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About that APR story

There's been a lively discussion on the blogosphere about Thursday's story about the Academic Progress Report. A lot of FIU fans strongly feel like it's a non-story. Seems like a lot of excitement over a 329-word piece that, to most outsiders, is a pretty straightforward rehash of the NCAA report released Wednesday.

First off, having the most teams penalized of any Division I school in the nation is a legitimate story. The Associated Press agreed.

If I made one mistake, it was by omission. I did not adequately point out that the while the indoor and outdoor track and cross country programs are considered separate teams, they use many of the same athletes, so a couple of poor students can bring down the scores of all three. Fair enough. There's only so much space in the sports section, especially during the World Cup, and things get cut. That's also the reason UM is included in the story.

As for the idea pushed by some that it's sensationalized, "yellow" journalism, I have a question: If it was the Herald's goal to blindly rip FIU, why did we make it one of the shortest stories in Sports Thursday and put it on the ninth page of the section? When writing the story, I went out of my way to mention improvements in FIU's academic standing (check out the first six words of the story). I mention FIU baseball's 975 score this year, and the perfect ratings for men's cross country, women's golf, women's tennis and women's volleyball, as well as a quote from Pete Garcia.

I know some don't want a single negative word of FIU coverage in the Herald, but our job isn't to blindly promote the university. Thanks for reading.

UPDATE: Unless it wasn't clear the first time around, let me explicitly spell out why UM was included. The Hurricanes were not subjected to any punishment, in fact had a very strong APR. So because constraints of space in the newspaper, the department decided to combine the two schools into one story. You might have noticed, but there's a lot more going on right now in the world of sports, and the decision was to dedicate more resources to the actual games on the field right now. Also because of space constraints, I didn't mention that FIU went from having one team penalized in 2009 to seven in 2010. If anything I've said is factually inaccurate, it's my duty to write a retraction. But I've yet had a single person point a factual error out. I know there are many out there willing to have an open mind about potentially critical information regarding FIU, and I appreciate that. For others of my more strident critics, who think that I do not report on positive FIU news, let me close with this:

Despite recent improvement in the classroom, Florida International University is among the nation's most-penalized schools for academic sins of its past, the NCAA announced Wednesday.


So although the baseball team's score was 975 in 2008-09, its multiyear rate was 890 and still subject to punishment. The other reprimanded teams were men's soccer, both the men's and women's indoor and outdoor track teams and women's cross country, according to an athletic department spokesman.

Four FIU programs recorded perfect scores this past year: men's cross country, women's golf, women's tennis and women's volleyball.

Please enjoy the summer. And thanks as always for reading.


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Good Job Adam. Your right, please keep being a journalist and be objective.

Don't mind the whiners.

Why even mention UM at all? There is this constant need to rip FIU and put up UM. Let's be honest... mentioning UM brings NOTHING to the story. You might have well have mentioned UNC, is has the same impact.

The reason um is in the story is "because things get cut"? How does this even make sense? If things should be cut from an FIU story, it should be references to another school that has NOTHING to do with FIU, not the VERY RELEVANT FACT that FIU's # of sports are being inflated by a technicality. If this was supposed to be an APR report, then headline it as such, don't sensationalize the headline and then act like you HAD to include the um reference because things get "cut". You can read back on this blog and see for yourself that I'm one of the few regular posters that feel we have been done a disservice by not asking tough questions of FIU Athletics. You are right, the Herald is not a PR arm of FIU, nor should it be. But this story is slanted in every way. It goes out of its way to highlight the negative, the only true penalty in all of the 7 sports is less than 2 scholarship in all of the sports and some lost practice time (also a relevant fact that should be included in an FIU story). There are plenty of TRUE journalistic stories that can be written that are informative and not look like they've been distributed by the FIU PR department. Why don't you ask Pete Garcia what he is expecting from the football team that underachieved last year (will he be like the UNT AD and state that .500 season is not good enough)? Why don't you ask Pete Garcia what he is doing to improve the game day atmosphere at football games which we all complain about every year? What is he doing to improve attendance at all FIU events and athletic donations? How are the renovations to the arena going, what about the stadium when are those going to be completed? Why has he let the soccer team (a topic that might interest you) go from 1996 NCAA Finalist to an also ran? Why is the ladies basketball team being allowed to deteriorate as well (both sports used to be staples of success at FIU)? All of those are things that might interest FIU fans which are your target audience. I was glad when they brought you on because I was pretty over reading FIU press releases in the Herald, but I am also not going to sit by and watch you trash the University, even when it has shown major improvements in the area you are discussing (which should have been the focus), just because you can.

great job adam

More garbage from Mr. Beasley. There was no reason to spin that article with a negative slant with the improvement FIU has show in APR scores over the past two years. And what is the purpose of mentioning UM in an article about FIU’s APR scores? The Herald can even inconspicuously hide its pro-UM bias.

Why don’t you do some real journalism and investigate why UM’s APR scores are better than FIU’s? Do you really think that UM’s athletes are better students than FIU’s?

Pete, I hope you didn’t take a cut in pay for this.

Guys lets calm down, Mello messed up our athletic program, but changes will come, the truth is that we are not one of the top programs in the world, the country or even the state. WE love FIU and that feeling can blind us, but the truth is out there, Adam is just writing the facts, and we all know that we will be compared to ucg as long as we both exist. it is big brother little brother thing, sometimes the little brother might surpass the older brother, but we are not there yet. We are improving and maybe in 5 or 10 years we well be just as good as they are or better, but lets remember that some of the most successful programs today were not built in one day.

"I know some don't want a single negative word of FIU coverage in the Herald, but our job isn't to blindly promote the university."

Adam, quite honestly, if the issue was just one single negative word about FIU, you wouldn't have gone out of your way to create this blog. Of the stories you've written about FIU, how many were balanced? The recent stories written by you have all had a negative slant, some to a greater extent. That APR story ripped apart the school's athletics program. Had you included relevant information regarding the improvement by some of these athletes, the story would have been more balanced.

