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FIU At The Movies -- Episode IV

Crawl Four years ago in a blog not that far, far away from you....it began as a simple way of recapping the FIU sports year. After smashing box office records, a sequel was called for in 2008. Then, although the GPP did not sign for a three picture deal, there were no issues in making the trilogy last summer.

And now....FIU At The Movies, Episode IV.

A look at the FIU sports year by referring to motion pictures released during the Panthers athletic season (AugustMovie 2009 to June 2010). Cell phones off please. And now your feature presentation.....

The Goods -- FIU softball has the goods as it gets its 1st NCAA Tournament win and features the Sun Belt Pitcher of the Year (Kasey Barrett), Sun Belt Player of the Year (Ashley McClain), Sun Belt Freshman of the Year (Brie Rojas) and Sun Belt Coach of the Year (Beth McClendon).

Four Final Destination 4 -- No. 4's final destination is the end zone. Just ask Kansas (2008) and Alabama (2009) as the first time Goodbye touches the ball in each of his first 2 seasons, he takes it back for 6.

The Open Road -- FIU hoops late November/December schedule where the Panthers spent 24 days on the road.

All About Steve -- Sun Belt voters got it wrong when they picked some dude from North Texas as the winner of the SBC Basketball Tournament halftime dance-off. How could youVanessa not vote for Vanessa (right)?

Play The Game -- Why won't the Coral Gables school play FIU? Nah, never mind, I won't bother anymore.

Gamer -- Scott "El Oso" Bryant (left) breaks the all-time FIU tackles record held by Gamer Oso Keyonvis Bouie.

Whiteout -- What Scott Rembisz's pitching did to opposing Sun Belt bats at the conference tournament.

The Other Man -- The Hooters were looking at Carlos Munera to punt, but fullback John Ellis had the ball on the fake punt and rumbled 25 yards to set up the tying TD.

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs -- The SBC Baseball tourney started cloudy, but once FIU brokeDogpile that "pressure barrier" as TT calls it, the Panthers (right) were hitting meatballs the rest of the way en route to the Sun Belt title.

Bright Star -- Marlon Bright wins the Sun Belt's Behavior Award among his many accomplishments during his FIU career.

Free Style -- Actually, 3 Style for FIU women's hoopster Monika Bosilj, Power who broke the program's all-time record for 3 pointers with 188.

Adventures Of Power -- Jabari Henry (Freshman All-American, SBC Frosh of the Year) leads FIU with 12 HR. Jabari homers in 1st college at-bat (3-run bomba vs. Maryland) and to finish his first season at FIU, Jabari homers off MLB's No. 6 overall pick Barret Loux of Texas A&M.

One Good Man -- Long time FIU media relations guru Rich Kelch retires last December. Don't know much about Rich, then click HERE

Gw Good Hair -- Garrett Wittels' "bird's nest" (left) does not get cut during his 56-game hitting streak. It must be good hair.

AstroBoy -- FIU QB Paul McCall graduates and heads off to Mars training in the desert.Hubble

Hubble 3D -- How Sun Belt Tournament MVP Jeremy Patton's eyes saw the baseball in Murfreesboro.

Saw VI -- Only the Dade County Youth Fair stopped Jeremiah Harden when he turned the corner and saw 6 in the spring game. He'll see more 6s this fall.

As Seen Through These Eyes -- GW and Robin Ventura talk about what only their 56+ hit streak eyes have Yr experienced.

4th The Fourth Kind -- Yarimar Rosa (left), with another out-of-this-world season, is honored with a 4th All-American nod. The first 4-time All-American at FIU and probably the greatest volleyball player ever at FIU.

Storm -- On a scorching Halloween day, FIU storms back in the final minute and wins in OT against Louisiana. PMC hits Greg Ellingson for 6 in the back of the end zone with 10 seconds left in the 4th quarter. Dustin Rivest kicks the winning FG. Tyler Clawson dominates on D in OT and Tourek Williams blocks the tying field goal attempt to seal the victory.Dazzzz

The Other Side Of Paradise -- My day as Dazzlers audition judge (right). I'm ready for 2011.

Legion -- Alex Legion transfers to FIU and the legion of top recruits for the 2010-11 hoops season headed to FIU.

Mammoth -- Mike Martinez's moonshot HR at the SBC tourney. Ball landed inside the Middle Tennessee football stadium which has 2 decks so the ball had to clear the 2nd Green deck. Although, there is a rumor that the ball is still travelling somewhere along the interstate pass Murfreesboro and heading to Churchill's in downtown Nashville.

Green Zone -- They may be green by class designation -- freshmen -- but these Sun Belt Freshmen of the Year are not green on the field or court. FIU's Jabari Henry (baseball), Brie Rojas (softball) and Jovana Bjelica (volleyball) all won the conference's Freshman of the Year Award in their respective sports.

