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Opening Game Time; FIU/MLB Draft

The time has been announced for the Rutgers/FIU football season opener on Sept. 11. The Scarlet Knights and Panthers will kick it off at 8 p.m. as the game will be televised by ESPN GamePlan and ESPN3.com.

The game will also be shown on tape delay locally on Channel 39. Here is the fiusports.com release

Post your thoughts on the opening game kickoff time and vote down below.


Tonight is the 1st round of the 2010 MLB Draft. FIU signee and Brito shortstop Manny Machado was picked 3rd overall by the Baltimore Orioles.

FIU signee and catcher Kellin Deglan was taken No. 22 overall by the Texas Rangers.

Looks like two scholarships just opened up.

Texas A&M righthander Barret Loux, who defeated FIU in the regional last Friday, was taken No. 6 overall by the Arizona Diamondbacks.

You can check back here to see should any other signed Panther or future Panther go in the 1st round. And I will also post here any other Panthers that get drafted in the next two days of the draft which runs through Wednesday when the 50th round is completed.


Aaapaw You good people are more than welcomed to post whatever you like on the GPP, but please keep it clean and stick to 1 screen name.

anonymous you had a conversation with yourself in the last post when you used xyz. And you've also used jli, jl and fiuer (not FIUer, who has been posting on here since the blog started).

gabster, you joined the GPP as Miguel Alfonso, then went to cane4life, fiu2big2tall, throwback.

You are both welcomed on here, but use one name.


UltimateFIUFan: Hey Pete, let us know the status of FIU football players in NFL. I've heard rumors of trade talks with Antwan Barnes. How about Chandler Williams, is he with the Chiefs? Last season's players Levine, Bryant, etc., what their status? Thanks.

PP: Antwan could be moved, because the Ravens drafted Sergio Kindle, who would take some snaps from El Monstruo. CW is still in KC. Nothing new on Andy or El Oso.

Gooch7: PETE: I think GW season is one of the best by ANY FIU athletes in school history but don't forget Tayna Lawerence 2nd place finish in the 100m Dash (Track)! Then followed it up with One Bronze, Two Silver, and One Gold Medal in TWO olympics.. Not bad for a Golden Panther!

PP: And let's not forget former FIU track star and Olympian Ronald Forbes.

Aaapaw Lot of debate in the last few posts about TT's decision to hold back Scott Rembisz for a possible Sunday matchup with Texas A&M or UM. My 3 cents on it is that if FIU could not beat a team (Dartmouth) with a team ERA of nearly 7.00 (6.97 ERA before the game vs. FIU) then the Panthers have no business playing Sunday against either top 25 team.

Should FIU have won against the Big Green, Rembisz gave the Panthers the best shot of defeating either the Aggies or Hurricanes.

Right now, I don't think any other pitcher on the FIU staff could have hung with A&M or UM if Rembisz defeats Dartmouth and FIU plays Sunday.

Yes, it's a roll of the dice that did not come up for FIU, but like TT said he was thinking of winning the entire regional and not just one game.

This kind of debate is the beauty of sports where everyone has their opinion on how they would have played it. It's great.

What's your opinion on this and the Sept. 11 kickoff time?


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Shocked he didn't go 2 to Pitt. Pintado to start at SS next year, he can play.

8 o'clock game is a tad late, but it gives us A LOT of time to tailgate and get crunk.

Texas Rangers selected Kellin Deglan with the 22nd pick. I guess that's another one we won't be seeing at FIU Stadium

I agree with your assessment of TT's decision, Pete.

It's very easy to play Monday morning quarterback once we saw our pitching struggles against Dartmouth. But we would have been embarrassed if we would've thrown anyone else out on the field against A&M or UM.

I totally agree with Pete on TT's decision, as actually that's who I would've picked to pitch against Darmouth. It didn't work with AA and Corey on Saturday, but the strategy I agree with.

As for tonight's MLB draft, kind of bitter sweet that FIU will lose at least 2 of our signees, since both of them were picked in the 1st round. It's sweet because I honestly don't recall if we ever had signed a player that went on to be drafted in the 1st round as an incoming freshman....let alone 2 of them the very same year!! Amazing. If I ask you which State of Florida baseball program had the highest incoming recruits drafted and had 2 recruits drafted in the 1st round, who would you say it was?......FIU!!!!

Not sure I agree with you Pete. You win series and regionals by focusing, one game at a time. To win the regionals, you need to win your next matchup. I would've put in Rembisz and worried about Sunday's matchup after securing a win against Dartmouth.

But I don't get paid the big bucks nor do I think I'm qualified by any stretch of the imagination. I just think we overlooked Dartmouth a bit and we paid the price. The fact remains FIU's pitching needs improvement. Hopefully Turtle can address these issues over the next few recruiting classes.

Go Golden Panthers!

I agree with the decision that was made by TT. He has years of experience in these situations.

I also agree with TT's decision. If you are there to win the regional, then you need to get through the 4 seed with your #3 pitcher and save your #2 for the better teams.

