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Selection Watch Party Monday & LIVE Q&A with Turtle

Followed the Sun Belt Tournament by watching the Sun Belt Network and CSS all throughout and will haveTt a Sun Belt Champs blog for you after this one, plus where FIU will likely play the regional and why.

FIU baseball will hold an NCAA Tournament Selection Watch Party on Monday at 12:00 p.m. at the FIU Stadium Club. Been told it's free admission and everyone is invited and there will be food and drinks.

Also, if you can't make the watch party, afterwards Turtle Thomas will join me on the GPP for a LIVE Q&A BLOG with you good people. The coach of the 2010 Sun Belt Champions will be taking your questions for about 45 minutes.

The LIVE Q&A with TT is expected to begin around 1:30 p.m. depending how long the ESPN selection show goes. The selection show is scheduled from 12:30 to 1:00 p.m. on ESPN but ESPN had the softball selection show go 1 hour a couple of weeks ago, so check here for updates on when TT will be on.


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Pete, I for one want the Herald to have you cover the regionals. Adam did a great job this weekend, he really did, but you have been with us for so long it just seems wrong not to send you.

On that note, I'm hoping for a Coral Gables regional. It would give us fans an opportunity to watch out boys in person.

Congrats to the FIU Baseball team, the coaching staff, and everyone that has helped and supported this guys during our CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON.. I was wishing for Semi's the entire time and 36 hours later we are the Sunbelt Champs.. Simply AMAZING! Well I guess our true FIU fans where not wrong after all... we do have 40 wins!!


I went to see our Golden Panthers take the Sun Belt Championship today in Murfreesboro! What an awesome time the family and I had especially witnessing our boys win it. I got to talk to Wittels for a second and told him how proud the whole FIU community is of him. He was extremely gracious, thanked us for our support, and signed a ball for my little boy. Class act. Let's keep this going, FIU!!


Where are you?

I second alt's comment 100%. It really feels wrong that the writer that has covered FIU for so many years was pushed aside for this very important FIU baseball run. It's not Adam's fault, I would think, but I totally agree with alt's assertion here.

I'm sure tomorrow afternoon will be a very good moment for our program, and would hope a lot of you could actually attend the event, and then carry on with your holiday's activities. Let's support this.

As for the Regionals, given Jim Morris' obvious disdain of Turtle and FIU, I'm sure he and his AD are trying whatever they can so that FIU is not sent their way. Afer all, wouldn't it be just "poetic justice" that after Jim Morris and UM cancelled unilaterally a 35 or 36-year old rivalry on the field, that the NCAA would make us play at the same Regional? I'd love that!!

Great to hear your story, TNGPanther, and glad you made an effort to go and support our team. I'm sure the players, coaches, and parents appreciated your being there. A bunch of proud Golden Panther Alumns are watching their team prosper and Garrett Wittels several times a day on ESPN.

Hello all. First, i would like to congratulate the FIU Panthers for winning the SUnBelt. Second, I would like to point out how bad the pitching was in the SB tourny. And finally, I would like to invite the SunBelt champions, the FIU Golden Panthers, to take a step up next year and play in a real conference, like maybe 6a with Killian, Palmetto, Southridge and Sunset.

Get real GPers. You won the Sunbelt conf tourny, just get to the CWS and then come talk to me.

I'll take it a step further, I hope u don't plan on winning with a football score 18-16, like u have in some of these games. Simply pathetic some of the scores..

scUM douche at their finest ladies and gentlemen. It burns doesn't it, burns like the syphilis uncle Billy Bob gave you. We rise, you fall.

CC, c-UM wont make it to the CWS this year. Guaranteed!

I would like to be put in the c-UM regional though, for the simple fact that i DO NOT want to be in UF's regional. They are the real deal

lets go to the UMDCC regional

you know things are going well when you have haters coming out of the woodwork... :)

I agree with alt7787 in both areas. If theres any justice in this world Pete will cover FIU's games in the regional at Coral Gables lol. Pretty funny comment scumsanitizer. Dont be mad crazycane that despite your coach's best efforts and whining you guys might have to face us in a game.

Hahaa. UMDCC regional...

Im very glad our team made it this far, very glad actually, but I'm also concerned that they're going to be sent home very quickly. The pitching was terrible from all SBC teams this weekend and more than likely we wont see that kind of pitching in the regionals. If FIU plays the way it did this weekend, excluding the runs, we're not going to win. So I hope our guys get a lot of rest, keep their confidence high and most of all be ready to compete. Wittles has been great at the plate, but he cant keep committing errors. Thats on Turtle to either find a better home for him or get his head straight.

In any case this run has been great. As I type this the ESPN ticker mentions Wittels' hitting streak and FIU's 14-10 win over Troy. We're the only team getting a mention. Of course its all thanks to Garrett because if there was no streak we would just be another team amongst 64. Excited to see where we end up tomorrow!

scUMsanitizer nice to have you back!

Crazy regardless of the offense or defense being irregular, that's sports. You play the hand that is dealt and FIU made the best of it.

Wow this is yesterday's news and FIU is STILL on the front page of ESPN.COM.

The national spotlight is shinning brightly once again on FIU.

nothing against adam, but i agree with the fact that Pete has EARNED the right to cover regional action.

crazy cane ..go away

ACC pitching wasn't that great also. What were score of UM losses? Poor UM bullpen. Got rocked!

Turtle just going to keep loading up. There's a new sheriff in town. There's a reason that girls team(u know who) doesn't want to play us.

Adam has been great, but Pete has been covering FIU for the longest and should fo so for the regionals. Does Rojas read this blog?

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