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More Honors for GW & Jabari (Updated)

The postseason honors keep rolling in for Garrett Wittels as he was named Ping! 1st team All-AmericanGw today. GW (right) has already been named Louisville Slugger 1st Team All-American and the Sun Belt Conference Player of the Year.

Jabari Henry (left) became a Freshman All-American today as Louisville Slugger honored him. It marks the second straight year a Panther is named Freshman All-American as Mike Martinez achieved the feat last season.

Jh Jabari was also named Sun Belt Freshman of the Year last month.


Aaapaw As of Wednesday night, among the FIU draftees, only Kellin Deglan has signed. Wendell Soto has been offered close to $500K but has not signed. Although, he is expected to sign with the Angels. And yes, it is just a matter of time before Manny Machado signs with the Orioles.


FIUer: Pete, or others, which of these guys were not expected to be drafted that were? If they enter the draft but renege can they still be eligible to play college baseball?

PP: They were all expected to be drafted. The baseball draft is not like the NFL or NBA draft. Players don't have to declare like they do in the NFL and NBA and then lose their eligibility if they go through with the process. One key draftee will be Mike Ellis -- Kellin Deglan's teammate. He might be the most complete pitcher that FIU signed. He's got a choice -- 35th round with the San Diego Padres or FIU?

You Got Gold: Pete, aside from the 11 players who signed during the early-signing period, who else did TT sign? I see Ravelo and Hernandez, any others?

PP: Kyle Fitzpatrick, a JUCO pitcher from Tallahassee. But with Machado, Deglan and Soto all but gone, 3 FIU scholies just opened up. Ravelo won't qualify at FIU and is going to sign with the White Sox. Hernandez is not expected to qualify either.

TXgoldenpanther: Thanks for the MLB draft recap Pete... With the Baseball season done, my attention is once again shifting to Football. There has been plenty of conference realignment talk lately, Pete, what do you see in the future for FIU on that front?

FIUer: Pete, what do you think about this crazy college football conference shake up that's looking imminent? Seems like the Big Ten expansion will kick off trickle-down poaching throughout D1. How could this affect FIU?

PP: The next logical move for FIU would be Conference USA, but if that gets blown up by the Big East or the shakedowns in other major conferences (see Big XII about to be destroyed), then FIU might be a Big East candidate. Not in the immediate future, but eventually.

Yes, FIU has to consistently win first -- which is most important -- but the Panthers have a lot going for them off the playing field and courts: big media market, huge alumni base, one of the 25 largest universities in the nation, etc. There are a lot of theories out there about conference realignments. Too early to tell to say for sure how this will all shake out, but FIU does have a lot going for it.

Aaapaw Time for you good people to play baseball scout....


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Congrats to both, Jabari and Garrett in their All American awards!!

Pete, what do you think about this crazy college football conference shake up that's looking imminent? Seems like the Big Ten expansion will kick off trickle-down poaching throughout D1. How could this affect FIU? Some conferences may be wiped out.

FIU better hope the super conferences don't happen. They'll basically form their own play off system and be a bigger good ole boy network than the SEC already is. Especially if the PAC and Big 12 merge, and the SEC cherry picks the strength of the ACC, you can pretty much waive bye bye to joining a BCS conference (or whatever the equivalent will be) anytime within the next quarter century. With their kind of pull and money, the cheating in recruiting and concentration of power and money will be too big for many schools to overcome.

I really think it's a bad idea, since the super conferences leads us to a playoff system within those super conferences only.

what about the news on the 5 commitments fiu just received?

Beasley is a B- Itch!

Read a less bias article:

When is this paper due to file for bankruptcy again? Not soon enough.

Congratulations to MC, IT, TT and all the coaches for outstanding improvement in the Athletic Departments much improved APR scores.

Adam is a true tool of the Herald's sports editorial staff. Congrat's on that Adam, must give you a real sense of accomplishment.

