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Good morning from Murfreesboro -- and we mean morning. FIU (31-22) opens the SBC Tournament against South Alabama (31-25) at 9 a.m. local time. The wakeup call for the Golden Panthers this morning: 5 a.m. On the mound: USA's D.D. Hanks (9-6, 4.58 ERA) vs. FIU's R.J. Fondon (5-2, 3.78). First pitch in a bit.

But first, the game advance.


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Anybody know the score? Thanks in advance, I can't get in to live blog at computer I'm using.

The FIU Live Stat webpage is horrible...still on 2nd inning.

What is the score? What inning are they on?


Last I heard.7-1 South Alabama in 9th. Wittels hit a double, that seems to be only good news.

FIU lost 7-1 and GW hit a full count double to right field....which is indeed the good news coming from this game.

Congrats Garrett!!

Great news for Garrett, but in order to keep the streak going we need to keep playing. This was a tough loss today against a team that we destroyed two weeks ago. I dont get it. We need to show up tomorrow and for every game after that.

Who does FIU play tomorrow?

If they lose, does that mean we will not be going to a regional?

As a Miami hater, if UM losses in the ACC tourny early, any chance they miss the post season?

According to live stats, which are usually not so live and about 45 minutes delayed, WKU and FAU are tied 6-6 in bot of 12th inning. With FAU having a man on 1st and 0 outs.

If FIU loses tomorrow, they are out of SBC tournament and any postseason hopes they had are gone too.

If UM will not miss post season.

Bottom of the 13th now. WKU up 8-6, FAU hitting with one out and 2 runners on base. We need this game to go on as long as possible. Maybe 2 runs for FAU in this inning, to tie the game.....

Well, FAU just one on a walk off, 3-run HR by Albaladejo....Wow, what a game....Too bad it wasn't just 2 runs, so that the game could go on for a couple of more innings.....

So, it's tomorrow against Western Kentucky at 10 in the morning.....

Walkoff 3-run homer wow...WKU had that game. I guess that's good for FIU because it means we won't play FAU and Mike Gipson on an elimination game tomorrow.
WKU was a top 25 team for the first half of the season, can't overlook them just because they're a 8-seed. They used 7 pitchers today, gotta take advantage of that and get to their starting pitcher early.
Rudy, Mike and Jobe need to step up, 0 for 10 with 7 Ks today

Even if Miami lost early in the ACC tournament, we would still be making the NCAA tournament. At this point, we're playing for the right to host a Regional, and hopefully a Super Regional. I just don't get FIU fans. Even with something historic going on over there, you are still obsessed with us..

Frank, please don't flatter yourself. Yes, some FIU fans are obsessed for some reason, but not all. I personally couldn't care less what happens to UM unless they're in a title/bowl game or playing a team I root for.

Frank, you are posting and reading our blog, who has the obsession?

And that was one poster that asked the question and i answered that they would not miss the postseason. not that big of a deal boss.

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