You see Adam, it isn't so much about being FIU's PR machine, but more about balanced journalism. Attacks on FIU only serve to antogonize an institution that's already despised by the school across town. You might as well cheer for UM when you trash FIU with your articles.

I thought the balance in the article was fair, and more to the point...it's all true. We have APR issues folks, many due to the 4 yr averages sure but the facts are the facts. Until we do otherwise, this is the reality.

As for UM being in the article: they're the local (8miles away) comparison and the other local team so of course they get a mention. I mean, this wasn't exactly a frontpage story guys! so relax and enjoy the summer. here's looking forward to football season. :)

Funny how we have some "new" posters here...all of them defending the "objectivity" of that story.

As fiupantherfan mentioned, he has been championing a more "balanced" reporting, and he as well is disappointed at your negative view on the APR issue with FIU. Of course, there are plenty of facts that support your slant of the story...and should be included in a fair story as well, but it is apparent to most reasonable people that you chose to highlight and put a definite negative slant with facts, while also including some other positive facts, but almost hidden in your story.

A deeper review of where we are now, and how 5 different sports with "penalties" are really only 2 for scholarship purposes (as per the NCAA, women's cross country, indoor/outdoor track and field have a schlly counter together of 18, while men a counter of 12.6 limit) would be nice to make it sound more objective.

The baseball situation, you seem to highlight the 4-year rolling average, and while inconspicuously mentioning the 975 APR this year, you still focus on the penalties this year, including the 18 hour practice time, out of 20 a week.

However, you fail to mention that this very season that just ended, FIU baseball comes from penalties including a 16 hour maximum practice, a reduction of 1 game from the schedule, and a reduction of 7 days to play games in this season. Actually, the marked improvement in baseball's APR suggests why the 3rd year historical penalty (post season ban) was not assessed, and why the practice hours per week were actually increased as compared to last season. I find positive progression of a bad hole we were in 3 years ago.

Do you know how many scholarships "the most penalized program" in the nation lost due to penalties? Less than 1 in ALL sports combined....Actually, a total of about one half scholarship divided between all those "7 sports". Let's do some quick journalistic research:

Men's indoor and outdoor track and field (2 sports): They went from 12.6 scholarships to 12.4. Total loss of those "2" sports (3 sports if you count men's cross country, but they did good individually): 0.2 scholarships. (footnote 1 of page 5 of report)

Women's cross country/indoor/outdoor track and field (3 sports): They went from a maximum of 18 scholarships combined for all "3 different sports" to 17.76 scholarships. Total loss of those "3 different sports": 0.24 scholarships.
(look at footnote 1 page 5 of report)

Men's Soccer: limits scholarship to 9.81 scholarship, down from a limit of 9.9 scholarships. Total loss of scholarships of men's soccer: 0.9 scholarships.

Baseball: Historical penalties, which means a carry over from previous seasons, which had penalties before. This year's APR: 975. Scholarship reductions: 0.00. Practice time reduction: 2 hours per week....last season practice time reductin: 4 hours per week.

TOTAL scholarship reductions to the most "penalized" program in the nation? 0.53 scholarships. FAU lost 2 scholarships in just football this season.

Now, was is that hard to come up with these facts? No.

Now, your excuse to bring up UM into the article is just that, a lame excuse for something that, for any reasonable person, unless you were forced to include that in the article, doesn't make ANY sense to include. I'm sorry, it's hard to believe, especially after seeing the Cote article and poll in this very newspaper, that you would be oblivious to the passion that comparing FIU to UM in ANYTHING would unfortunately bring from both sides. You can't be so naive.

FIU APR Report (page 5 has the penalties and footnotes to support them): http://web1.ncaa.org/app_data/apr2009/231_2009_apr.pdf

NCAA Scholarship limits by Sports: (Please note that the NCAA groups together men's and wommen's cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track as one (rather than 3) in tabulating scholarship limits: http://www.educationplanner.org/education_planner/paying_article.asp?sponsor=2859&articleName=NCAA_Scholarship_Limits

I think Beasley's negative articles are his attempt to make his bosses happy. After-all, at the end of the day, you keep your job as long you make your boss happy, correct?

I'm sure he doesn't take pleasure in bashing the very university he covers, hell, it's in Beasley's best interest for FIU to gain more and more notoriety.

At the same time, it can be argued that Beasley doesn't like what he's doing at the Herald. Therefore, he's constantly looking for the "big story" that will deliver whatever it is that he seeks.

Men's soccer scholarship penalties should read. 0.09 scholarships....

wow now that is what u call journalistic research.....kudos fanatic from a former miami herald staffer

I was going to do a long post but FIU Fanatic pretty much covered everything I was going to say. In short, Adam, the story was poorly written for the following reasons.

1) FIU is most penalized in terms of raw teams; not in terms of number of scholarships

2) Nowhere in the article does it mention that baseball no longer has reductions in contests or countable practice days, which they had last year

3) Nowhere in the article does it mention the amount of the scholarships lost for M/W Track & XC (covered in greater detail in the post above) OR the fact that these scholarship losses were most likely due to 1 person counting on all 2 (men's) or 3 (women's) sports.

4) You said that UM was included in the article due to space constraints, yet the article headline and byline both referenced FIU without any mention of UM. If the article really was to be about both schools, shouldn't it have been something along the lines of "Miami schools show APR improvement" or "NCAA releases APR numbers-UM, FIU affected differently"

Finally, the main problem with the article is that it was not a straight rehash of the NCAA report. Someone reading that article without being knowledgable on APR & college athletics would get a much more negative impression of FIU academic progress and APR punishments. The overall story of FIU's latest APR numbers is that for most sports, 08-09 was good; however, some multi-year scores are still terrible due to previous seasons. This was not clearly articulated in the article.

I think there are two issues here. The first issue is that UM should not have been mentioned, if space was an issue it shouldn't have been wasted on another school.

The second issue is that the article should have talked about improvements in overall APR scores. Something along the lines of "despite suffering from multi-year scores, the overall trend for FIU's APR scores is positive."

