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GW 1st Team All-American

Gw Garrett Wittels has been named a 1st team All-American and becomes the second Panther in as many years to garner the All-American nod. Tyler Townsend was an All-American last season for FIU before moving on to the Baltimore Orioles organization.

You all know by now why GW is an All-American. Streak, Sun Belt Player of the Year and here's more details on GW's season.

Apaw Brunch with the GPP on Friday morning for a LIVE BLOG of the FIU vs. Texas A&M regional. Will be on line at 11:54 a.m. 


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Congrats to GW....keep up the great work kid!!!

Wittels, the 2010 baseball "Chosen One" - the team/parents are sooo proud of you....

Awesome news!!

Congrats Garrett!!

Congrats Garrett!

Can you guys believe Cote's article?

For every praise of GW, there is a subtle jab that includes how he plays in a "second tier" baseball team. For every sign of positiveness for GW's streak, he has to throw in a "he doesn't even play for the best team in his own city."

We may not have the history that UCG has or the national ranking, but as far as I'm concerned, they haven't proven that they can beat us this year. Until they do so, Cote can shut his mouth and hold hands with Crazy Cane while they discuss who loves a school, neither attended, more.

LOL....After I read the article in detail, I found out the same you did. So, I'm not surprised at all at Cote's usual jabs at FIU, even if he, somehow, gives some credit to what Garrett has accomplished so far. The fact is that, not even Cote can ignore the fact Wittels is a national story.

Well, I figured good 'ol Cote would take a jab at FIU's GW, so I stopped reading after his column, which really had nothing bad to say about GW. Glad to hear I didn't waste my time with the other cr*p he calls journalism.

Congrats GW! What an honor it is to have you play for FIU. Your success on the diamond has brought very positive news to the FIU program!

Great to be a Golden Panther!!

Why is there an article about a UM player on FIU's page?

For a couple weeks I actually thought the Herald was doing a pretty good job of giving FIU some respected ink. I was upset at my self for canceling my subscription (only have 4 more weeks of the Herald). But when they find a way to make an AMAZING story about FIU athletics into a negative one then I remind my self that I did the right thing.. Sad part is that Im only saving $20 per month.. I guess I can go to Checkers twice a month now.. We can win a National Championship and they will still find something negative to say about FIU..

Hey we are down to 2 hours before the FIRST PITCH!! Texas has an incredible team, but so does some of the teams that we beat this year! Anything is possible!


Congrats Garrett, keep this streak going and let's win this thing in Coral Gables.

Thank YOU GW and the Panthers for a great season!!

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