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LIVE BLOG: SBC Tourney/USA vs. FIU (Take 2)

It's deja vu, all over again. FIU vs. South Al. 10 a.m. start. But if the Golden Panthers want a shot at FAU later in the day, they better hope history doesn't repeat itself. The Jaguars beat FIU 7-1 in the tournament opener on Wednesday. Starting pitchers: USA's Garrett Harris (5-4, 4.74 ERA) vs. Aaron Arboleya (5-2, 4.67).


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PETE what is going on with the live Blog? Its 10:30am and all I see is a Black screen... Maybe its 10am Central time? Whats going on!!

I cant see the live blog. can someone post the score/inning. thanks


FIU lost 15-2

panthers win 10-9.. lets get some hooters now

The bullpen needs to improve...now go beat them Hooters today!

game 2 is at what time?

Game 2 is being played right now.

no live blog?

Herald didn't budget for us to get this far so maybe Adam has to check out of the hotel and head to the airport now

No. The previous game ended like at 5:05 pm, so our game should go up like from 5:45 pm 6 pm, if no further delays...

Actually, Beasley is reporting that there is now a weather delay, and that posted time to start is around 6:45 pm....but he feels it should be later than that....so, follow his blog, and FIU's athletic website, plus the SBC one....

Well there "FIU FANS" my goodness, I thought you were truly "FANS",you are something else. Why do you criticize so much, why don't you get your beautiful behinds in a uniform and go an play and get the outs, the perfect plays and everything else that needs to be done for a "PERFECT GAME" and then let's see who the MUERTOS really are. Before you criticize execute and then let's see who gets criticize. Let the players enjoy where they have accomplished till today and remember if we all will be perfect you guys will not be writing in this blog. Remember at least they have had the guts to get to where they have gotten, and you are sitting at your house writing on a blog. Please let's given them some respect, I think they do deserve it. Good night MUERTO ROARY, get your behind up to Tennessee and WIN the next two games for us!!!!!! GO PANTHERS!!! GO FIU!!!!!

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