Actually nix the second part. My only real complaint is the inclusion of UM and the headline. I just don't think, especially with space constraints, that the article needed to have UM mentioned.

"Funny how we have some "new" posters here...all of them defending the "objectivity" of that story. "

I thought the same thing Fanatic, who the hell are these people, as I was reading. Maybe Pete has to claw out Adam!!

APR story + athletic fee story = two rehashed slanted articles. Certainly when taken at face value. Take a step back and think Adam, you've been on this beat just a couple of months and you've already had to blog seriously defending articles, something is wrong. If there's no hidden agenda on your part then your perspective or writing style needs to adapt to your audience, quickly, because this quote of yours from your April 13 blog is starting to sound more like a warning than a tease...

"Some of you already have seen my work on the Kendall Berry murder and the athletic fee story. It's just a taste of what's to come."

Pete, on a side note to this fabulous sh*t storm created by Adam, can you have your blog IT guys add to the blogs whether it's "By Pete Pelegrin" or "By Adam Beasley" so we clearly know who's writing what. It's obvious to us long-timers, but some of the new kids may get confused. I see the "by" on my iPhone app but not on the actual site.

MR. Beasley,

Please articulate the reason why UM is mentioned in your FIU story titled, “FIU will face penalties from APR,” that ran on June 10, 2010. The defense you provide in your blog (http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fiusports/2010/06/about-that-apr-story.html) is vague at best. Please try again. Why was it journalistically valuable to include UM’s scores in this FIU story.

As for your attempt to disguise the anti-FIU bent at your employer, all bets were off when I saw the Miami Herald logo in UM colors prominently displayed at UM’s baseball stadium. It’s clear we are basically reading UM’s student newspaper when consuming the product delivered by your paper. You could’ve chosen the following headlines to tell your story (without compromising the facts):

“FIU Continues Its Climb Out of a Steep Ditch”
“FIU’s APR Headed in the Right Direction”
“FIU’s APR Scores Soar But Old Sanctions Persist”

Instead, you took the “beat down FIU” slant while seizing the opportunity to be a positive commercial for UM (at FIU’s expense).

I’ve been trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, but it’s becoming evident you’re part of the establishment. Disappointing but expected.

Hey guys, it's been a long time (probably two years) since I've written anything, but I reach the posts by Adam, Pete and of course my fellow reader just about every day. I tend not to write because someone else ends up saying what I was thinking anyway. I did decide to post something tonight though.

Adam, you're the new guy here and I think that there's a learning curve. So with that said, you're probably still getting used to covering FIU even though you've been with the Herald for a while. But you are definitely starting to see how passionate the fans are - especially when you compare us to UM (regarding anything including which campus has the most palm trees). When you do that, it's like throwing a rock at a bee hive. Like Baltimore Panther said, in Miami there is the sibling rivalry; the problem is that we're not putting up too much fight as rivals yet.

The readers of the blog tend to be students, family and alumni, all of which care deeply about the school. We love this blog because it's a place for us to come together share thoughts comments about the program and over the past few years, we have gotten great info and insight from Pete.

At the same time, we've also had to deal with others who come on here and make detrimental comments about the school's athletics, academics, students, alumni and their families. I'm sure the blog has lost some readers over the years because of some of the things posted on here. I know that I've gotten so frustrated by the comments at times that I've told myself that I wouldn't be visiting here again. But my love for my school always brings me back.

A lot of us saw that as a slight when you made the comment about UM's perfect APR in the story which you even stated needed to be short due to space constraints. To me, there was no reason to add a UM comparison there, if anything compare us to FAU. As has been mentioned so many times in the past FAU is a natural rival for us because of the proximity, school history, age of athletic programs, etc. Tell us how we stack up against FAU if you absolutely need to compare us to another school.

Like I said, there's got to be a learning curve and I won't rip on you. I'm not going to attack you as a person or journalist because I don't know you and I probably never will. Based on your short bio it seems like you've got some solid credentials so I'm glad that Pete has someone with your abilities to share the work load with. The thing that you need to understand though is that you struck a nerve whether it was intentional or not and this was not the first time.

But let's cut Adam some slack guys (I'm pretty sure that's not his tat in that picture from that huricanelaz loser). If we feel like the Herald isn't focusing on the positive things at FIU, we can still discuss them down here. I just moved back to FL and I've bought my season tix for football, how many of you am I going to see out there?

Very good post by rblan008. Welcome back. Adam, as for myself I did say, and agree that the article is based mostly on facts, and that you could spin the facts any way you wanted and emphasize your point. It's evident, you chose the negative slant. One thing though, that I think you were particularly unfair was to baseball. You said that baseball was "the hardest hit program"..and the only thing they had to lose were 2 hours of practice time. Read my first response, and that of others, so you could see it was actually an improvement over the last year, and you chose to ignore to present this as well. No scholarship lost there.

Anybody that graduates from Syracuse's Newhouse has to be smart and a good journalist, I have no doubt. I've given you kudos when I thought you deserved it in several articles you've written, but I'm sorry, you dropped one here big time. I mean, if we fans..even the ones that want to see more "critical" analysis of FIU overall....didn't think your piece was fair, how do you think most other fans would feel? I truly wonder how more of an overkill it would've been for you to add that FIU went from 1 team to "7 teams" penalized. Do you want to alineate the fan base you've become the beat writer of?

The UM inclusion, no matter how many versions you bring up, is just uncalled for. I wonder what the reaction in Modesto Maidique Campus Athletics office was to this slanted piece.

Sorry rblan but the genie is out of the bottle. FIU has made great strides to overcome its APR difficulties only to get yet another slap in the face from the U of Miami Herald.

Fanatic explained in detail how great improvements and the loss of .2 of a scholarship has been spun into 'the most penalized program in the country'.

It's ugly, it's yellow and it's been going on for far, far too long.

I just want to know about the fiu football commitments....that is all.

