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FIU going for the sweep this afternoon against ULM as Scott Rembisz takes the ball for the Panthers.Jab

FIU wearing their "The Natural" throwback unis (right) today as has become the custom for Sunday home games. That's Jabari Henry on the right. (Thanks, Alex J. Hernandez photo)

Getting ready for the 1st pitch in less than 10 minutes.


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Congrats Garrett Wittels for your sensational hitting streak. Only former MLBer Robin Ventura stands in your way.

Continued disappointment with our team that we can't sweep an SBC bottom dweller! So much promise to start this season and we've become a middle of the pact SBC team.

Someone had posted earlier that Coach T. Thomas was supposed to be the savior; we were told that we'd be dominant in no time. Throw out the first two years because of the transition to a new team. However we should have seen a definite improvement this year. GPP nation, I've seen it on offensive but our pitching seems to have gotten WORSE! We can't beat Bethune Cookman, FGCU or Jacksonville regularly (we use too!).

I don't know, maybe I was expecting too much from Coach TT. I was told by "those in the know" that with Turtle we would destroy the Sun Belt! Really? How about sweeping the worst team in the conference first at home!!! It seems we'll go yet ANOTHER season with no regionals! God, I hope I'm wrong!

GO FIU!!!!


Stick to cheering for your kids at Belen!

I do both cheer for FIU & Belen!


Hey UFF, it was I who posted about Turtle being the so-called "Messiah" comment. Your right, we expected more this season, it started out that way and poof... "lets get average"!

Don't know how many games you've been too, I've only been to 5-6. Went to U. of Maryland and was orginally impressed until I realized they sucked (notice that UM SWEPT an ACC doormat, as they SHOULD!), went to ORU and continued to be impressed, handled themselves great in the West Coast and SLAM, came home and decided how to pitch or play defense!

Where's the great coaching?!?!?! I know TURTLE can recruit hitters, however how about pitching? They need to win 8 games to get to 35 wins. Can they do it? With losing to ULM today, one as to wonder. Hope they get on a roll!!

Sorry but I originally stated this:

"came home and decided how to pitch or play defense!"

When I meant to say this:

"came home and decided to FORGET how to pitch or play defense!"

My bad.

FIU baseball has 10 regular season games left with only 3 at home plus a possible 4 more games at SBC tourney. Let hope they resort to early season form and intensity.


Where's Danny Price when you needed him. PG sold us a ball of good when he hired TT. He was classless when he fired DP. His 3 GREAT hires, MC, IT and TT, have failed to accomplish ANYTHING.

Another wasted year. I hope Dr. R is taking notes.

As I stated in an earlier post, this baseball season will be a success if we take the series from FAU and then possibly eliminate them from the SBC tournament. Sorry, but that's as much as I can expect from this team this year with our lack in pitching depth. TT better get on the recruiting trail for some good pitchers this off-season if this team is to improve in the coming years. Kind of reminds me of the Yankee teams from back in the 80's (yes i'm that old) when Billy Martin was the manager. They had an awesome team with Dave Winfield, Ricky Henderson, Don Mattingly, Willie Randolph, among others but their pitching wasn't great and never made it to any WS because of it.

As most people agree 35 wins this season is officially a dream, but they will finish between 30-33 wins and hopefully a 4th place finish in the Sunbelt. I am a fan of what TT has done with the team specially with the offense. But it does not take a genius to figure out that with out pitching this team can never win the Sunbelt or anything past that.. I think if we get to the Semi's in the Sunbelt I would call that a good year. Anything less then the Semi's would be a huge disappointment. Before the end of May we should know how good the team can finish the season..
I cant wait till Football! :)


This has to be the most REEE- tarded fan base in the USA.

