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GW For ESPY; FIU Summer Ball

Garrett Wittels has been nominated for Best Male College Athlete for the ESPY Awards on July 14. ESPY1

Maybe GPP reader FIUJM had a premonition when he thought the last post titled fromGww "90210 to 33199" was about GW going Hollywood.

GW shone this past season hitting in 56 consecutive games.

GW's competitors for the award include: Blake Geoffrion (Wisconsin hockey), Mark Ingram (Alabama football), John Wall (Kentucky hoops) and Evan Turner (Ohio State hoops).

For how to vote for GW for the ESPY go to www.fiusports.com

The ESPYs will take place in the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. The show airs live at 9 p.m. on July 14 on ESPN.

Been told GW will be in attendance on July 14 at the ESPYs..



Apaw Here's the list of where the 2010 Sun Belt champions are playing summer baseball:

(Player - Summer team name - Summer league)

Raiko Alfonso - Luray - Valley; Aaron Arboleya - Stanton Braves - Valley; Yoandy Barroso - Luray - Valley; Jose Behar - Sedalia Bombers - Mink League; Pablo Bermudez - Su Miners - Alaska; Daniel DeSimone - Morehead Marlins – Coastal Plains; Logan Dodds- Stanton Braves - Valley; Rudy Flores - Haymarket - Valley; R.J. Fondon- Su Miners - Alaska; Doug Joyce - Nashville - Prospect League; Jorge Marban - Oilers - Alaska; Mike Martinez - Covington - Valley; Jeremy Patton - Sedalia Bombers - Mink; Sean Reilly- Waynesborough - Valley; Andre Vazquez - Covington - Valley; Garrett Wittels - Oilers - Alaska.

Apaw Besides voting for GW on the ESPN site, drop your vote below on who would be GW's main competition for the ESPY.


blkpanther: Pete, i know Rupert had surgery, is he back at 100% and what is his weight looking like?

PP: Rupert is expected to be ready for training camp in August. He's recovering nicely from surgery and he's around 275-280 right now.

Gold: Can this new player play right away?

PP: Yes sir. Caylin has the ability and tools to be the team's starting left tackle on 9/11. MC and his staff have made it a priority to address both lines this offseason with the additions of White, Delsoin, Faciane, Lee, Davis, Fitch and Senat.

FIUJM: Pete, glad you'll hit us up during football season. We'll have gallopinto, tortilla caliente and carne asada for you.

PP: Love the Nica food. When I'm down in Miami I try to hit Los Ranchos and the fritangas.

What's the biggest hurdle to GW going home with an ESPY?


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If you go to the FIU site you can vote for Wittels. Good luck to him. Pass the word along....GO G-WITT!!!

Wow GW deserves everything coming his way. He's been amazing for FIU athletics. Congrats to him and his family! Go vote people!

On a serious note, I wouldn't be surprised if he can act. Go FIU!

Just to be nominated is amazing! Go GW!

Thank you Pete for the info....you are missing someone from the list and is Jorge Marban who is in Alaska, with the Peninsula Oilers.

The Garrett Wittels story gets even better with this nomination for the ESPYS. As Miri pointed out, just being nominated, and the national publicity it will get leading up...and up to the very same night on ESPN...is great for Garrett and FIU!!

Good luck Garrett!!

My vote is in! Go GW! Go FIU!

Already voted, so what's the ruling on voting more than once for this?

Good luck to GWitt and congrats on being nominated!

this is sooooo amazing. people win the heissman yearly...but it's once a generation someone has a hitting streak beating all records as gw has. he has my official vote!

I can imagine the pins and needles GW, the FIU baseball team and all of us GPPer's is going to be on when they announce the winner.

I hope GW gives a shout out to CrazyCane when he's up there.

With all due respect to all nominees but GW accomplishment is not something that happens annually.... so rare that most college athletes were in diapers when robin ventura did it..... or not born yey

Pete: while you're at it with the Nica food, you should rush down Pinchoman after an FIU football game. If you don't know what Pinchoman is, I've written a hell of a lot about him before -- you'll know!

Is the ESPY winner determined by fan voting only?

pete, go to Pinolandia for the best nica food in town. section 112 likes the beef on the OL..


Great news on Garrett and our newest OL Caylin Hauptmann. I agree, Garrett's accomplishments need to be kept in the proper perspective--his streak is something that happens once a generation--he should win the ESPY hands down.

And I like the fact that Pete referred to "players" that may be joining our football team soon. Let's hope there's another player of the same quality as Caylin. Nice job by the coaching staff keeping a few scholly's open for guys like that to further bolster our class.

Roary, where is Pinolandia? Yambo is good too.

Yambo also opened 24hrs!

Pinolandia is on 12th Ave and NW 1st Street. By far the best Nica food in town.

Roary - Hope your right about USA vs Ghana. Go USA!!!!!

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