Mr. Beasley,

If "the department decided to combine the two schools into one story," why was the article titled "FIU will face penalties from APR"? UM wasn't even mentioned in the article until the 4th paragraph! The only other mention of UM was in the last sentence. Do you really think FIU fans are stupid enough to believe that the intent of the article was to report on the APR scores of both FIU and UM?

And your recurring condescending tone with us in comments like "you might have noticed, but there's a lot more going on right now in the world of sports” is growing quite tiresome. Maybe you’re bitter that you’ve been assigned to cover FIU when there are much bigger things in the sporting world to cover. If so, I agree with you, the decision to put you on the FIU beat was a bad one. Pete was doing a great job and didn’t need any help. But let’s get real for a second here if you’re willing. Your pro-UM boss didn’t like the fact that Pete was writing positive articles and blogs about FIU and decided to put you on the beat to balance it out. So it makes sense that you take a negative slant on anything FIU-related. But just in case you don’t think I can say anything positive about you, let me close with this:

Despite Adam Beasley’s solid qualifications as a journalist, he continues to push professionalism to the side and write transparent, inflammatory articles in order to push a pro-UM agenda that is pervasive at the Miami Herald.

Im going to take a page out of "The Point";s book...

The point is, ADAM, if you were trying to report a story, you completely missed it (the story). You decided to be Rojas' little B !tch boy and spin the story into a predominately negative story [and dont try to say you pointed out the positives bc there were maybe 2 positive sentences in the whole article].

Ill give you the Cliff Notes; FIU is still facing APR penalties from the prior administration. All programs have shown improvement each year for the last 3 years. Penalties from prior coaches/ADs terms have either expired or reduced. Etc, Etc...

There is def a different way to write that story and the way you wrote it is just the typical miami herald (pMSNBC) BS move that they always pull. Baseball had the same APR as the baseball team your boss does paja too. You simply decided to focus the whole article on the negativity of the past and not on the current APR report that should improvement for the third straight year.

Couldn't have said it any better fiu fanatic!!! Beasley should hire you to do research for him since he obviously lacks the time and interest to do his job because there are more important things in the "world of sports"

Once again thank you for writting six positive words about FIU

All I know is that every major sport in FIU is improving academically and and on the field. Soon we won't have to worry about any of this

U FIU fans are a bunch of whiners! Mr. Beasley has to write about the good and the bad. I personally think he did an excellent job covering the Kendall Berry incident and was quite impressed. U FIU fans always talk about how FAU is not FIU's real competition but rather UM is....However, when someone compares the two, U say, "Compare us to FAU and not UM"...U guys are pathetic! No wonder UM doesnt want to play FIU...Reality is that u still need to improve and are nowhere near the status of UM...When u get there, we will be ready to put u back down where u came from...Hahahahaa!

Mr. Beasley is a reporter not a promoter...Silly FIU fans, DIX are for CHIXS! Stop acting like girly men and accept the truth...FIU is not there yet

MiaCanes, it's clear that you know as much about FIU Sports as your hero here. Of course your going to defend him, he's doing a hatchet job for ucg.

After three years of solid improvement and the reduction of sanctions this is the headline we get: FIU will face penatlites from APR.

Like I said before, it's old, it's yellow and it's been going on for far too long. So do me a favor 'Canes, focus on your program and get the he!! off our blog.

Ill get the pitch forks!

Its very interesting that there is a seperate "article" on the UM page regarding UM's APR scores. I thought the reason UM was included in the FIU article was because of space contraints. Now there is an article devoted solely to UM's APR score? Did the space magically appear?

Adam, if you are a beat writer for FIU please report on FIU news. What happens at UM is irrelevant to FIU and news stories about FIU should not include references to UM. Please do not insult us with your excuses as to why you mentioned UM in the article, just dont make those comparisons AT ALL in the future. Its very sad at this point you have not grasped this concept and what is even worse is your "response" to the comments about the article. Your condescending and defensive response is pathetic. If you dont think you did something wrong then dont feel the need to respond, especially in that manner. Way to inflame the issue even more.

Bad article. Whatever happened to balanced coverage? thats journalism 101. It was 85% negative. The sSTORY is the Dramatic trend up instead it turned into kick the immigrants at FIU in the head again.


So MiaCanes let me get this right....
We are not good enough to play UM yet we are good enough to play the 2008 national champion Florida Gators and the 2009 national champs Alabama!?!?

Adam, your arguments are so disingenuous and riddled with misstatements that it's simply laughable. Your 'Update' and then subsequent UM APR story makes you look like you don't know what you're talking about. You're editor's are doing a real number on your cred'. You must be thanking them profusely for this beat.

"The point is, ADAM, if you were trying to report a story, you completely missed it (the story)." My thoughts exactly. The story, a positive one, is about improvement over last year, not about how it's not only bad, but worse than UM.

Also, I don' think any of us ever said "U FIU fans always talk about how FAU is not FIU's real competition but rather UM is" and that comments like "Silly FIU fans, *** are for *****!" should be removed ASAP because they're not only derogatory, but are offensive too.

Anyway, you get the point...

Have to follow up on Jimmy's comment, since I completely agree with him. Now, all of the sudden, there's a small article devoted to UM's APR story. I mean, given the excuse of having to put it in FIU's article because of space or something......Now what? What's the excuse if there's now a small article on UM and its APR?

My bad, there are actually two separate reports on UM's APR today, one focusing on the football team, and the other on the overall program. Further evidence of why there was NO need to include it in the the FIU article.



FIU Fanatic would've blown Beasley out of the water in any Lincoln-Douglas debate. Beasley who self-admittedly "rehashed" a story than be a journalist. I didn't realize twisting around press releases was part of the process.

Anyhow its simple, the only rivalry between UM and FIU as of now is geographic. UM programs have the longevity and coffers we don't have.

Finally, FIU or any state school shouldn't be compared to UM or any private school. State schools are subject to much oversight and whistleblower protection for their state-employed faculty and staff than UM. Also, many UM students....yes, students not your typical tank top and San Lazaro chain wearing UM fans, admittedly have seen academic favoritism for athletes at UM over the years.

