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Jackie Would Be Smiling

As you may well know the number 42 is retired throughout Major League Baseball unless a player hadJrob already been wearing it before MLB retired the number.

MLB retired 42 to honor Jackie Robinson in 1997 on the 50th anniversary of him breaking the color barrier in baseball.

Only Yankees closer Mariano Rivera remains as the sole major leaguer to still wear the No. 42 -- the same uniform number Jackie wore.

Jackie never played baseball in Arkansas, but he sure would be proud of his number becoming a part of history again.

That's because the 3rd batter in the FIU lineup got an infield single in the 8th inning on Sunday afternoon to give himself a hit in every game he has played this season.

The 3rd batter has played in 42 games this season and is now tied with Austin Peay's Chuck Abbott for the 4th longest Division I hit streak.

After a Jabari Henry home run, FIU trailed Arkansas State 5-2 in the 8th.


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Panthers lost.

Danny Price got hosed!

Bring back Rick Walker and Don Strock!

PG Stinks!

Go Wolverines!

Ultimate FIU Fan

*Sorry meant Rich!

^ = zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! ... I heard Patton last at-bat was hit almost as hard as he can hit it, but it was just directly at the SS. The baseball gods werent with us today. Unless we somehow decide to sweep USA and FAU, and even if we do that, we will most likely need to win our Conference tourney to make it to a regional.

On another note, heard a bunch of reporters were at todays game attacking Wittels and even Mike Martinez.


On another note, this is really depressing. These 1 run loss games are so disheartning. I feel that this team is seriously underperforming. Our pitching was supposed to be problematic, but I didnt think it would be like this. There is no easy fix for the struggles of our team.

Unlike the Marlins, we cant trade for a relief pitcher or bring up a guy from Double A. Oh wait, Mike Stanton cant be brought up before June because it would make him arbitration eligible a year early. Cheap Marlins. Cheap cheap cheap.

I tend to agree. I seems that every game we spot the other team a three or four run lead before we put the peddle down.

Two one run losses and a 13-2 victory. What's wrong with this picture. Tells me this is an immature team that has yet to learn who to play at a CONSISTENTLY high level.

It's never too late to get hot!

Im hoping the last 6 games are at least some what competative.. Like I said before, anything less then the Semi's in Sunbelt play will be a very dissapointing season.. If we get to the Final's then DAMN good season..

PETE: I know I have asked this in the past but I wanted to know if by ANY chance you have heard ANYTHING regarding the construction of the Soccer/Track stadium? It seems they have promissed a new soccer/track stadium for the last 5 years.. I hope they can start SOON!

Go Golden Panthers!

I doubt Jackie would be smiling. He probably thinks college baseball is beneath him after all his barrier breaking and stuff.

Gooch7, every single game this past weekend was about as competitive as you can get, with the exception of Saturday but i dont think you're going to complain about that game... We just didnt capitalize on the big opportunities that we had late in the game. It was good to see them fight back though.

I like how DAMN GOOD and Disappointing are seperated by a game. I like that though. They are both doable, it just depends on which team shows up to play.

Gooch, I haven't heard anything about a new soccer stadium or track, and I don't think there are any plans underway. Maybe Pete can give more, but I have heard nothing about that.

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