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FIU/MLB Draftees Day 2 & 3

So far only one more signed Panther to add to the list for FIU signees or commits on the final day of the MLB Draft. Taken on the 1st day on MondayLogo night were Manny Machado and Kellin Deglan. Rangel Ravelo was taken off the list, because he was not headed toward FIU, regardless of his draft status. Here is theMlb complete updated list:

1st round - Manny Machado, SS (Orioles); Kellin Deglan, C (Rangers)

3rd - Wendell Soto, SS (Angels)

8th - David Vidal, 3B (Reds)

12th - Daniel Hernandez, P (Royals)

23rd - Andres Perez-Lobo, P (Rangers)

35th - Mike Ellis, P (Padres)

50th - David Vazquez, OF (White Sox)


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Wow!! That doesn't look good, does it Pete? I'm talking about signing with FIU....

Thanks for the info....

I mean, we can basically assume that Machado, Deglin...and now, Soto will not come to FIU. Ravelo and Vidal are also high enough so that it could entice them to turn pro early as well.

SUPER REGIONAL!!! Where are all the haters?

Can we put a billboard up in front of Soto's home like the Heat did with Wade??? Although he was picked in the 3rd round, he is the 7th pick in the draft for the Angels. NEGOTIATION PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!! please

Pete, or others, which of these guys were not expected to be drafted that were? If they enter the draft but renege can they still be eligible to play college baseball? Seems like this could be a blow to our class if the unexpected go pro too.

I have to say that I am wondering the same thing as FIUer. I tried to figure it out last night, but Google failed to enlighten me.

CrazyCane: congrats on UM making it to the SRs. Looking forward to the UM v UF game, those are always entertaining.

I don't understand why fans from either side of the city can't just be civil with each other.

The deadline for a drafted player to sign is 11:59 p.m on August 15. If a high school player does not sign they are still allowed to attend college. The rule is that if they attend a 4-year college (as opposed to a JUCO) they must wait 3 years before they can appear in the draft again.

Any of the high school kids that gave verbal committments to FIU but are drafted may still attend FIU if they are not signed. Even if they are not signed the verbal committment to FIU would not preclude them from attending a JUCO (like Miami-Dade) which they would only need to wait a year before being eligble to re-enter the draft. Most high school kids that do not sign do go to the college that they verbally committed.

We will know a lot more after August 15, whether players signed and if they are academically eligble. Thats when a recruiting class can actually begin to be analyzed.

BTW Deglin has already signed.

The baseball draft is not like football, players do not have to declare for the draft. If they are eligible teams may draft them. Only if they actually sign do they become ineligible to play college baseball.

Well explained, Jimmy. Thanks. My question is now, not on "verbally committed" to FIU, but the ones that have already signed...like Soto. Are they allowed to go JUCO even with a signed LOI?

I wonder what the variables are when deciding whether or not to 'go pro' or go to college are? I mean first there is the signing bonus...I would say anything less than $100k, I would go to college.

Then there is the eligiblity issue. Once you play your first game of Rookie League ball and collect a pay-check, your eligibility is shot. In other words, College players can always play pro but pro players can never again play baseball in college.

Then as a middle round draft pick, say after the 5th round, you are going to be stuck in the Minors for a long, long time. There are lots of players you have to wait behind. You have the long bus rides, you live in cheap hotels and you get a per diem that you either save or buy food with.

Meanwhile, your buddies are at school, playing baseball, and being the Big Man on campus. They're getting an education and are still eligilbe to play pro ball in the future (and may actually improve their draft status and the dollars that come with it).

Tough choice. I know what I'd do.

FIU Fanatic: Good question regarding the signed LOI and whether that precludes a player from going to JUCO route. I wouldnt think that it would preclude them because I know players can transfer to the JUCO level after playing for a D-I school without even having to sit out a year. I think the signed LOI would only prevent the player from going to another 4-year college, unless FIU was to release them from their committment. I do not know the answer though.

Let's be rational, these guys will never play at FIU:
1st round - Manny Machado, SS (Orioles); Kellin Deglan, C (Rangers)
3rd - Wendell Soto, SS (Angels)
6th - Rangel Ravelo, 3B (White Sox)
8th - David Vidal, 3B (Reds)

Remember Tom Ebert, he left as a Jr. after beign drafted in the 19th round. Typically, if a kid is drafted in rounds 1-10 he should go pro. The three years in college improving will be the same/similar to being taught by professional coaches at the minor league level.

Rounds 11-20 are a toss up. That will depend on the economic situation/grades/ etc.....
Tom is the perfect example, he chose to go pro... how good would it of been to have him available during the season and in the regionals... that would of been 40 wins + Sunbelt Champs... but would of lost in the Regional.... TT would of held him for game 4.. LOL....

All other rounds should go to college or Jucco (if your drafted out of Highschool).

Any how, there was only one Pitcher and he's the one who we should be concerned about. Remember the team posted an incredible batting average with all beign underclassmen... and don't forget our Freshmen of the year to hit a pinch hit HR of the No. 6 drafted player....

So, relax... don't get overly excited..... TT needs arms more than hitters right now!!! Everything is FINE!!! GO PANTHERS.... Section 112 OUT!

Assuming all these guys go, how badly will this hurt out recruiting class?

What about the Alex Rodriguez of Canada?

Let's go Gators!

LonePanther: the A-Rod clone is from Miami, Manny Machado got picked 3rd overall by the Orioles. Although it seems he's trying to stay away from the comparisons.
Machado will be joining Townsend in Baltimore, I see a trend. From Canada we have Deglan (catcher, Rangers) and Mike Ellis (pitcher).

