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Where FIU baseball stands

FIUBase On the whole, a decent weekend for the Golden Panthers, who took two of three from ULM at home.

Of course, the sweep would have been nice -- and considering FIU rallied from five runs down Sunday afternoon, only to lose in the 11th, it was certainly within the realm of possibility -- but a series win is better than the alternative.

That puts FIU at 25-18, and in a three-way tie for fifth in the Sun Belt at 12-9, although only 3.5 games behind conference-leading FAU (29-15, 17-7). The magic number to get into the SBC tourney is 15 wins, Turtle Thomas says, so that seems pretty safe.

The NCAA at-large picture for FIU is a bit muddled, however. Considering their RPI (74), the Panthers' chances look slim on the surface. But the Panthers are 3-4 against the top 50, and 10-14 against the top 100, and the Sun Belt is the fifth-toughest conference in the country, so it's certainly possible that three SBC teams could get in.

But work certainly remains.

The good news is FIU will have ample opportunity to earn its way in. The Golden Panthers are at Bethune-Cookman (RPI: 107) Wednesday and then finish the season with conference series against Arkansas State (88), South Alabama (59) and FAU (30), all of which would make the SBC Tournament if the season ended today.

Educated guess: If FIU can manage to finish the regular season 7-3, the Panthers likely would end up third or fourth in the conference to end the season. That, and a run to the conference tournament finals, would likely get them in.

Of course, it would all be moot should they win it all.



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My thoughts are that the Panthers are good enough to get there. They need to believe in each other. I saw some of that Friday night but not enough for my taste.

R.J. is a stud and is really coming into his own as the season progresses. Arboleya is setteling into the #2 very nicely, we just need to lock down that #3 and play a full week-end instead of taking a game off. Oh, and Berkowitz is doing a fine job in the closer roll; we just need to keep him strong down the stretch.

We've let a bunch of games get away from us this year. It's time to tighten the screws and play at our potential each time out.

FIUFan, I couldn't agree with you more.

Problem has been pitching for the most part, although starting pitching has sort of improved, at least weekend pitching, over the last 3 weeks or so. Our middle relief has been spotty at best, and so has been our late innings pitchers. However, I agree that Berkowitz has improved a lot from last season.

We need more arms to come through.

Our RPI suffered immensely with our series with ULM, particularly with the loss. We've been hovering in the low 60's or the 50's for some 5 weeks now, only to find ourselves now at #74 from #59 the prior week.

The good (and the bad) thing is that we still have to play FAU (#30 in RPI), USA (#59), and even Arkansas State (#88), besides Bethune (#107). We need to end a very difficult schedule 7-3 in order to get our RPI into the 50's to have an outside chance, in my opinion.

Our RPI probably dropped some just from beating ULM, as well, due to their poor RPI. Thats whats kind of weird about the RPI, but we can def lower our RPI greatly with solid showings the next couple of weeks.

FAU better that FIU in yet another sport... Sorry guys. Keep on keepin' on!

Good, i'll be cheering for them against c-UM come regionals.

...and the obsession continues...

Good post Beasley, maybe ur not a bobo after all...

Go FIU/FAU/FSU/UF/FAMU/Bethune/FGCU/USF/UCF/TAMPA/UNF/MDCC/BCC/Lynn ....... not c-UM or jU-M! Get a life buddy

Hahahahaa. This c-UM guy is too much.

Getting into the tournament wont be a problem, making it deep into and even winning the tournament will be tough. We seem to be able to hold our own against most of the team, but our pitching is still way too erratic. Berko is our most solid reliever, but you can only use one guy so much.

we will def need to do some damage at the plate to make it deep in the tourney, IMO.

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