A) How about the SunBelt as a whole has improved greatly. I believe we are 5th in the nation in conference RPI

B) We've lost a handful of games in the final 2 or 3 innings. You diehard fans mightve forgot, but we lost our closer in the beginnin of the season

C)Our SS has been playing half of the year with a broken finger

D) We won the series against Jacksonvillie 2/3, split with FGCU (which FIU didnt use to beat because they didnt play and FGCU wasnt nearly as good as they are now), and hopefully we split with Bethune.. By the way, bethune and FGCU will be a regional team this year and Jacksonville was last year, they arent bad teams at all.

E) Price's last year, FIU played 15 games against the likes of FAMU (garbage), Wagner(garbage), Rhode Island (garbage), Manhattan(not good), and Harvard(garbage)... To add to that really challenging out of conference schedule, FIU blew through their conference schedule that year by winning only 2!!! conference series (New Orleans and UALR).

In any college sport, a little luck comes into play sometimes and luck has def not been on FIU's side this season with the injuries of B. Garcia and Junior, the signing of Ebert and Mejia, L. Dodds not taking care of business, etc... And to add to all of it, we may be treated with another surprise in the very near future.

What are you talking about c-Um, Danny price did Play good teams, if I remember he played a really hard schedule, in 2006 Danny price scheduled -USC (southern Cal) when they had First round pick Ian Kennedy -Alabama -Michigan State -Rutgers When they where good and had First round pick Todd FRAZIER -Miami Yea they played FAMU but I rather have FAMU in our schedule than Florida Memorial like last year And Danny Price won the games he should win and he finished with a 36-24 record, keep in mind they played more games but they only played 4 more games than we do now so the playing less games don't really matter Danny price wasn't that bad and he had bad luck in 2006 too, when he lost first team all conference hitter Yahmed Yema to the draft and stud pitcher David Asher along with Dennis Diaz who Didnt have a error the whole year (well maybe he did but it didnt look like he did lol) along with Ace Eli Villanueva not being eligible after grades and he is now playing in double A for the marlins and dealing, and he lost Mikey lopez for grades and he had crazy amount of injuries too like corey Lozano who played with injured shoulder the whole year, but he found a way to win games and he finished with 36 wins and semi-finals in the conference tournament, beside injuries and eligibilities happen to every school in college, this is not the pro guys, we don't have a farm system to back up the Varsity team lol besides when you look at the schedule, we really only played about a couple of hard games, like ASU and oral Roberts So Stop bashing Danny price people, he was good to our school and doesn't deserve that type of nonsense and BTW he also made it to 8 regional from 1991-2001 Come on!!! give him a break, you guys are only bashing him because he ended his run with 1 bad years in 2007

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fiusports/2010/05/live-blog-ulmfiu-game-3.html#ixzz0mt9hOGdE

I never said injuries and ineligible players didnt happen to all universities, that is why i said luck comes into play for those teams that make Natl Championship runs.

Secondly, that excellent 2006 season you speak of consisted of 18 wins against the following POWERHOUSES (LOL):

Team Wins Against
NY Tech 3
Mich St 1
Rutgers 3
Rhode Island 1
Fordham 1
Columbia 1
Manhattan 2
Harvard 1
FAMU 5!!

*Rutgers was decent, not great and Mich St is good in basketball, but not baseball.

Against those teams you named FIU did the following:

c-UM - 2 losses (played twice)
USC - 3 losses (bring out the brooms)
Alabama - 3 losses (brooms once again)

Last year we played Florida memorial 2 times, not 5. And he made the regionals when it was much easier to make a regional. Im not bashing the guy, i could really care less, but when there are clowns on here calling for Danny Price you have to laugh. Did you see the product he had left behind in TT's 1st year here? I couldve prob picked 4 or 5 high school team in south florida that had more talent then that team.

Here's a look at this years schedule:
ASU #1 in nation
Oral Roberts - will make regional
Bethune Cookman - will make regional
FGCU - will make regional
FAU - will prob make regional
WKU - will prob make regional
Boston College - will prob make a regional; or at least in the discussion
SunBelt Team #3 - will prob make regional

Bubble teams - ULL, Troy, Rutgers

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