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Cotton the Fabric of the Lineup

Cotton Unless you have a private jet to land in Jonesboro, the most convenient route to get to the small Arkansas town is to fly commercial into Memphis, Tennessee and then drive 45 minutes to Jonesboro. Memphis is the closest airport to Jonesboro.

The private jet was not available the times I've been to Jonesboro so I've taken the 45-minute car ride from Memphis.

On the drive over to Jonesboro, there is a stretch of road that is all cotton fields. That part of the drive lasts about 15-20 minutes where all you see to either side is cotton, cotton and more cotton.

The TV commercial says cotton is the fabric of our lives.

The third batter in the FIU lineup has been the fabric of the lineup for most of this season with a team-leading .408 average and 69 hits entering Saturday afternoon's game.

The third batter now has 70 hits after singling to right field. The third batter has hit in every game he's played this season. He's played 41 games.

After a home run by Mike Martinez, FIU leads 4-0 against Arkansas State in the 1st inning.


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LOL...I've driven through those fields, and seen that Outback in Jonesboro as well.

As for the third hitter.....Way to Go!!!

very nice. i like.

Does anybody know if its possible to get CSS online?

Great news!

any updates on game/score? Live stats has been frozen in top of 3rd for about an hour and a half

I know....but I just read on their message board the game was 11-0 FIU in front, but no reference to what inning. Anybody can watch the game on CSS to give updates?

13-2 in the bottom of the 8th FIU leading. Reportedly, FIU has hit 4 HR's in today's game.

thanks Fanatic

and welcome back to life Scott

Yep...ASU message board reports FIU won 15-2.

Great Win. Wittels making history.

mike martinez 3 homeruns (one grandsalami), jabari one hr

ESPN has something called "Tweet of the day" and today's winner:

FIU Asst Football Coach states that: "FIU Will Dominate In 2010!". That was the ESPN tweet of the day!!!



Wittels was ESPN's #10 Top play of the day for extending his hit streak. Nice to see Wittels get a nod from the big boys. Now lets hope the next time ESPN mentions FIU and Wittels, its because we're making noise in the NCAA tournament!

Thanks alt', I saw that too. Nice to see the National media is keeping track of FIU and Wittels.

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