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Canadian Spoon

Former FIU safety Jeremiah Weatherspoon signed with the Calgary Stampeders. Been told theSpoon Stampeders like Spoon as a starter. He is currently in rookie mini-camp north of the border.

Aaapaw Will have a wrapup post on the 2010 FIU baseball season in the next few days

Once again, congratulations to Garrett Wittels (below, right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) on his active 56-game hitting streak. The greatest season by an FIU athlete that I can recall. Although, T.Y. Hilton's freshman season and Yarimar Rosa's All-American seasons are both a close second.

Mark your calendars, GW's historic run continues February 18, 2011 when FIU opens the season against UMass in a 3-game series at FIU Baseball Stadium.

Been assigned to MLB Draft duty the next 3 days so I will keep you updated on which current Panthers and which future Panthers get picked and when they are selected.

Of course, the first FIU player drafted Monday -- well what could have been an FIU player -- will be Brito shortstop Manny Machado, who is projected to be taken by the Pittsburgh Pirates as the No. 2 overall pick.


Aaapaw Pack your lunches, we're going on a field trip later this week.

TheChampionUnderdog: Hey pete, is Garrett going to continue letting his hair grow out until next season?Gw

PP: If he goes hitless in one game during summer ball, he might cut it. If he puts together a hitting streak during summer ball, then you might see hair coming out of No. 10's batting helmet next February.

I'll give you my thoughts on the 2010 FIU baseball season later this week. For now let's get your thoughts and your vote....


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Hey Pete, let us know the status of FIU football players in NFL. I've heard rumors of trade talks with Antwan Barnes. How about Chandler Williams, is he with the Chiefs? Last season's players Levine, Bryant, etc., what their status? Thanks.

Got a chance, along with my family to meet Garrett Wittels (GW) and the rest of the team at "Catch Of The Day" in LeJuene the night before the regionals. Team was having dinner there. GW is a class act! GW & the rest of the team were great with my kids! Kudos to them and coaches.

GO FIU!!!!

It turned out to be a great season for the FIU baseball program, in my opinion. What they ended up doing, surpassed my expectations for sure. If you add the Garrett Wittels "factor" into the equation, the amount of free national publicity the FIU baseball program, and the university as a whole received made it an outstanding season, with returns yet to be seen.

Congrats to J-Spoon on the contract north of the border. I hope he tears it up there and gets a crack at the NFL in the near future.

As far as baseball is concerned, I LOVE the way the team hung together and never gave up in the Sun Belt tournament. I also loved hearing that Garrett Wittels wore Kendall Berry's initials this year after his tragic death. The never give up spirit of Kendall seemed to take over the baseball team late in the year and push them to the Sun Belt title. Kendall's legacy lives on.

And I wouldn't trade the Garrett Wittels streak and chance at breaking a long standing record for a trip to the college world series. That record is incredibly difficult to even threaten, and it might be another 20 years before anyone gets close again. Just amazing what Garrett has been able to do this year.

Now let's get some pitching and dominate the Sun Belt and start making some noise in Omaha!

Pete i know you answer questions on here, so i was wondering if ADAM could answer a question for me that i just cant seem to figure out:

How did you figure out that Dartmouth was one of the lowest seeds in the tournament if they only pick 8 National Seeds and then seed each regional 1-4??? Yes, they were a 4 seed, but there are 16 other 4 seeds.

"Dartmouth, one of the lowest-seeded teams in the tournament."

Oh, and that same Dartmouth team gave both c-UM and Texas A&M all they could handle.

I think the season was amazing.. One more win would have put a cherry on top but I think the season was just amazing! As for saving the Ace (Turtles call) I totally agree with him.. He does NOT preach lets win one game and go home.. It a gamble and he was in the lossing end, but I still think it was a great call..

PETE: I think GW season is one of the best by ANY FIU athletes in school history but don't forget Tayna Lawerence 2nd place finish in the 100m Dash (Track)! Then followed it up with One Bronze, Two Silver, and One Gold Medal in TWO olympics.. Not bad for a Golden Panther!