I'm sure Turtle was expecting this. He knew Machado and Soto were gonna be high draft picks, that's why he got Pintado and Wes Soto. Same thing with Deglan, that's why he got Iosmel Leon. Obviously these other guys are not as good, but they're solid players so it's not like Turtle is scratching his head with a bunch of holes to fill. Turtle might make some questionable calls on the field here and there, but he's an excellent recruiter who's been in these situations before.

Perez-Lobo was selected on the 23rd round by the Rangers. It would be great if 1 out of these 7 actually come to FIU.

Pete, aside from the 11 players who signed during the early-signing period, who else did TT sign? I see Ravelo and Hernandez, any others? Thanks

Remember you sign as a 19th round Jr (Ebert) because you have no leverage as a Sr. These guys have leverage and could go either way (except the first 4 drafted I think they will go).

Congrats Crazy Cane! I just wish you could be man enough to say you were wrong when you said we would not win between 35-40 games and our Conference!!


what most drafted high school kids that signed D1 would do is go to a JUCO under a "draft and watch". The club that drafted them would have their rights up until the draft the following year, that however, isn't the case anymore. You can still choose the JUCO route if you do not end up signing after being drafted high and are eligible for the draft the following year. If that happens, lets say to a 1st rd pick of a club, and that pick doesn't sign but goes to college or JUCO, that club is awarded a one time compensation pick in the first rd the following year. It will all come down to money, whether or not Soto, Rangel, and Vidal sign. a few years back a kid from Westminster got drafted in the third rd, didn't sign, went to FSU and was a 2nd rounder after his junior year. Most likely they will go though.

Im assuming the first four guys are going PRO no matter what happens.. My question is what will
Hernandez and Perez-Lobo do??

We need PITCHERS! Our hitting is NOT the problem.. Can anyone answer that question..

Go Golden Panthers!

Vidal and Hernandez would be dumb to sign pro. Both can come to school for 1 year, just 1 year and probably double, if not more, the signing bonus they're going to receive now.

Remember, in baseball all the money comes from the signing bonus because they will be making peanuts in the Minors, or at least until their initial contract is up.

Vidal and Hernandez would not be able to go to FIU for just one year. If they make the commitment to FIU it is a minimum 3 year stay in college before you are draft eligible again.

IF Vidal and Hernandez go to school they would be at a Junior College not a D-1 school....
Look at Jimmy's comments, he's dead-on. On the draft, eligibility, an transfer rules.

If you don't get the money, what's the difference between spending three years in the minors or three years in college? You're still playing a ton of baseball.

Like josh said, it comes down to the money and to a further extent an education and what you will do with your life once you stop playing baseball.

Sure if your a top 3-round pick and the signing bonus is $100-150k then it's time to go pro. But if they hand you a $10k check and a bus ticket to Vero, then college might look awful good.

Kellin Deglan signed with the Rangers for $1 million

What did Soto sign for?

How 'bout Ravelo?

Vidal and Hernandez are JUCO players already (they are at MDCC) and the eligibility rules are different for them than they are for high school seniors. I am not exactly sure, but I think that if a JUCO player transfers to a 4-year college he only needs to sit out 1-2 years. I think if he was in JUCO for 2 years and transferred, he would need to sit out 1 additional year and if he was in JUCO for only 1 year he would need to sit out 2 year.

Dont hold me to that, I am really not certain.

I know for sure though that if they do not sign this year, and go back to JUCO, they can enter the draft next year.

One consideration for any drafted high school player in deciding whether to sign or go to school, before they are eligible for the draft again, there may be a hard slotting system in place that could potentially limit the size of the signing bonus they could receive. MLB seems to really want hard slotting in place, but it may need union approval. I say may because amateur players are not represented by the union until they actual sign a contract.

Juco players do NOT need to sit out a year after 2 years of JUCO, see J. Patton.

Vidal and Hernandez, could come to FIU for just one year and leave. Rules to be draft eligible out of D-1 baseball are that you must either be a junior or senior in class, or you must be 21 years old already to go as a sophomore.

c-UM is right on the money. JUCO guys, like Vidal and Hernandez, can go to FIU and play next season as Juniors, and available to be drafted again, since college baseball players are available for MLB drafts after their junior season. This is exactly what happened last season with Ebert, who transferred from a JUCO, played a season with FIU (his Junior season), and got drafted and left after one season.

Any news on football recruits

Thanks for the MLB draft recap Pete... With the Baseball season done, my attention is once again shifting to Football. There has been plenty of conference realignment talk lately, Pete, what do you see in the future for FIU on that front?

Heard Soto signed for around $450,000.

Oh well....So far there are reports that both, Deglin ($1 million), and Soto ($450,000) have already signed with their drafting club. Anyone else?

Interesting numbers. The way the money is coming down, looks like around round 6 is where we'll get into the $100k range. Then the decisions will begin to get tougher for these kids.

i wouldnt sign for 100K if i were coming out of high school.

Someone on ESPN said the Big XII is "dead" with 7 teams jumping ship. Talks about "dissolving" the conference.


How sad. Not ONE single player from FIU's Champions were selected for the draft this year. This only proves once again that TT didn't have their backs. Once again, TT shows the lack of confidence in his team. There hadn't been a scout to a game in months. He was not pushing for them. What a great year they had only to come to a very sad ending. I will continue to support the Panthers but it's still such a shame.

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