional and they are stoked!!!


Just called the UM ticket office. They told me that UM will handle ALL TICKETS to all games of the Regional. It breaks down as follows:

Single day passes: $15 for General Admission
Weekend passes (all 3 or 4 days): $45 for General Admission

There's also discounts for seniors and students.

If you've been to the Light after the renovations, you know that there's added reserve seats, but the UM ticket office rep told me those are most likely going to go to UM season tix holders/donors. Not that big of a deal, since GA is about 80% of the 4,000 seat capacity.

I would recommend buying the single day passes now at $15 for days 1 and 2 (since we know we'll play for sure in both days), and play it by ear for day 3.

UM has set-up a regional central with info on the teams, schedules and prices of tickets. Tickets are only on-sale Online, and only at the regional central link below:


Great Job FIU Baseball, It feels real good to beat FAU and win the belt!


Glad to hear you're supportive of a school you've never seen the inside of! How did MDC do this year in baseball?

News 7 also got our logo wrong...

scUM should really go ahead and convert that baseball field over to cardboard, they're usually better on paper anyway. Kind of like MiaCanes, he usually sounds real tough on a computer screen, but he'll blow gumdrop kisses at you this weekend if you look at him funny. Besitos papi.

Miami leads the all-time series with FIU 91-24. Hmmm?

Miami leads the all-time series with FIU 91-24. Hmmm?

Posted by: TheUBaseball | June 01, 2010 at 02:27 PM

Living in the past. If that's the case of such dominance, why are they not scheduling FIU anymore? Answer that, and please don't say you want to play better competition.

Some of these clowns are paying attention to FIU, coming to the blog. Let the haters keep coming.

The sleaziest part of purchasing tickets through them is they make a profit from your purchase! Yuk! I held my nose and purchased them anyways!!!


Remember guys "envy the past, fear the future"...

Got mine on Stubbb Hub.

Ultimate FIU Fan, c-UM doesnt make a dollar off of the Regional ticket sales. It goes all to the NCAA, and i think it is against NCAA rules for them to hold/reserve tickets for c-UM donors.

"And Im not worried about the FIU fans cuz they can´t afford $40 for a game, so you know only Canes fans will be there...Haha can´t wait to start yelling f turtle like last time...There is a reason we fired him...GW sucks, FIU sucks...This weekend will be the end of having to listen to all the nonsense about FIU..."

This sums you up pretty good buddy. A) You are REEEE-tarded and shows your c-UM education because $40 is NOT the price of a single ticket, its would be for the entire regionals... and B) Yell, f turtle all you want, it fits the trash thats over there perfectly. Last time you c-UM lovers did it, FIU went to your place, and dropped c-UM all over you to beat you with pretty much a high school team... Good luck cleat chaser!!! PS - Harold said to meet him under the right field bleachers around 2:30pm on Friday for your usual pregame routine.

c-UM that was to funny.. I can't believe the attention our FIU Blog gets from so many people that have no idea of what FIU or ANY other college looks like.. I hope we can start the series with a Win and not have to do it the hard way and win-out 4 games in a row like we did to become SUNBELT CHAMPS!! Damn that feels good to say! Turtle is an entire year ahead of schedule.. Keep the fire going..

PS: Is the official time for the game Noon? Thats going to be so hard to get out of work that early. I think i might have to use a "sick-day"..


yea, its at Noon so that ESPN can fit in all the games from the Coral Gables regional and the Cal St. Fullerton regional.

Im in the same boat as you, as far as work is concerned. Im trying to put in a bunch of hours and finish everything for the week, so i can leave around 10:30am on Friday.

yep IM taking the day off. DOnt want to miss this.

C-UM that was great.

As for work, that's what sick days are for . Go out and support the team. The Sun Belt champs are going to put on a show Zfriday.

P.S. I overheard Coach Morris today tell his pitchers that when they play FIU that they would intentionally walk GW..He said he wanted to screw him the chance of getting the record and demoralize the team. Didnt think this was right so I wanted to share with this with u all

Boooooooooo!!!!!! Not funny.... get a life loser


Another Good Samaritan

FIU Sunbelt Championship Shirts...

