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LIVE BLOG: FIU vs. Dartmouth -- CG Regional Game 3

FIUlogo FIU faces the Mean Green on an annual basis. Well, now the Panthers are going to have toDart knock off the Big Green of Dartmouth if there is going to be a Sunday baseball game in Coral Gables for FIU.

We know what happened on Friday with the Panthers as they lost by two touchdowns to Texas A&M. Meanwhile, Dartmouth after down 11-0 to UM rallied, but still lost 12-8.

The Worldwide Leader has first pitch scheduled for 12:04 p.m. The GPP has LIVE BLOGGING underway at 11:44 a.m.

Winner stays, loser goes home.


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Here's hoping that FIU does enough so that GW can have shot of at least tying the record before this season ends...

Well it does not look good for FIU.. They are down to the last 3 outs and they need to make up an 8 run deficit.. Regardless of what happens FIU had an amazing season! Lets focus on getting better pitching for next year! Congrats!


I hope Pete and the Herald rip TT for deciding not to start his pitching ACe in eith er game (especially today, an elimination game) because he thought he would get to throw him against Miami at some point.

Maybe it is those types of decisions that kept him from being a head coach all of those years. FIU=mediocre (at best).

Good season overall, Turtle's off season priority should definitely be pitching! I have a feeling we'll be back soon! Proud of our guys for making it this far!

lmfao the ivy league powerhouse blowouts fi-who lmfao
hey you want to play aginst the u and prove to the world your the up and coming program?, well fiu you have to earn the right to play the U

At least FIU has a short ride home. Way to show up SB champs. What a joke that conference is. Blown Out by Ivy League power Dartmouth. Ha!

TT doesn't need better pitchers, he needs a "REAL PITCHING COACH"

FIU had a good season, but to not throw your ace out there when you have to win in order to keep your season alive just shows a complete lack of respect for your opponent, and a complete disregard for the well being of your team. Dartmouth isn't some scrub team, especially considering that they showed some resilience against the Canes yesterday. Dartmouth can put runs up, so you want to throw your best, especially if your best isn't an elite ace..

Nice to see the negative nancies (aka Miami fans) show up. Welcome aboard, gents!

I wish I could be harder on you guys for ripping the GP's apart, but I can't. I definitely think TT over-thought this one by holding Rembisz back. I get that he wants to save him for UM or TAMU... I get that Dartmouth is Ivy League and has bad pitching... but priority one has to be giving yourself the best chance to play UM or TAMU, especially if you're already down 0-1 in the regional. Now, instead of giving him an extra day of rest, he gets an extra 7 months of rest.

Oh, take that back. Rembisz is a senior. He's done at FIU. Well... there's only one way to put that. FAIL.

With that said... this was definitely a successful season. FIU gets to a regional for the first time since 2002... and even though they went 2-and-cue, that's progress. FIU clearly has some monster mashers who can do tons of damage at the plate. It's up to TT now to get some guys who can pitch, both starters and out of the pen. I hope he gets a pitching coach, a real one.

For the first time in a long time, I feel pretty optimistic where FIU's going on the diamond. Bad coaching decision nonwithstanding, TT and the team deserve credit for one of the best seasons FIU's had in a long time. Bring on 2011!

It seems that FIU always disappoints when the spotlight is on them. In 2006 we had played UM for the first time and lost 35-0. There was also the brawl. We hired Isiah Thomas and there was a lot of fanfare from the national and local media only to see our Basketball team do poorly. This past week was the most positive attention FIU has ever gotten. Our fanbase was pumped up and we started to see traces of the bandwagoners attaching themselves to FIU. After all that we get eliminated in a pretty bad way. I too did not understand why Rembisz wasnt starting...

Nevertheless, it was enjoyable. This past week was such a joy and has been the best week that FIU athletics has had in a long time. In most of our sports the last week of games is usually just for "fun". Nothing on the line. It was nice to have big stakes on the line for once. We have a good core group of players and we should be able to make a run against next year.

The success of the baseball team this season puts Mario Cristobal on the hot seat. Not necessarily saying his job is on the line, but the results need to be there this year. A 6-6 season at the least. We have the talent there. Hopefully our new coordinators are maximizing that talent.

