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There's a Great Outback Steakhouse in Jonesboro, Arkansas

During my 9 years covering FIU, I've been to Jonesboro, Arkansas several times for FIU/ArkansasOtbk State games and I could tell you there's a great Outback Steakhouse right by ASU.

FIU is playing Arkansas State in the national pastime in Jonesboro on Friday night. It's the first of a 3-game series between the teams that are tied for 5th in the Sun Belt standings at 12-9.

Trailing 6-2 in the 8th, the Panthers have 5 hits thus far in the game.

Make it 6. The 6th hit for FIU belongs to the 3rd batter -- who has now hit in every game he has played this season.

That would be 40 games, in case you were counting at home or in between bites of your Victoria's Filet with Aussie Chips and a Greg Norman Cabernet.

The 3rd batter had an RBI triple in the 8th to make it 6-3.


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Amen to baseball etiquette....nice post pete!!!!!!

The 3rd hitter also got a hit in the top of the 9th. FIU and ASU are tied at 7 now.

Finally, someone with Brains and Balls. Thanks Pete!!!

If i see pablo hit into one more double play this season, im going to body slam him... If rudy flores strikes out looking or hits a weak groundball to the pitcher with bases loaded one more time, he will be awarded with an upper cut!.... And Berko's one batter that he decided to give a HR too drives me F&#KING NUTS!... That close. We need tomorrow and sunday.

Oh c-UM. Leave Berko alone. He's ALWAYS put into the situations where 1 run is going to make him look bad. Wishing Bryam Garcia was back so Berko could get back to doing his job as reliever where he shines. Right now, Berko IS the bullpen. Give the kid a break!!!

I knoww this... Yesterday wasnt all him, it was a team effort but being right there at the end of the game and that being the only hit he gave up in the 8th is what kills me. We get that back, we walk away with a W in the 9th.

I'm not one to usually write on this blog, although, I always read it. But,once again, the Herald shows no love for FIU. In today's paper (Saturday), absolutely nothing was mentioned about the game. The headline read "Miami Wins; FIU's Wittels Extends His Streak". That's great about Wittels, but there WAS a game! Who was the starting pitcher? Who made the other 12 hits? What about the comeback they made in the 8th after being down by 5 runs? Where is the editor of this paper????? It's not all about the U. (who by the way, beat Barry Univ).

D-II Barry University.... Great

Lol! Exactly!

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