I have a feeling FIU will SELL OUT the first 3 games of the baseball season next year! LOL


If you listen to the post game interview, you will hear TT say that they were playing to win the Regional, not just one game. That he knows you need to win 1 game to get to the next, but that he felt Scott gave them the best chance in a possible next game matchup vs c-UM/A&M, which is 100% correct.

Eh, I dont know. Saving a player for a game that you arent even guaranteed to be playing in is kind of foolish. You see MLB teams in one game playoffs throw out their aces (Peavy, 07, Sabathia, 08) even though the possibility looms of having to play in a playoff game the next day. You have to take the regionals one game at a time. Thinking of the next game, one that you might not even play in, is jumping the gun. Ultimately, this was Turtle's decision and if it worked we would have called him a genius.

Ultimate: Antwan has been on the trading block forever. With the Ravens drafting Texas' Sergio Kindle, Antwan will be battling for a roster spot this training camp. The LB group in Baltimore is already balls deep and there is no doubt a few will be traded or released. Antwan is very talented and he showed that in the last three games of the 2009 season. That talent would be better utilized with another team. My personal opinion is that he should be traded because his playing opportunities are very limited in Baltimore.

We dont have a rotation or bullpen like any MLB team, much less like most top NCAA teams. Its a gamble, it could go either way, but at the time i too agreed with the call and felt that Arboleya should be able to handle dartmouth. Its easy now, since we know the outcome, to say otherwise, but if we do win that game and scott throws a gem against A&M in the following game, then he's the man. Thats just how the game goes.

Taking that one game approach is correct to a certain extent, but look at A&M, they threw Loux against us and screwed themselves in game 2 of the regional. If they dont win this regional, it is because of that call right there.

Btw, did you guys see the article about yesterdays game where Elmer Fudd is begging fans to show up repeatedly??? Thats pretty amazing. I was surprised at the attendance for the 4pm game yesterday.

c-um i see where your getting at by trying to talk trash about attendance lmfao...please no fiu fan should ever talk about attendance...you guys couldn't show up to a regional your team was playing that is bout 15 minutes away from your campus...Friday you might have an excuse for not showing up because it was at 12 and everybody knew you were going to get killed, but Saturday i saw the game on tv and fiu couldn't even fill up the general admission seating lol and you guys have a player going for record and still show up, its not like you've been there before like the U which i lost count how many consecutive times they've gone to a regional lol
and c-um dont talk about how The U lost Manhattan and fordham, check out where miami rpi and fiu is at and check out our record and how high the U is ranked, untill you can match those numbers just stop with the trash talking, i can see you have no life by always replying in a split second to every comment lol your like a fiu fan named chris green who lives and dies for fiu but can never get the ladies because he's in the fiu sports blog all the time lol

How many times can a grown ass man use "lol" while typing a response? Plus his name is Gabster. Really? Gabster? Sounds like someone is a little light in the loafers.

"light in the loafers" Hahahah!!!

Gabster, get a life you loser. Last i checked, i wasnt writing to the wanna-be c-UM lovers, i was writing on an FIU blog, and our Friday attendance was actually pretty good given the circumstances.

Also, remember, we are "Big Boys" like c-UM so we have an excuse. c-UM on the other hand doesnt. So dont try and talk bad about FIU, when it is Elmer Fudd who is repeatedly BEGGING for fans to attend the game tonight! "lol" for loafer boy.

Lastly, you are really trying to say i have no life?!?!?! Please dont try to say that i have no life because you are the loser that comes to our blog and posts constantly. "LOL"... Myself, on the other hand, has never posted in c-UMville because im not on the same level as you and your boy Laz from cutler ridge (hahah, what a character that clown is).

Wake up buddy!!!

