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More Honors for GW & Jabari (Updated)

The postseason honors keep rolling in for Garrett Wittels as he was named Ping! 1st team All-AmericanGw today. GW (right) has already been named Louisville Slugger 1st Team All-American and the Sun Belt Conference Player of the Year.

Jabari Henry (left) became a Freshman All-American today as Louisville Slugger honored him. It marks the second straight year a Panther is named Freshman All-American as Mike Martinez achieved the feat last season.

Jh Jabari was also named Sun Belt Freshman of the Year last month.


Aaapaw As of Wednesday night, among the FIU draftees, only Kellin Deglan has signed. Wendell Soto has been offered close to $500K but has not signed. Although, he is expected to sign with the Angels. And yes, it is just a matter of time before Manny Machado signs with the Orioles.


FIUer: Pete, or others, which of these guys were not expected to be drafted that were? If they enter the draft but renege can they still be eligible to play college baseball?

PP: They were all expected to be drafted. The baseball draft is not like the NFL or NBA draft. Players don't have to declare like they do in the NFL and NBA and then lose their eligibility if they go through with the process. One key draftee will be Mike Ellis -- Kellin Deglan's teammate. He might be the most complete pitcher that FIU signed. He's got a choice -- 35th round with the San Diego Padres or FIU?

You Got Gold: Pete, aside from the 11 players who signed during the early-signing period, who else did TT sign? I see Ravelo and Hernandez, any others?

PP: Kyle Fitzpatrick, a JUCO pitcher from Tallahassee. But with Machado, Deglan and Soto all but gone, 3 FIU scholies just opened up. Ravelo won't qualify at FIU and is going to sign with the White Sox. Hernandez is not expected to qualify either.

TXgoldenpanther: Thanks for the MLB draft recap Pete... With the Baseball season done, my attention is once again shifting to Football. There has been plenty of conference realignment talk lately, Pete, what do you see in the future for FIU on that front?

FIUer: Pete, what do you think about this crazy college football conference shake up that's looking imminent? Seems like the Big Ten expansion will kick off trickle-down poaching throughout D1. How could this affect FIU?

PP: The next logical move for FIU would be Conference USA, but if that gets blown up by the Big East or the shakedowns in other major conferences (see Big XII about to be destroyed), then FIU might be a Big East candidate. Not in the immediate future, but eventually.

Yes, FIU has to consistently win first -- which is most important -- but the Panthers have a lot going for them off the playing field and courts: big media market, huge alumni base, one of the 25 largest universities in the nation, etc. There are a lot of theories out there about conference realignments. Too early to tell to say for sure how this will all shake out, but FIU does have a lot going for it.

Aaapaw Time for you good people to play baseball scout....


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