Look, FAU is our rival. Plain and simple. Ted Hutton and the Sun-Sentinel recognize that. Let's get to beating them and taking over the Sun Belt before we go look at UM. I mean, what do those guys know about South Florida? I attended the recent UM Law School commencement and I didn't see too many South Floridians or even UM undergrad alumni in the event program. Its just how it is. In time, FIU will prove to be Miami's real university while the privileged of New England send their kids who wanted to party and not go Ivy League to UM.

MiaCanes, Laz is waiting for you at Tattoos by Lou in Cutler Ridge so that you DIX lovers can get matching Elmer Fudd tattoos. Get a life, stop worry about us!

ADAM B !tchley, you wear the name well. Either your boss wants you to look like an idiot or you just are an idiot.

"Unless it wasn't clear the first time around, let me explicitly spell out why UM was included. The Hurricanes were not subjected to any punishment, in fact had a very strong APR. So because constraints of space in the newspaper, the department decided to combine the two schools into one story."

I guess they must've put the World Cup on hold today or something and some room must've cleared up for c-UM to get their own APR article.

Stop being such a PSS-E!!!

LOL, at this point, Adam has gotten beaten up worse than Manny "I left my heart in San Francisco" Navarro. Bottom line, let's be honest Adam. If you can read your story and not see that it is negatively slanted then you are simply being disingenuous. On the other hand, I don't know what we are looking for as FIU fans, the only thing this proves to me is that when I read AB's story, I can assume that he is writing them with an anti-FIU bias. Other than that Adam, have a good day and thank you for continuing to be condescending and disrespectful to the University you cover and your readership base.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you!

FIU Fanatic,
Thanks for taking the time to actually write some COMPREHENSIVE info on FIU's APR.

You might want to run you articles by FIU Fanatic before publishing them "journalist".

Why was my post removed? I see far worse comment.

I really don't feel bad about what I previously posted. I'm disappointed in Adam.

Fanatic, I know you're not calling me out for being new, especially considering I go back to the FIUAthletics board under my other nick.

I still think this all much ado about nothing. If we keep up our APR scored from this season going forward this will all be a moot issue in 1-2 years. Until then, the school deserves the continued criticism from the lack of oversight and concrete plan for our student athletes in the past. Plenty of blame to go around, Madique, Mello, Strock, Price, etc etc.

So Adam, your editors managed to spin a loss of .53 of a scholarship for all 18 sports at FIU (which must be over a hundred) into 'one of the most penalized institutions in the country'. They provide zero historical perspective on how far we've come and simply paint as negative a picture as they think they can get away with.

How do you feel about them putting you in the firing line to defend this garbage?
Here are the loss of 1/2 of a scholarship facts:

Men's Indoor/Outdoor Track: 12.6 to 12.4

W's X-Country/Indoor/Outdoor Track: 18.0 to 17.6

Men's Soccer: 9.9 to 9.81

All Others: No scholarship loss
Does this really look like one of the most penalized institutions in the country (see USC for a little perspective)?

What your editors are having you do is called Yellow Journalism. I'm really surprised you don't recognize this. However, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck; guess what? It's a duck.

Found a couple nice videos on possible FIU baseball players for next year...

Mike Ellis: http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?topic_id=10018074&content_id=8645399

David Vidal: http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?topic_id=10018074&content_id=8703555

However said my comments were offensive anf should be removed, what about all the offensive name calling of Mr. Beasley. Oh yea but I forgot Im the non classy guy here. Point is that there is freedom of speech, and i will continue to write against FIU because I hate their Pathetic fans. Fans who always make excuses as to why they cant make it to FIU games and always ask if the game will be on tv. Ever heard of making the time? So stop whining and calling Mr. Beasley offensive names. Didnt ur momma teach u all some respect? FIU is a commuter school & will never catch up to UM. What happened with GW is a fluke, and no other positive things will happen at FIU. Mr. Beasley if u need a bodyguard from these threatening FIU fans let me know and ill protect u for free. Thanks for all your great coverage, keep being a journalist and not a promoter! By the way great coverage on the World Cup!

Attention GPP fans, another great example of the academic talent at UM!! Introducing MiaCanes!!

Hey MiaCane, try writing something as if you KNEW how to write! You are the poster-punk for "Why Johnny Can't Read!" Worry about being literate, maybe read a book for your first time and then grace us here at the GPP with your thoughts. Until then, don't make your school continue to look bad!

"...and no other positive things will happen at FIU."

Since you're in the fortune-telling business, do you mind telling me who's gonna win the World Cup?

Seems to me like some of you guys lack some reading comprehension. Mr. Beasley clearly stated why UM was mentioned in the article. For some of you which still don't get it, the article was intended to inform the readers of the APR results for the local schools. IT WASN'T AN EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE!! We need to stop being so sensitive! I'm very proud of FIU and I believe we're moving in the right direction but we still have a long way to go. GO PANTHERS!!! (Class of 2009)

Brazil will win.

"Mr. Beasley if u need a bodyguard from these threatening FIU fans let me know and ill protect u for free. Thanks for all your great coverage, keep being a journalist and not a promoter! By the way great coverage on the World Cup!" I'm not a Beasley basher but MIAcanes stop being such a suck up, have some pride.

Im here, im here. Im usually a voice of reason.

The APR article was very disappointing and brief mention UM got at the end seemed forced. It was not a smooth transition and quite honestly it did not need to be mentioned in the article. I understand why it was done, but like many others on here mentioned, the headline could have been different so to not make FIU look like its a complete failure.

However, to beat up Beasley over this article is unfair. The Miami Herald is a business and as a business its supposed to cater to its base. Unfortunately its base is UM fans. So, if the paper tends to show favoritism toward UM, its because its good for business. So Adam is doing what his bosses ask him to do. We all do stuff we dont like to do at work and those of us that dont pay the price. I know this firsthand...