UM got a huge advantage as TAMU pitched the #6 overall pick, Roux, against us. Would have been interesting to see how they faired against him. As we're seeing, the #1 seed has a huge advantage in many different ways.

LOL... Pete that was great... Please continue to call out all these guys with multiple personalities....
Having a conversation with themselves...LOL....

Now on the TT decision...and his reasoning behind it... It's completely questionable, and as the head coach he should be critized from it. Remember that not all critizism is bad, sometimes it's the only way to learn and make improvements.... I blogged about us not having the arms to win it. That was evident during the season and into the sunbelt tourney... so if thats the approach "in it to win it" then we shouldn't of played.
We are a young team, there was no way in hell we were winning the CWS or reginal... so you take steps... Turtle said:
"crawl before you walk, walk before you run..."
SO why the conflicting statements. year 2, FIU won 34 and did not get at large because we got swept in Tourney... This season won 32 but took the tourney and earned automatic so the improvement is there ... The next step was to win a reginal game... not win a reginal.
Furthermore, this is how you know the logic was flawed... No other seasoned coach took the same aproach... The reason is, if you advance to game three you'll be playing against everyones #3....aka.. Arboyela. Why would Texas A&M pitch the No. 6 player in the MLB Draft against a lowly FIU? To win one game at a time... just like we played in the SUNBELT TOURNEY... SO WHY CHANGE!!!
TT is the man, and he'll figure it out...The game management will come with both Experience and player Depth... unfortunately we lack both at this time....
Hey we lost two FIU'er to the MLB before they even took the field for us. ONLY TT can recruit like that... The man knows talent!!!
GO FIU!!! PS... great so see the game will be on TV, however, I'll be on the stands... SECTION 112 OUT!
PS... FIURAGE: "He has years of experience..."
Yes as an assistant, not a head coach... and this is how head coaches learn!!

Just to state that UM's Jim Morris actually used the same approach as TT in their first game, as he held Hernandez for the winner's bracket game against Texas A&M, having him sit out the Darmouth game on Friday.

At any rate, he took a small gamble, and it didn't work, but I have a feeling had it worked, we would all be singing his praises here for making that decision.

P.S. Did you read Cote's column on Yasmani Grandal?...getting out of "the shadows" by Wittels? I mean, the man can only write something, and he has to try and diminish FIU and Wittels' in favor of Grandal, rather than just stick ot praising the UM kind.

chia', the difference in perceived talent between Dartmouth of the 23 ranked Ivy league and UM or TAMU (winner of the Big XII tournament) is huge. The Sun Belt tourney analogy doesn't work here because the diffence in talent in the Sun Belt is much thinner. After we lost to S. Alabama we had WKU with their ~40 RPI up next. Hind-sight now is 20-20, but if we give up 15 runs to Dartmouth, how do you think we'd be feeling right now if we would have saved that pitching line-up for TAMU or UM. We'd be really embarrassed. Imagine the talk if we would have had to play UM and they hung 20 on us? No thanks. TT made the right call here, unfortunately we didn't have the depth to get by Dartmouth.

p.s. PETE! Please take down that goofy picture of Garrett splashing water on his face. What is up with that sports editor of yours? Does he have a 'cane stuck up his ___.

I love how all the HATERS that log in to the Golden Panther Blog come up with different names.. Be a man and stop having fake conversations with your self.. Loooosssseeeerrr!!

Hey I think the 8pm start is PERFECT.. Anything pass 7pm is a perfect time for Football in South Florida.. I hate when FIU has the 1pm games (like Halloween last year). There is NO WAY i can take the family to something like that! I hope ALL there home games are 7pm or later!


Thats your opinion, I still think the majority vote Turtle for mayor.

CrazyCane ? Any comments ?

I love the 8pm kickoff. That is pleanty of time to tailgate. SECTION 112 puts it down! Hey pete, you are welcome to passy by for multiple, cold Miller High Lifes, churrasco, enjoy our LCD TV, and this year we might just bring out the XBOX. As far as the baseball game, OUR FIU team gave us a lot to talk about. I am not upset that we lost because you can see how much improved we are. I am happy for GW and his family and 2011 should be better. TT get us some arms this off season, please. On another note, GO USA in worldcup play!! USA 1- England 0.

Wendell Soto taken in the 3rd Rd by LAA

Ravelo from Hialeah 6th Rd 188 overall to CWS

Barbato from Varela 6th Rd 184 to SD

Vidal from Dade 8th Rd Cincy...I'm not sure if he is a commit or not, along with Barbato, if they aren't my mistake

HAHahaa. Thats too funny. Had a conversation with himself. Haha.

I noticed that slight to GW in Cote's column. It makes me think that maybe he was pressured or forced into writing that column last week in which he declard GW's season as the second best season in South Florida sports history. In any case, it is the truth. Grandals been tucked under GW's shadow for the last few weeks.

The 8pm start time is perfect! Lets come away with a win! We have the talent. Lets do it!

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