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GWTV on Marlins/Rangers Wednesday Telecast

Marlins Gw If you can't watch the Texas Rangers/Florida Marlins game telecast on Wednesday night at 7 p.m. on FOX Sports Florida, then tape it because Garrett Wittels will be on both the pre-game show and in the broadcast booth for one inning during the game.

The Marlins pre-game show did a feature on GW that will air before Wednesday's game. GW will also join pregame show host Frank Forte on the Joe Robbie Stadium field for an interview The pre-game show begins at 6:30 p.m. on FOX Sports Florida.

Then during the game, GW will have a headset and a microphone on and be in the booth with the Marlins announcers to offer his take on the streak, the game or whatever the Marlins announcers ask him. FOX Sports Florida has not decided yet what inning GW will be on.


Aaapaw Congratulations to Jabari Henry, who collected another postseason honor when he wasJab named to the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association Freshman All-American Team. It's the 2nd Freshman All-American honor for Jabari along with being named the Sun Belt's Freshman of the Year.

In other FIU baseball news, Scott Rembisz signed with the Marlins and I'm working on getting Scotty to come on here and tell you good people about it.

FIU draftees that signed with MLB teams: Kellin Deglan (Rangers), Wendell Soto (Angels), David Vidal (Reds).

Aaapaw Pack your lunches, we're going to take that field trip I promised you good people later this week.



panther viscosity: what about the news on the 5 commitments fiu just received?

Gooch7: PETE, Any news about recruits that have been picked up during the month of June?

PP: The Panthers are looking to build a Northwestern pipeline with commits from LBs Demetrius Allen and Lyndon Edwards and WR Clinton Taylor. FIU also has commits from WR Ya'Keem Griner (Starke Bradford High) and LB Luis Rosado (Gainesville High). This is a nice start, but we're still 7 months and 3 weeks away from NSD so a lot can happen between now and then.

FIUer: Pete, can you have your blog IT guys add to the blogs whether it's "By Pete Pelegrin" or "By Adam Beasley" so we clearly know who's writing what.

FIU FPL: Please add the author to the end of all blog post. Thanks.

PP: FIUer and FIU FPL, got it taken care of as you can see directly above "FIU Panther Pawse" -- PETE. For all readers, the only way you can see the author's name is if you enter the GPP through the main page -- which a lot of people, including myself, do not do -- so I will add my name in all capital letters at the end of each blog post I write from now on.




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That's great. Thanks for the heads-up.

I thought, however, GW was playing baseball in an Alaskan summer league. Any news on that?

Excellent.... more accomplishments by the baseball team...well earned...... but the constant theme is.. all hitting.... where are the pitchers.....? Any one of the nonqualifiers finally have the grades? Also, Pete we are starving for football info..... feed us!!!

Why is GW playing in Alaska anyway...probably should have gone to some summer league in DR to sharpen those skills further.

Yay! It's Pete!

Awesome stuff about Garrett, Scott, and Jabari. :)

I remember reading he played there last summer... Hope he's not changing too much.... Do what works.... But, will be watching for him.

If I had a choice to play baseball in Alaska or the DR; I'd definately go to Alaska.

I like the progress being made overall in the FIU sports landscape. I always keep my eye out for the RPI rankings and overall we've risin in most sports.

We need a big push by the boys on the the football team. Baseball is improving and it has shown. Volleyball has been great. Softball improved.... with the prospects coming in at basketball we have almost no choice but to improve as compared the the shorthaded line-up from this last season..... we need football to make its big push now!


Any news of basketball prospects for this upcoming class? Christmas in July should happen soon, just wondering on the other guys you have mentioned here (Gipson, Abron, Yvan) Thanks

Garrett, PLEASE stop saying "Oh no, for sure". Please.


I'm gonna punch you in the face !!!!

Alt, don't be hating...kid was nervous. On top of it, he has represented FIU well.

One more thing, good luck to players heading to Alaska. He mentioned putcher and another player.

I was just fooling around. I know he was nervous. The last shot of the booth showed Garrett peeking over at Rich Waltz with a "what do I do now" look. Not sure if anyone caught that. Haha.

Bring on football season!!!

Wowww Spain lost!?

FIUJM, the Alaska Beaseball League has a website, maybe you can check there who from FIU is in their rosters.

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