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LIVE BLOG: FIU vs. Florida Atlantic Game 1

BOCA RATON -- Opener of a 3-game series with the Hooters for FIU. By now you know the story ofLogo this series. The Panthers need a sweep to have a shot at capturing the regular season Sun Belt Conference title. FIU also needs Louisiana to lose 2 games to ULM and Middle Tennessee to lose 1 game to Western Kentucky.

Florida Atlantic -- the current Sun Belt leader -- only needs 2 wins to secure the regular season conference title and no outside help from any other SBC team losing.Fau

It's R.J. Fondon on the hill for FIU against FAU's Ryan Garton. First pitch is at 6:30 p.m.

Come on back here at 6:24 p.m. for the start of the LIVE BLOGCAST of the game.


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You guys will love the little note i left Cote in his crappy blog, go over there and feel free to comment... if you dont to give him the blog hits then here it is for you guys:

"Holy Crap Cote! What does Garrett Wittels need to do to get a mention in your crappy blog?!?!?!?

The FIU SS, now with the #3 NCAA record hit-streak OF ALL TIME is easily the biggest story in Miami right now... and he just extended his streak to 46 GAMES IN A ROW against your FAU Hooters tonight.

Get on the ball Cote, put your anti-FIU basis away and recognize a HUGE story when its spitting you right in the face!"

Cote a clown! Herald now wants to show FIU love. Best part is team playing great baseball. We keep doing this and NCAA selection committee is paying attention.

12-4 good whooping tonight. Keep it going!

Thanks for live blog Pete!

Our top three enemies at the Herald are Greg Cote, Manny Navarro and Barry Jackson. Those three never mention the letters F, I, and U in the same sentence. I've gotten tired of Barry Jackson's gossip column. Every Wednesday and Sunday its the same old "chatter", this UM player is number 2 on the depth chart, this UM player is running faster, etc etc. It gets old.

Cotex and Navarro are just as bad. Although Navarro, not being a columnist, doesnt have much leeway in what he writes, but Cote does and his columns also get repetative. The only good sports writers at the Herald are Pete and Dan LeBatard.

Good win tonight! Sweep the hoot hoots, win the SBC tourney and go deep into the NCAA tournament!

Barry Jackson is the worse. Only time he writes about FIU, it's either negative or he gets only one side of the story.

Pete, how bad is Jabari injury? Hope he gets better in time for tournament.

I agree with you alt' and nice job over there 'Loyal.

Game two tonight. Let's get out there and have some fun.

Go Panthers !!!

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