The appropriate response to this article is not to bash Beasley, Jorge Rojas or the Miami Herald, its to demand accountability from someone at FIU. Pete Garcia, President Rosenberg, the coaches, whomever, but someone at FIU needs to be held accountable. Why are we not scoring a perfect 1000? Are our students not receiving proper tutoring or academic assistance? Is the problem funding? What's being done to improve contributions to FIU from alumni, faculty, staff, etc?

The point is that this article highlights problems at FIU that we can do without. Its easy to blame the messenger because we dont like what he's saying, but the fact that the message is negative to being with the problem.


It's embarrasing that you find it that you have to reply to what people say in a blog. Your not liked in the FIU community and that will not change. You know it, and we know it. From day one you have been getting attacked, i thought it was unfair. After reading your explanation, it makes me think that your in High School. I feel real sorry for you.

Adam, is this the type of scUM that you want as a supporter when on the FIU beat. If this scUMmy trash is backing you up, what does that say about the perspective of your articles? There's no defense when this manure is in your corner...

"i will continue to write against FIU because I hate their Pathetic fans." -MiaCanes

"FIU is a commuter school & will never catch up to UM. What happened with GW is a fluke, and no other positive things will happen at FIU." -MiaCanes

"Thanks for all your great coverage, keep being a journalist and not a promoter!" -MiaCanes

How is this not a bias article?

You report every negative aspect with no caveat yet every positive aspect of the story is followed by "BUT", "DESPITE", "ALTHOUGH". You can't seem to report a single positive thing without immediately following it with something to detract from it's significance.

"Despite recent improvement in the classroom..."

"So although the baseball team's score was..."

"The Sun Belt Conference champions did not get away unscathed, however..."

And your argument of the article being for both UM and FIU, please don't treat us like idiots that are stupid enough to believe your half ass3d excuses. The entire article is about FIU with one sentence about how perfect UM is.

You make me sick to my stomach with your "objective" journalism.

To you people that wrote it was forced and that beasley gave us the reason for the mention, you obviously didnt see today's sports page 3D. His reason was that there was nnot enough space to write two articles about the APR. Well, today we were presented with an APR article solely on UM. Long story short, his excuse was CR@P!!!!


"So, if the paper tends to show favoritism toward UM, its because its good for business"

What business is that??? the Herald is HURTING financially.

"Pete Garcia, President Rosenberg, the coaches, whomever, but someone at FIU needs to be held accountable."

Heres accountability, all the negative scores were from before the Pete Garcia, Mario, Isiah, and Turtle eras. Since they have been here, they have all shown improvement every year.

alt is on the money. He's saying exactly what I was trying to get at. Beasley is simply adhering to his boss's request which is always to "appeal to the fan base".

What is the fan base? UM fans who have nothing to do with the school but hate FIU.

That being said, it's a cowardly act, but it's easier to hide under the University of Miami Herald's umbrella.

While the Herald is hurting financially, they arent the only paper. In regards to my statement that showing favoritism toward UM is good for business, have you seen how many ad's UM places in the Herald? There is no doubt that a lot of the Heralds' advertising revenue comes from UM and the last thing that the Herald wants to do is lose that revenue. Hence all the nice and fluffy UM articles we always see.

The point of my previous post was to illustrate that we love to complain when we hear things we dont like, but we dont find solutions. If a story like this came out about UM, the alumni base would go crazy and flood the AD's office with calls. Our alumni base probably doesnt even know our AD's name, let alone the fact that we even have an AD. Where are the FIU alumni?

I see UM alumni everywhere in this city. On TV, in sports, as local business owners, etc etc. What have FIU alumni amounted to? FIU has an invisible and almost non existant alumni base. Over 100,000 graduates and I cant name a significant person that has greatly contributed to our community and/or nation. I put the blame solely on our last President.

The fact that he was in for over 20 years illustrates the level of complacency that was present at FIU. A diploma mill that let close to anyone in and in the process greatly watered down the value of a degree. Im glad to see that admissions standards have increased because quite honestly, not everyone should go to college. The high school graduate with a 2.0 and a 900 SAT has no place at a university and I hope FIU no longer admits these type of students.

FIU is a big university with a huge alumni base, but what good is that if the base isnt cohesive? We should focus our attention on making FIU a better univeristy, not complaining because a newspaper did its job and printed a factual story.

I see a lot of PASSION here when it comes to defending our school.
If students, alumni, and bloggers could carry over this much passion into attending games and supporting our teams, we would experience huge improvements in regards to attendance.
I'm not criticizing anyone, I'm just pointing something out.

Are you kidding me alt? I wish Maidique was still the president at FIU. When he would say that FIU would soon open a college of law and medicine, no one expected much of his promises to materialize.

He is responsible for pushing FIU to becoming one of the fastest growing schools in the nation. I can only HOPE that the current president does half as much as Maidique was able to accomplish. The fact that you're belittling his significance by attributing "complacency" to his tenure is almost insulting.

Maidique left the school when FIU became the most selective University in the state. Not a bad way to go out.

Why wouldn't you compare with other Sun Belt teams?

'alt you are so full of crap I can't believe your an FIU almun/student. It's ok to cater to one constituancy while bashing another; are you nuts. I can't believe you are trying to rationalize this b.s.

FIU has made huge APR strides in the last 3 years. We are nearly there; this is the Herald's last chance to take this shot at us. So they took it.

Your lack of perspective and understanding here is very disappointing.

Agree with FIUFan, if they want to appeal to c-UM, which obviously isnt a working strategy regardless of those little internet ad boxes, they dont have to try and bash FIU while doing it. They can still appeal to the c-UM wanna-bes and not even mention FIU in the process. Rojas is the puppet of babies like Elmer Fudd, who is constantly complaining to the Herald (i know somebody that works in the baseball office over at c-UM that has told me this)

The facts behind this situation is that Rojas and company, minus Pete of course, are little b 1thces and immature. For a program that runs around pounding their chest and screaming how dominant and great they are, and that FIU will never catch them; to have to pull childish $h 1t like this shows fear. There is no other explanation for it, why else would they do it?