Kick Ass -- Once again the FIU volleyball team (right) is at the top of the Sun Belt andVolley coach Danijela Tomic wins another Sun Belt Coach of the Year Award.

Hey Watch This -- GW decides to hit in 56 straight games and captures the nation's attention.

The Good Heart -- FIU DB and Rudy Finalist O'Darris D'Haiti (left)and Od what he does each day for his family.

Touching Home -- What the FIU baseball lineup did a lot of this season with their XBox .337 team batting average.

Oceans -- Actually, it's pools for FIU diver Namiko Shibata, who was named the SunEndgame Belt's Most Outstanding Diver this past season.

Endgame -- The closing abilities of FIU receivers coach Frank Ponce, who was named the Sun Belt's Top Recruiter this past season.

Whiz Kids -- FIU's APR improvements by its teams. Especially, the baseball team that scored an FIU baseball-best 975 and who broke even in practice hours -- yeah, they lost Sleep 2 hours a week, but also gained 2 hours back due to their solid 975 score. No scholarship losses and no postseason ban.

Waking Sleeping Beauty -- Yes, the sleeping giant has been dozing for a while, but in the past year the sleeping giant garned a Sun Belt baseball title and NCAA Tournament appearances by the baseball, softball and volleyball teams. Women's soccer and tennis teams became 2009-10 regular season Sun Belt champions and top recruits arriving in all sports at FIU.



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Good stuff Pete!!! That was quite entertaining and didn't have to pay a dime!

No offense to Mr. Beasley, but Pete is the heart and soul of the GPP. Always enjoy this post. Thanks Pete, you're the man.

This is why you are the man. How about a poll question...
Which Athletic program will see it's best turn around (or will have the most successfull season) on the Next Athletic Year (Aug. 2010 to June 2011?
W/M Tennis,
W/M Soccer,
W Golf....

Obviously, success will have to be relative... as Football only won three games in 09 and if not for a blocked FG and a lucky bounce would of been 1 win.... Basketball got an early infussion, but Isiah had nothing to work with and lost our true center, got injuries...but did find a good PG and SG.. And lets see... OH YEAH the best recuiting class in our HISTORY... AND in The SUNBELT... no check that... IN SOUTH FL... Would be interesting to see what my fellow GPP'rs think... would make for a large amount of replies.

Pete, you're welcomed to SECTION 112... Nevermind ROARY... He's very .....PAssionate..LOL

Great and entertaining stuff, Pete. I always forget about the GPP's FIU at the Movies during these "down" months, but always looking forward to see and read about them.

Nice for all of them, and particularly like the one devoted to FIU's SID of all time, Rich Kelch.

Pete, that was entertaining! After reading this, I'm so pumped in the direction FIU is heading into. Jabari, Tourek, Legion, TY and company, tells us that the future is looking bright.

I really hope this is breakout year for FIU Football. Talent will be best talent they've ever had. MC has to put it together and get us at least 6-7 wins. Pete, you are always welcomed at Section 112...we tailgate also, so hit us up anytime you want.

Sec.112 bringing it strong

I vote Pete Garcia!

It's so refreshing to have you back Pete. Thanks for reminding us of the 975 score by the baseball team. There's always two ways of viewing something. Mr. Beasley's "glass half empty" approach isn't welcomed or needed. Actually, its more of a "glass half empty and going to be empty soon I just know it (hope it)" approach.

Pete, anything new on the football scholarship front? Last I heard, we still had a few open scholarships (even after the signing the new DL Fitch). Curious to know if there are any new walk-ons expected for the Fall.

GREAT JOB, as always, Pete!!!!!!

Ohh man! Have we really been on here since 2007? Wow... Such a long time. Haha. Wow!

This was entertaining. Thanks Pete. These next few weeks are going to be slowwww, but I'm looking forward to our football opener. Our talent will definitely be at its best level in years, so no excuses. Well, hopefully everyone stays healthy.

FIU Football Team moves into their Dorm/Panther Hall today!!! Starting their Summer Football Camp!! GO #86 GO Golden Panthers!!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone has a safe and injury free training camp!

Pete, GPP at the movies! Boy I missed that good stuff.

Pete, your the man! Stuff like "GPP At The Movies" just shows why 1) you've built this following with FIU folks, 2) we (the GPP Nation) continue to come back & 3) why YOU need to be the MASTER of this blog. Thanks again Pete!!

GO FIU!!!!

Great Job Pete, way to summarize the GREAT YEAR we had in FIU Athletics. From huge gains in our APR to Championships and Regional invites in W. Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball and Tennis to historic recruiting classes in Football and M. Basketball.

We now have a strong base to build from and in a couple of years we'll be a major force on the SE sporting landscape.

Can we have a roster from Summer Ball, I mean like to know where every player is at, so that we may follow them? and see how they are doing? It will be interesting to know..

Pete, you are the man.

I have not seen the movie yet but I am excited to watch it after reading your review. I love dance movies and I will watch it with my friends..

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