The FIU Bookstore will be selling them tomorrow!!!!

Go pick yours up...There is only 50 Shirts!!

FIU = MDC part 2

UM = 23 college world series, 4 national championships

I would never dare step foot inside FIU's burrito campus...

FIU student arrested in attack outside Miramar home
A Florida International University student has been arrested in the beating and stabbing of a 20-year-old man outside a Miramar home.

Geoffrey Alan McMorris, 21, of Miramar, was arrested Thursday, police said, and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. He was held at the Broward Main Jail with bond set at $10,000.

According to the arrest report, the victim was visiting the home in the 17400 block of Southwest 20th Street about 12:15 p.m. Thursday. Police said McMorris, who was inside a car with three others, began arguing with the victim. The group got out of the car and began punching the victim, the report said.

McMorris, according to police, stabbed the victim in the back. The victim was recovering at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood.

Police would not release the names of the victim and the three others involved.

First the murder of a football player and now this? What is wrong with FIU students? Oh yea, they are poor hoodlums...Coral Gables = money

Score prediction: Canes 19 FIU 1

Miami Hurricanes eliminated from ACC tourney with loss to Virginia = money

FIU getting final victory ever in Orange Bowl = money.

"U" are Fake, "I" am Real

Miami's Real University

The Canes are my daddy...


What a moron this George Kagan is. Most UM fans would find what you're bringing up classless.

Anyways, does anyone know if Turtle has announced who's starting against Texas A&M?

Go FIU!!!

Funny how some of these "foreign" fans from Coral Gables are talking about criminal action, given their past...Hmmmm....amazingly stupid and classless.

is jabarhi henry playing this weekend?

Nice article on GW in ESPN.COM

Hey George, do you wear a yamakah to class? Just a question...

Second of all, last time i checked none of this:

"UM = 23 college world series, 4 national championships" ... is going to help them win any games this year.

You guys are a lock for the whole regional though. You will destroy Dartmouth and anyone who stands in your path.

Well the FIU student story is a true story. However, why did they have to mention that he was an FIU student. Was that at all necessary? Couldnt the Sun Sentinel simply have said it was a 20 year old. Very rarely do you see people involved in crimes associated with the school they go to unless its a noteworthy person. This McMorris person isnt. So, why attach such a heinous crime to FIU. This is the kind of stuff that pisses me off. FIU is enjoying a teeny tiny bit of the spotlight and something like this has to come out. It seems as if it was an intentional act to "remind" people that FIU isnt all the great. Very upsetting.

"It seems as if it was an intentional act to "remind" people that FIU isnt all the great" - alt7787

Truth hurts.

That incident doesn't reflect the average FIU student. Why are there so many canes fans trying to denigrate FIU on this blog is it because they haven't had a new blog in a week or weeks, need attention?

Truth hurts.

Posted by: CrazyCane | June 02, 2010 at 02:34 PM

I bet you can share with us a thing or two about what hurts even more, eh pillow biter?

Connections my friend with the Sun Sentinel, takes money...Hahahaha

Who cares about what normal everyday students do, you people are idiots! Thats what you are coming on here with, when there is a regional starting in 2 days. Wow!!!... And news flash, we have at least twice the student body c-UM has. Maybe we should take a look at the ratio of crimes/arrest vs total students enrolled???

GREAT article with RV and GW, PETE!!!!!

Yoohoo up yours,

The sun sentinel SUCKS!!! I saw a recent blog where the guy wrote it was a dream come true to not have to play c-UM and go up to Gainseville. LOL, yes lets get excited about playing the #4 national seed and SEC regular season champs!!! Please dont talk about the sentinel and their 3 blog posters on this site please.

Hey Crazy Cane were you not crying for FIU Baseball talk earlier in the season when you assured us FIU would not reach the post season. What happened?? let's hear some baseball talk.


You still haven't commented on total wins for FIU!

I wonder why?

Go FIU!! Never loved baseball so much until now

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