Alt-Maidique did do alot for the university, he helped expand to make it what it is today. I wouldn't put the blame on him for your lack of knowledge of what the fiu alumni are up to and who's successful or not. He was a big part of the law school and med school approval, as well as the last 20 years fiu was never a diploma mill. It might be true it wasn't the most selective in the past but the difficulty is a big part of the reason they didnt have a very good graduation rate. It takes a lot of work to pass college and get a bachelors in almost any university(FIU has never been close to a diploma mill unless you have an easy major thats a different story).

f-you ADAM, and F-you Mismi Herald.

Hope they get rid of Beasley covering FIU sports. My previos comment was blocked. Bring back Pete to work by himself covering FIU. He was doing fine. You are a clown Rojas!

Heres a better one FIUJM, when im not logged in to the Herald, my comments dont show up on the article, but when i do log in then all of a sudden they pop up.

That is funny. Lol all I did was ask about Rojas...apparently he can't be mentioned.


U are nothing but talk...FIU can't even fill out a half crap stadium...Barely even get 2000 people to go...Sad thing is that there are only 5 games a year..What a joke!! Instead of talking so much, why don't u do something about getting people to the games? Good luck on your mission impossible, because no one cares about FIU!! Miami only cares about The U!

FIU = low budget

MIAcanes you care enough to come on the board and comment. If FIU is so unimportant stop wasting your time, go comment somewhere else.


Your comments are just too painful to read. Go read a book, learn to piece together a sentence, then come back and post something meaningful. Until then, I refuse to read any more of your garbage. My head still hurts from having to decifer your ignorance.

By the way, use commas where appropriate (i.e. 2,000) for crying out loud! Trying to educate you is like trying to teach my dog tricks, you just hope they stick.


Mitch made enormous contributions to FIU. I strongly disagree with your perspective here. To dismiss his many accomplishments as almost routine in nature is rather arrogant.


Acceptance doesn't translate to diplomas. Plenty of people wash out of FIU in their freshman and sophomore years. Thank them for their donations to FIU. Additionally while FIU did have lower admission standards, they have been raising the bar in recent years.

Finally, when you're the new kid on the block, its hard to be very selective when you're trying to attract students to your school while living in the shadow of an established institution. That was the case for FIU from the 60's through I'd say the mid-90's when FIU was just the advanced studies extension of the then MDCC.

Now FIU has developed their graduate programs, which really gives a school notoriety and resources. We now have a Law and Medical school. It's just a matter of developing our major sports programs. Which were neglected or mismanaged for some time.

One more thing. UM fans who mention that FIU's claims to fame are apparently the UM-FIU fight and the Berry's murder are the last ones that should be throwing stones.

For a long time UM led the college world in thuggery. Guess what, without that thuggery in recent years the UM team hasn't been all that great. Quite the quandary, huh? To have your athletes be students as well.

Please, pleople. Let's stop this madness. MH FIRE ADAM BEASLEY. AB please don't show up to our football games. How embarrasing is it for you that you are hated by the team you cover. I bet you lie to your friends and mom on what you actually do. HAHAHAHAH!!!! Your an idiot. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! HAHAHAHAHHA!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

Alt, what you've spewed on this blog is such uninformed and ignorant crap. You obviously know nothing about FIU or its alums, all you know is what you read in this paper. FIU is represented by senators, congressmen, mayors, commissioners, business leaders (tons of them!), deans of universities, professional athletes, and on and on and on. Is that not enough for your high standards? What do you want, a legacy that rivals that of a two hundred year old university? Check yourself alt, I'd expect that garbage from a handicapped scUM fan like MiaCanes, but not a supposed FIU fan like yourself. WEAK!!

"FIU can't even fill out a half crap stadium" - MiaCanes

This coming from a fan of a university which has NO STADIUM. Your a tenant MiaCanes, just a tenant, kind of like your scUM family which rents a 2 bedroom duplex near the Orange Bowl (er Marlins Stadium) with your 12 uncles and cousins. Or maybe they rent near MDCC so that you don't have to catch a bus everyday to go to school.

Get an education fool. Learn to communicate with those who are non sub-human scUM fans. You should apply at scUM, since "Miami only cares about The U!" I'm sure Duh U will show its love for you and let you right in. Cretan.

As was mentioned before, we need all the blogs to show who wrote them. I'm tired of reading A. Beasley's crap.

The point of my previous post was to illustrate how FIU and its graduates have very little to no influence in our community. FIUer, I'd like some specific names of people please. State senators and state representatives are hardly anything to gloat about since those guys are nutjobs. On both sides. Since you failed to mention any specific alumni, Ill take that as a sign that I am somewhat correct in my assertion.

My problem with Maidique is that he didnt do things right. People point out that under him the university grew and we got a law school, medical school, football team etc etc. However, the quality of these institutions are so low that the univeristy loses a lot of money every year. The football team has been a habitutal loser, the law school is a fourth tier school that is basically an extension of FIU undergrad and the Medical school is so short of funding it's surely to run into problems very soon unless more is found. Our football program has not been a success because of Maidique's hiring of Rick Mello and Don Strock, two guys that didnt know what the hell they were doing. The Medical school was started with no funding and when we did find funding, Maidique messed it up by opening his mouth. Thankfully, Mr Wertheim came through in the end.

Its wrong to assume that under any other President FIU would not have grown because it surely would have. The expansion that we have experienced in the last 10-13 years was extremely rushed and hence why FIU is in the hole it finds itself now. I point to the football program because thats the poster child for a poorly executed plan. Simply expanding is half the equation, the other half is to make sure those expansions are done correctly and succeed. I feel confident that President Rosenberg will lead FIU on the path to becoming a top tier school and I am excited for the future of FIU.