No doubt that we received so much attention because of Garrett. This team really did respond to him in a positive way. Usually individual records and accomplishments alienate and upset other players, but not in this case. It really sucks that Garrett's going to have to wait until 2011 to continue the streak, but he'll get it done.

HAHAHA! c-UM fans are such LOSERSSSS.... 1st of all, you guys are not funny, so please stop the attempts at comedy and secondly, c-UM is NOT going to win the CWS this year. You will be sitting at home watching the CWS with your boyfriends, Harold, Stephen P, Chris H, etc. when its all said and done, so i do not know what you are bragging about?????

Scott isnt our ace IDIOTS! Dont talk if you dont know what you are talking about. RJ started on fridays for us, which makes him our ace, who we threw against A&M. God you people are dumb! I too wouldve gone with arboleya today, with Dartmouth not starting their best guy, giving us a better chance to win a possible game 3. It was the right call.

Lastly, losers like Gabster say "you have to earn the right to play against the jU". Does that mean we have to lose to powerhouses like Fordham, Manhattan, and teams like that who did not even make a regional to be able to have a shot?!?!?! LOL. You guys are almost as bad as Adam Beasley who said Dartmouth was one of the lowest seeded team in regionals when they only seed teams 1-4 per regional and choose 8 natl seeds. Great job Adam, that comment was REEEE - tarded.... The facts are that I knew we werent going to win the regional, we just dont have the pitching for it, but i just wanted to streak to continue, which it did.

So winning the conference tourney, making a regional, streak continues, and getting a ton of national media.... all in only year 3 of Turtles FIU career means 1 thing to me.....SUCCESS!!!

So for all of you wanna be LOSERS and c-UM lovers, there isnt anything for you to talk $h!t about until you play us and beat us. Till then, worry about your own team because they are going to need all the help they can get... Yes, i know they are beating A&M pretty badly but after today who do you have left, Santana??? Lolololol!!!! Plus A&M made the same mistake all of you losers wouldve done, they started their Ace against FIU when they shoudve thrown their #2 against us.

and CC, i am ashamed of you. You were such a p*$$y at the end of the season!!!! You only come out and talk $h!t when the season is over but nothing when we were winning the conference tourney or got selected into the regionals. $ack up next year buddy!!!

Hey CC

if I see u around FIU im going to take u to the Pike House and use u as a punching bag.

Are u Paul Dee's illegitamate son?

Congratulations to "OUR" FIU Golden Panthers, GW and TT for a great year. Very proud of my school and next year will be even better.
GO FIU!!!!

I'm confused...now there's two CC's LOL

hey pete, is Garrett going to continue letting his hair grow out until next season?

and now all the UCG haters come out of their caves. FIU had a good season and got more media coverage than UM(or almost any other baseball team in the nation because of garrett wittels), plenty of positives to take out of this season. And now going into next season the streak lives so hopefully espn will continue to follow.

I crack myself up. Both Jorge & Cancer are a joke! So is FIU

Example of classy behavior by some of these guys....

Well, at least the most recognized college baseball player in the nation, FIU's Garrett Wittels, will have a chance to keep going his streak next season.

"We hired Isiah Thomas and there was a lot of fanfare from the national and local media only to see our Basketball team do poorly"

C'mon, you can't be serious with that one. Isiah was left with NOTHING to work with, when he got the job all the high school kids were already signed for the most part and he had no choice but to sign CC players. On top of that, one of the best players from that class, Frederick, was ruled ineligible last season but should join the team this season.

Congrats to our Baseball team, great season!
Hopefully the upcoming draft won't take too many of our new players.

I wasnt trying to bash Isiah. I understand what he was given and I wholeheartedly believe that the best is yet to come from him. However, the point of that statement was to illustrate that whenever FIU receives positive attention, it quickly dissipates.

One thing crossed my mind as I was reading the Herald this morning. The local and national media didnt use Kendall Berry's murder as a story for our championship run. You always see the media attach tragedies to success, such as a team rallying around a fallen teammate to persevere etc etc. We've all heard it before, see the Sean Taylor murder back in 2007.

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