Sorry, forgot to touch on this one "check out where miami rpi and fiu is at and check out our record and how high the U is ranked, untill you can match those numbers just stop with the trash talking,"

Congratulations! but all of that means nothing when it comes regional time buddy. Just because you are ranked 20th in the nation doesnt mean you are going to beat the other team. Ranking and rpi are only good for 2 things; getting into postseason play and being a national seed. And as you know, both FIU and c-UM made it into postseason play and neither were national seeds. Great!

And the RPI is just as much BS as the BCS rankings.

But maybe you should read my post first, loafer boy, because i wasnt trash talking the team, i was trash talking losers like you that are wanna-be c-UM lovers and dont go to the games. The so-called, fans.

I would say the season was a success but roughly in line with what was predicted/expected of the team in the pre-season. Most "experts" picked FIU to finish 2nd or 3rd in the conference, behind Middle Tenn and/or Western Kentucky. Those experts clearly got those predictions wrong as FAU came out of nowhere and claimed the regular season crown. Regardless of the regular season finish, I thought FIU would make a regional this year, which is exactly what they did. Winning the SB tourney to get into the regional was icing on the cake.

Obviously on an individual/PR level, the GW story went beyond any expectations. Hopefully next season the team finishes better in the regular season and can again make a regional appearance. It will be interesting to see what kind of class Turtle is able to bring in after the draft.

c-Um: You're responses are always gold. Im just waiting for Pete to bring out the claw or give you a warning. Unless he already has... Haha!

I too read that Morris pleading with people to come out. It was more than a plea, it was somewhat of a challenge. He said something about true Hurricanes show up any time, any day. Something to that extent. Im going to be watching the Texas A&M/UM game with hopes of seeing UM go bye bye.

To comment on the RPI stuff. It doesnt matter that much, but it is a good barometer of a teams worth. If both Virgina and The Cordon Blue have 40-10 records, but Virginia's RPI is in the top 10 while Cordon Blue's is in the bottom 10, then you can say with confidence that Virginia is a much better team.

Also, RPI isnt as much bs as the BCS. The BCS is 20x more bs. The BCS is the very definition of bs. Cant wait for football season to start!

c-UM: you relied upon the Sunbelt's top 5 conference RPI ranking many times during the season to justify that the Sunbelt was one of the top conferences in the nation. Don't now turn around and say that the RPI is BS. The RPI is currently one of the best (if not best) devices to rank college baseball teams. I cannot think of a better ranking mechanism and its a major factor in determining at-large teams for post-season play.

Is it possible to ignore people that post regarding UM? I dont see what purpose it serves to even acknowledge them. When they post on a FIU blog is shows that they are scared of what FIU is becoming. They wouldnt post if they thought FIU was really insignificant or did not pose a threat to them (maybe not on the field yet but they are definitely making inroads when it comes to publicity and name recognition)

By the way, FIU signee Manny Machado went 3rd overall to the Orioles!!! Wow!!! Once again, FIU baseball on the spotlight!

Congrats to Manny, and hope he donates to FIU,,,,

Yes, that is true, but it still dont agree with the RPI. Some teams have high RPI's that really doesnt make much sense. I really think the RPI has a bunch of stuff that needs to be corrected. I believe the RPI system actually originated in NCAA basketball.

Do you disagree with my assesment on the importance of the RPI though? That it is only important when it comes to making it into the postseason and earning a national seed? after that, there really isnt much use for the RPI, so when you have "loafer boy" bragging about their ranking and rpi, yet they arent a national seed and we both made it to the regionals then i believe that is a little irrelevant.

Look at CSF and Minn. Im pretty sure that CSF's RPI destroys Minn's but in CSF's 1st game of their regional, they lost to 4th seeded Minn. Which proves my point that after the regular season is over and the 8 seeds are chosen, RPI is pretty much worthless.


Very happy to hear that about J-Dot (Spoon. Man works so HARD its just not right. Glad to see his work is paying off (pun), lol. God bless and rep FIU to the fullest.

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