I love FIU and although many of you are questioning my love, understand that the reason why I launch these criticisms is because I want FIU to be a top school. The practices of the past, thanks to Maidique since the buck ultimately stopped with him, can no longer continue and FIU needs to take drastic steps if its going to improve its reputation and standing not just in Miami, but on a statewide and national basis. Now, im done with this. Hey on another note, UM is going home! No CWS for them. Whoo!!! Haha.

"State senators and state representatives are hardly anything to gloat about since those guys are nutjobs." -Alt

Nothing to gloat about? You do realize the Legislative branch of government is one of three branches that form the foundation of this country's democracy, right? Sure you do. A simple google of notable alums will take you to the link below. And this is obviously a short list, particularly in business where local Fortune 500 companies are drenched with FIU alums in executive positions. If you do not know this then do not presume to know the opposite. Your credibility has been dealt a significant blow with your recent posts.



Your comments make you an embarrassment to all FIU alumni. Google the wikipedia page that lists all of FIU's notable alumns. I'm not sure what you are expecting from our graduates. Perhaps a United States president, a noble prize winner? You're basically asking for us to be as recognizable as an Ivy League school.

The continued dismissal of Maidique's accomplishment's only further proves how misinformed you truly are. First you said that Maidique stood idly by and that FIU was "complacent" under his tenure. Now you're saying that while FIU did grow under Maidique, he handled "everything wrong". Which one is it, alt? You're just spewing garbage without full comprehension of the situation. Perhaps the Herald should replace Beasley with you.

No college is singled out and labeled a fourth tier program. The university as a whole is collectively given that assignation. And as a college graduate, you should know that those college rankings are biased exclusively towards a school's endowment. That is why college rankings are often regarded useless. College rankings only matter to individuals who are all about the name recognition, such as fomenter.

I've said this various times and I'll say it again, in my line of work, I've met engineers from MIT, Harvard and other big name schools. None of which had a leg up on my education. I'm very proud and thankful for the preparation I've received from FIU.

The law school is not bad how else can you accept the lower end LSAT scores(lower GPAs) and yet still have one of the highest passing rates for the bar. It means that they must be doing something right in the law school regardless of ranking.


Some of the highest ranking officers in business received their degrees from FIU. They boast large annual salaries and attractive executive compensation packages. They've become leaders in every facet.

I won't mention any names for confidentiality reasons, after all some of these executives aren't employed by public companies where such information is required to be disclosed to the public.

Alt, they're out there though. But don't take my word for it. Do some research will ya. Or better yet, do some networking. That's where you will meet the powerful and wealthy. You'll be surprised how many are FIU alums.

"College rankings only matter to individuals who are all about the name recognition, such as fomenter."

Excellent point LonePanther. Great example!

alt7787, the garbage you've written in the last couple of days have has left large craters in any credibility that you may have had before. Do you have a degree from FIU? Please say no.

Football team returns from Break on the 23rd!!!!!!!!! GO Golden Panthers :)

Since everyone seems to be riding me, Ill answer. Even though I said I was done with this.

I do have a degree. I have a BA in Political Science. Graduated Fall 2009. I want to make it clear that I love FIU. I wear my FIU shirts all the time and I always try to bring FIU sports into any sports conversations. Having said that, I refuse to be one of those people that doesnt like to hear negative things about my school. FIU is not perfect and I acknowledge that. Do I accept it? No. Hence, why my last few posts have been criticisms of the school (Mainly past practices).

This all started with the APR story. While the rest of the people on here were complaining about the story being printed to begin with, I was wondering why our scores were still low. While people on here were screaming "Fire Beasley", I was wondering who at FIU should be held accountable for this. I say the things I say not because I hate FIU or because I want to tear down my school. I say them because Im not happy and I believe things should be different. My rants toward Madique are my personal opinion. I personally believe that FIU has a long way to go and simply having a law school, a medical school and a football team arent enough. Those things have to be good. They cant just be there, they have to succeed.

Id love it if I could be an important/influential alumnus for FIU, but at the moment in still noone. At the moment I'm still a 22 year old awaiting law school. I plan on being very involved with FIU in the future, but for now all I can do is come on here, rant and hope that someone agrees with me. Lets just let this die down already.

Let's turn the page......

Everyone has their own opinions, as wrong and biased as they might be.

Now, as kjharris just said, Summer B session starts in June twenty-something, therefore the football (and maybe basketball and baseball as well) players that will be retuning, and recruits that have already qualified, will be on campus to further and/or start their FIU careers.

We have an array of returning players, plus a good recruiting class coming in, so all eyes should be soon placed on who actually is on campus attending FIU.

Welcome (back) to FIU!!

alt', just between you and I. I still think you're missing the point. This Herald story does not put FIU's APR results into a fair or proper perspective. Please take a look at the 4 year average (column 1) and then our current year score 2008 - 09 (column 2).


Note that the current year is much higher for Men's Football, Basketball and Baseball. Also note that as the previous administrations APR scores begin to fall off, the averages will be that much better.

Did the writer of this story add any of this perspective into this article? No, just the opposite. Does the Herald have an agenda against FIU; I'll let you judge for yourself. However, remember that your point of view comes from around 4 years of following this institution. Some of our perspectives come from over 20 years of understanding and following of FIU sports and the Herald's treatment of such.

Sure there are times when it's appropriate to be critical of FIU but this incident is the wrong time and place.

"While the rest of the people on here were complaining about the story being printed to begin with, I was wondering why our scores were still low. While people on here were screaming "Fire Beasley", I was wondering who at FIU should be held accountable for this."

Danny Price and Don Strock. Those two (along w/ the previous AD) each left terrible single-year APR scores from 2005-2006 which are dragging down both baseball and football. After 2003-04 and 2004-05 #'s (published in 2006 APR Report on ncaa.org), Baseball was 915, FB - 924. After 03-04, 04-05, 05-06 (published in 2007 APR report), Baseball went to 850 and Football to 889, drops of 65 & 35 pts. Those awful 2005-2006 numbers do not come off the books until next May when the 2011 report (featuring 06-07,07-08,08-09,09-10) is published.

Just fire him

Please as soon as you can.

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