Seriously, our kids have been working really hard to get out of the hole the previous AD / coaches dug then in and to have beasley report it like we have done nothing about it is complete BS! There is a reason the beaseball team didn't get suspended and that's that they have turned it around and to compare us to UCG is complete BS they have been gift wrapping grades to kids since their program started. Pete you might not have much say as to what gets on the herald but this is your section and Bi*chley shouldn't just come in and write doo doo that isn't even relevent.

We want Pete full time!!! Bi*chley needs to go back where ever he came from!!!

If the Herald is doing so bad why are they paying both Pete and Beasley when they could save the money the pay beasley and give it to Pete the only beat writer that isn't biased. I've never heard Pete talk doo doo about UM in fact he writes some stories for them. Yet when any other douche come and writes about FIU they have to taint what ever good we are doing

I see now why they brought in Adam for the articles and Pete for the blogs... If i had to compare the 2 writers to News stations, Pete would be FOX NEWS (Fair and Balanced) and Adam B! tchley would be pMSNBC (biased article after biased article).

Congrats to all the new coaches on the great improvement in the classroom!!!


Truly disappointed with your article. Please inform me whenever there has been an article on UM which discusses something negative about UM, lets say paying off students as an example, where within the article, it is immediately stated that FIU has no history of payoffs! Never! Reason is in this example it would be a UM issue, no need to inject FIU into this.

It is well documented that FIU's APR problems stemmed 1) from a different administration, 2) had as much to do about academic structural support needed to go from Div I-AA to Div I-A that wasn't in place back in 2004-07 and 3) general issues that can occur when you make the transition to Div IA. None of this was mentioned, but boy you had no problem stating UM's scores that have finally gotten to standards. Very poor article on your part, next time do your research.

I ask once again to Mr. Jorge Rojas, why does Mr. Beasley have to run this blog?! He seems to have no time to do research nor does he care to, at least for FIU. Mr. Rojas you wrote me and stated that Pete would handle the blog & Mr. Beasley the stories. This not the case. Luckily, not many people read the Herald so this story will hopefully fade away, however for those of us who do follow the blog (thanks to Pete!), this unacceptable! If this doesn't change, I'll follow the other GPP mainstays that have left this blog. Enough!!!


Can we flood whoever is above Rojas mailbox to fire Rojas? Someone please post that email on here, then we'll get the financial numbers from the Herald and show how Rojas is doing such a PISS POOR job.

Rojas def does paja to the UM section, what a weirdo!!!

Lets be real. No matter how much support, financial and otherwise, our football program is being held back by an inexperienced coach. There are many great people with great personalities on this website and in many professions who work 100+ hour weeks. It isn't necessary to repeat anything we have written over and over again. The Coach's most important job is to coach, others can recruit. And it wouldn't hurt if all of our coaches had more experience. Hiring kids is cute and some of them will actually do a good job, but they are being held back by a young man without the experience to coach at this leve.

That article did seem biased, especially with that comment referring to UM in the bottom.

Pete, the above is not my comment.

Oh Oh, the fakes are out again. Sad.

As for that Beasley story, for some reason I thought we were growing on him. Obviously not the case after he wrote another crappy article! It may not be him, it could possibly be Rojas with his agenda against FIU.

Getting ready for football season. I'm expecting improvement after what baseball team did. Hope MC and football players took notes on how to represent FIU.

Adam, I at least expected you would write a "fair" report. Of course, the facts are there for you to spin it the way you want it, I'm just so disappointed you chose to show the extreme negative side of the story. Amazing!!!

Adam B*tchley! What a poor excuse for a journalist! I was one of the few who actually welcomed him and told others to not criticize until he actually did something bad. Well his APR article was pure GARBAGE, what a joke!

Beasly blew it. He should have focused on the gains instead of blending and rehashing the failures of the past which have since been corrected. And why repeatedly mention scUM? This article had NOTHING to do with scUM. If it was intended to include scUM then change the title and presentation. This guy Adam is just incapable of creating original content. That scUMmy Rojas must be all over this.

I don't see why the UM statements were put in there. There was no need for them.

It's called 'yellow journalism'. This is an expertise of the Herald.

Here's the definition of yellow journalism and you tell me if it fits: journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers.

Now tell me if this applies to the UofMiami Herald, hmmm...

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