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Garrett Meet Robin

Gw Rv

Got a chance to sit down with Garrett Wittels on Tuesday night in a Bay Harbor Islands office and we then dialed up Robin Ventura to join us in a conference call.

I just threw out some questions for both and let them talk: streak, hair, close calls and an unusual autograph request.

Turns out RV, who is an ESPN college baseball analyst, was assigned by the worldwide leader to broadcast this weekend's Coral Gables regional, but RV's daughter is graduating and that comes first.

Here's what the players with the two longest hitting streaks in NCAA Division I baseball had to say: Garrett and Robin Talk

Log-on all weekend during the Coral Gables regional as I will be LIVE BLOGGING all FIU games that the Panthers hope last until Monday.

Friday's Game 1 is against Texas A&M at high noon. Let's do brunch and be on-line at 11:54 a.m.


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Into the bowels of the scUM ye goes. Let's go get em boys!

Great story Pete! I love the fact you could get Ventura and Garrett "together" for the first time after this streak started. Thanks....

Go FIU!!


What was your prediction for FIU wins this season?

i voted 54 cuz i dont want to jinx it... 'lookin forward to friday though!

Great stuff, Pete.
I wonder how Turtle will deal with the Jobe/Flores situation. Rudy swung a hot bat during the Sun Belt tourney, but will TT turn to his senior starter at 1B?
I would like to see Rudy start and have Jobe as a late-game DH.


Great story Pete! Good idea to bring these two star athletes together. There's mutual respect between the two...shows good sportsmanship!

Enjoyed the story tremendously, Pete. Good job! It is so refreshing to read about two good human beings that believe in teamwork and ethics.

Leave everything in the field panthers! We are bringing the POLLOS and JOBU this weekend

PETE in the last couple games the Game Play-byPlay blog has NOT been working. Are you sure you are going to have it working for the Texas A&M game? I have to give Final Exams on Friday, and its going to be hard to take a "sick day".. I cant believe that the game is at NOON!! Regardless we will be there for the Sat game.

If I take my 2 year old son will they charge him for a seat? Its going to be his 2nd FIU game and his first NCAA Tournament Game! Sad part is that he just wants to see Roary.. Its all about Roary for him! Lol..

Go Golden Panthers!

Hey You Got', my opinion on the first basemen is again on the defensive side of the field. Pitching and defense are going to get the job done. Jobe is a Sr., so if healthy, I would assume he is the better defensive first baseman.

Should be a lot of fun out there tomorrow.

Go Panthers !!!


I wouldnt think they would charge you for a 2 yr old, but if they do i'll pay for the ticket (Seriously). We need to make this our regional too and have as many fans out there, as possible. Especially against A&M. They are going to be tough


Thanks for the offer. I don't mind paying for my boy.. Regardless he is going because if he does not see Roary in the next 24hours my wife and I might go nuts. I thought I was the crazy FIU Fan.. He bleeds Gold and Blue already! What happened to Mickey Mouse or Elmo.. Im not kidding its all about Roary!

As for the Sat game, its either going to be another Noon game (lost) or 4pm game (win)..


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