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LIVE BLOG: Sun Belt Tournament Championship Game

It's on, Golden Panthers fans. FIU is just nine innings away from its second Sun Belt championship and a trip to the Regionals. But first: Troy, which beat Arkansas State twice yesterday. These teams are as evenly matched as possible. The starters: FIU's Aaron Arboleya (5-2, 4.72) vs. Troy's Tyler Ray (8-4, 5.19), who has thrown just five innings this tournament. He's as fresh as pitchers come this week.


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How is wittels ding??

got a hit 54

He is obviously doing Great!!!

Now We Go

Way to go FIU...Double play ends the 8th inning!!!!

Wow!!! Wittels is a "Hitting Machine" as ESPN is now calling him!!

Congrats Garrett!!

....and FIU is 3 outs away from the conference championship after breaking the All Time Sun Belt Conference Tournament records for hits and runs scored!!

We are going dancing, baby!!! Get the dust out of those shoes, and get ready!!!!

Go FIU!!

I've been watching live coverage throughout the weekend and RARELY does a comment of mine come through. I appreciate the coverage Adam, but Herald needs to look into the software. All of my comments are clean too.

Anyways... FF, II, UU... FIU!!!

Crazy Cane-

Regarding on when we were going to comment on season ending victories. I predicted 35-40 and will continue to wait to comment 'til the season is OVER!!!!!

Have fun waiting by the phone this week!!

Mine comments also didn't come through.

Congrats to 2010 Sun Belt CHAMPS! Who's ready to go dancing?

Where are the Regionals being held??? GO FIU!!

Congrats to the Conference Champions FIU Golden Panthers!!!!

Regionals are to be determined today, and tomorrow we will find out where they send us.....I hope it's in Coral Gables!!

We'll know tomorrow on regional FIU will play in. Herald can FIU make front cover of sports section now? Haters.


congrats to the CONF CHAMPS!!!!!

F! all the people that were doubting the big tortoise!!!! "oh he hasnt done that well, blah blah blah!!!" ........ Great job in the tourney, we did WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to the conference champs

Congrat to everybody that cares about FIU. First, to the players, Turtle, the coaching staff, the administration, and finally to us.....the diehard fans!!!

Congrats FIU!!!! Yes!!


Hey Roary......did you see who won today's game??? Polizzano the MUERTO that you so much critisized......WOOHHHOOOOOOOO go Polizzano.....GO CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!! FF-II-UUUUUU

High Five to you FIU Fanatic!!!!

I think the Herald should send Pete to cover the Regionals. Adam has done a great job for us and I appreciate it, but Pete has been with us for a long time. He has been with FIU athletics through the ups and downs, and there were way more downs than ups, so its only fair that Pete cover FIU in the NCAA tournament. He deserves it. If anyone agrees, say something, if you disagree, say nothing.

Bring on the candycanes! Congrats FIU!!

I agree. I was wondering why the Herald sent Adam and not Pete to Tennessee. But I guess it was better than sending no one. Adam did a great job covering the tournament and I'm hoping Pete writes a Sun Belt champs blog.

It feels nice to put "FIU" and "Champions" in the same sentence. Hats off to Turtle for winning his 1st Sun Belt tourney with such a young team (5 seniors).
Amazing job by Shantz replacing Jabari. Patton played outta his mind, Scott was by far our best pitcher, and Garrett...well, he was Garrett.

The NCAA selection show will air on ESPN tomorrow at 12:30pm.

YGG, "It feels nice to put "FIU" and "Champions" in the same sentence." - Nice. So true.

Adam did a great job of manning the blog and writing the articles at the same time over what turned out to be a very dramatic, epic weekend. I thought the last article he wrote about the tournament was the best he has written since he began covering the GP.

I was also wondering why the MH would send AB instead of PP to cover the tournament, esp. considering the loyal following he has.

I think Adam, after handling our mistrust, has earned his stripes by hanging in there through this very difficult, rain delayed, high scoring, extra inning laden tournament and writing about and rooting for a team he hardly has reason to pull for, aside from our tenacious loyalty for a team with "more downs than ups".

Congratulations to our Panthers. I for one would love to go to CG and see our boys play against UM. FIU on the rise!!!

Adam's been goodluck, so send him to regionals!

I think Adam did a superb job covering FIU. Ever since he's taken over, we've had more press than ever. And, he's a much better writer than PP, in my opinion. Way to go Panthers. It's NOT about the U anymore!!!! IT's about the F-I-UUUUUUU!!!

Congratulations to the FIU panther team and coaches for being the Sun Belt Champs! All of you have worked so hard and given the fans so many exciting moments. Thank you.

Slow down guys. I knew this would happen. The conference championship win is going to peoples heads. Keep in mind that we gave up a ridiculous amount of runs in this tournament and we used what seemed to be 8 different pitchers a game. We will be sent home very quickly if we play the way we played this weekend next week.

I hate to say it, but if we commit multiple errors a game and our pitchers dont last past the second inning, UM will beat us and beat us bad. Also, the reason why we've had more coverage lately is because of Garrett's streak and the fact that we've overachieved. So, I wouldnt necessarily say that Adam is the sole purpose why FIU has been given more coverage.

I went to see our Golden Panthers take the Sun Belt Championship today in Murfreesboro! What an awesome time the family and I had especially witnessing our boys win it. I got to talk to Wittels for a second and told him how proud the whole FIU community is of him. He was extremely gracious, thanked us for our support, and signed a ball for my little boy. Class act. Let's keep this going, FIU!!

Alt....I, again, completely agree with your assertion. The "Garrett Wittels factor" has taken over the nation, so the locals have no choice but to also join in. Let's not fool ourselves about this and the direction The Herald is taking this as a necessary shift. I don't believe so.

But, the coverage was pretty good, and I expect it to only get better. Now, for us to be in the position where we are in right now, it's just amazing. Regardless of how we do in the Regionals we are sent, I have a feeling that crazy 18-16 win over FAU might turn out to be a turning point in the fourtunes, of not only FIU baseball, but the FIU Athletic Department as a whole.

Go FIU!!!!! Let's win a Regional!!

I love this article because it gets a strong message across in a very humorous way! Audemars Piguet

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