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You Don't Flock With A Streak

One tradition in baseball is that you don't flock with a streak. So with that in mind, will try and fill you in on what's going on in Daytona Beach tonight.

FIU is taking on Bethune Cookman in a mid-week game.

In the Panthers lineup, the guy batting third just hit a 2-run HR to give him a hit in every game this season. He has played 39 games.

Of course, if you follow baseball you know that "flock" is not the correct word used in the phrase that is the title of this post. But this is a PG-rated blog.


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Wow! Let's get a W!

Another hit and RBI for the third batter.

FIU up 10-4 in the 8th right now

Story on the third batter in the New York Times!

I normally use the NY Times as something useless to shred, however today's article on FIU's third batter actually made me read one article from the rag.


FIU wins 10-4.....now onto Arkansas State

can you post a link to the NY Times article. would like to read it

Way to go Garrett!! And good news as well that FIU returned the favor to Bethune and beat them over there this time. Actually, the NY Times article is the same AP article written by Tim Reynolds, which has been posted all over the nation.

Awesome GW!! lets roll over ASU

Way to go G-Witt!!!! You have brought pride to the FIU team (not only with the incredible hitting streak, but also with the amazing plays you make on the field). Just heard you mentioned on Channel 7 News...wow...I don't think I've EVER heard the FIU baseball team mentioned on local news ;) It is wonderful to see you shine. We will all continue to cheer for you......GOOOOO G-WITT!!!!!

One game at a time boys.

Let's have some fun.

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