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A very long day for FIU has gotten even longer. A weather delay is in effect at Reese Smith Jr. Field, with lightning all over the area.

The game was supposed to start at 5 p.m., but that projection was shot when FIU's opener with USA went three-and-three-quarters hours. Now, it'll start no earlier than 6:45. My guess is it'll be more like 8. I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE 1: Well, 6:45 has come and gone, and the tarp remains on the field. My guess of 8 might have been optimistic. Sigh.

UPDATE 2: Tarp is off. Players are starting to get loose. I hear first pitch will come at 7:40 p.m.


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I know the guys are antsy and probably would like to get started.... But, we need the extra hrs of rest.

they have to call it for the day soon. you cant have them sitting there for 2 or 3 hrs waiting.

Well there "FIU FANS" my goodness, I thought you were truly "FANS",you are something else. Why do you criticize so much, why don't you get your beautiful behinds in a uniform and go an play and get the outs, the perfect plays and everything else that needs to be done for a "PERFECT GAME" and then let's see who the MUERTOS really are. Before you criticize execute and then let's see who gets criticized. Let the players enjoy where they have accomplished till today and remember if we all will be perfect you guys will not be writing in this blog. Remember at least they have had the guts to get to where they have gotten, and you are sitting at your house writing on a blog. Please let's given them some respect, I think they do deserve it. Good night MUERTO ROARY, get your behind up to Tennessee and WIN the next two games for us!!!!!! GO PANTHERS!!! GO FIU!!!!!

Go Panthers!!!!! Good luck tonight!!!!


whoa whoa whoa... "helllloooo!!!" some people do that... the fiu fans that criticize the team prob do the same with the pro teams they follow as well. there are a lot of monday morning quarterbacks so to speak.

i for one have nothing but the utmost admiration for these guy in gold and blue. there is some real talent out there and they are representing my alma mater.

'that said. LETS GET AFTER IT!

amen Helllllooooooooooo!!

Hellooooo = choir preaching douche. Goodbye.


Nobody is allowed to criticize any athlete?

Dear Lord, I promise that if FIU wins tonight, I will ...

Just letting the IT guys know, as a regular poster on these blogs it is really annoying that my comments aren't showing up.

i have an ulcer after tonight! im serious. craziest game ever!!

What a game. Helllloooo, is too sensitive. We're all fans and want to see the best for FIU!

Wittels is the man! Great team effort. Glad TT didn't use u know who last night to pitch.

Let's win two more!

Congrats FIU!!!! Keep it going. Does anybody have an idea who is going to pitch today????

He who must not be named...


I'm hoping Fondon can go today, he last pitched on Wed. It would be great if we can get 5 innings from him. We haven't used Leith or Cardenas so they should be fresh. I don't think Berko has much left in the tank, he pitched in the last 3 games.
At this point, we have to hope for Troy to beat ASU so the championship game moves to Sunday. So far Troy is up 11-5 in the 7th, good news for us.

Troy wins 12 - 5. All 4 teams with a lost so its do-or-die for the rest of the tourney. Championship game Sunday 10 am. Lets get it done panthers!

I think I read that Cardenas if out for the season with an injury as well....

It will be interesting to see who they bring in to pitch today, but I suppose that Polizzano has to be strongly considered, since he only pitched 1.2 innings yesterday, facing only 11 batters. He actually pitched fairly well against FAU last weekend, and I suspect he could pitch a (hopefully) good 5-6 innings today if possible.

Fondon pitched on Wednesday, but he did go for 8.1 innings. Ideally though, we could find enough arms/innings to win against FAU and leave Fondon for tomorrow, since Troy beat ASU this morning.

But I think the kid who should not be named (?) is not an opener, is he? Thanks for the info all of you....I will be watching the game on CSS.

Hey I made a little research on the kid who should not be named and the kid did pretty good in summer ball, I wonder what happened to him????

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