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Coleman Commits

Cc Chris Coleman, the No. 10 center in the nation, verbally committed to FIU this weekend and is expected to join the Panthers 2011 class.

Coleman, 6-10, 260 pounds, had been deciding between FIU, West Virginia, UConn, Marquette, Syracuse and UTEP.

CC will finish up his high school career at Christian Life Academy in Houston this fall and sign with FIU in November and head down here for the 2011-12 season.

Will try and get CC on here to talk about the commit and I expect to have some more FIU hoops recruiting news later this week.


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That's what I'm talking about....Thanks for the info, Pete....and I hope Coleman stays committed this time around, and his former coach doesn't want to downplay his commitment once again.

Anyways, this is now the first commitment to FIU basketball, at least made public, during this Summer time.

Again...Welcome to FIU, Chris!!

So Pete this makes two commitments for the 2011 season?

Yvan Ngirabakunzi
Chris Coleman


Suck on that one IT haters.

Isiah Thompson bringing in the talent..love it!

Can't wait to see him play ball for us. Any news on our schedule for this season? Shouldn't it be released soon?

We have got to start looking at this Strategically at FIU. If IT continues to follow through like this is this a place we could ever make him want to stay? Or at the very least a place where College Hoops can thrive (like what Boise has done for college football; every time a coach leaves they replace him and move on).

We have got to seize the advantage that IT is bringing us and turn FIU into a Memphis or Louisville as quickly as possible. If we don't do this, then this fantastic opportunity will have been lost.

Any ideas?

good to see him re-commit. Now bring on Christmas and Abron, and our bigs next year are going to be scary good.

This is great. I'm glad he finally came around, hopefully for good.

FIUFan, I agree with your assessment. While I keep trying to push the idea out of my mind, we do need to realize that this is just a stepping stone for IT.

I'm hoping Tim Hardaway is still taking classes and will eventually join IT's staff. Though that might be difficult now that Timmy has a staff job for the Miami Heat. Either way, I hope someone from IT's team will stay with the Panthers.

``I wanted to get coached by someone that knows the game,'' Coleman said of playing for FIU coach Isiah Thomas.

In other words a great ex NBA allstar, one of the top 50 NBA players ever, an former NBA Coach, a coach with NBA contacts who can help him get to the next level.

- We need a football coach with the same credentials. Someone who has played and knows how to play the game at the NFL level. Someone who has contacts with the NFL. Someone who knows how to coach. Someone who isn't afraid to hire a coach with NFL experience or to hire a coach with more experience than he has.

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