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Scotty The Marlin

Let's keep the FIU/Marlins theme going on the GPP.Rembisz Flam

Scott Rembisz, who moved up to the executive board of Company Jones with his performances at the Sun Belt Conference Tournament last month, became the first FIU player from this past year's team to sign a contract with a Major League organization. Scott (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) joined the Florida Marlins Gulf Coast rookie league team last Saturday in Jupiter.

Scott's been practicing with the rookie Marlins since then at the Marlins spring training complex. He joins former Panthers Chris Dunn (far left, thanks AJH photo)) Dunn Villa (Jupiter) and Elih Villanueva (near left, thanks Danny Kambel photo) (Jacksonville) in the Marlins organization.

The Marlins rookie league team plays their home games at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter where the big league Marlins hold spring training each March.

But don't let me tell you about it, here's Scott with thoughts on his new job.

PP: So how did the process of signing with the Marlins happen?

SR: I was golfing last Friday with some teammates [Jeremy Patton, Corey Polizzano and Phil Haig] in Miami Springs and the Marlins called me. We talked about where I would start. I signed and here I am in Jupiter.

PP: How's your golf game?

SR: I'm terrible. I normally shoot 100.

PP: What were you doing during the draft and did you think you had a shot at getting drafted?

SR: I would check in every so often on the computer to see what was going on, but I didn't really follow the draft from start to finish. I thought I would get drafted, but I didn't. But in the end I pretty much got the same deal, which is a chance to show what I could do at the next level.

PP: So what have you been doing since you signed last Saturday?

SR: I had been throwing on the side just staying loose. The first team practice was last Sunday and we've practiced ever since. Our first game is on Monday, June 21st. I haven't thrown off the mound yet.

PP: You have a brother that plays minor league ball. What level is he at now and what kind of advice has he passed on to you?

SR: My brother, Bryan, is playing for the Pensacola Pelicans. It's Independent League ball. He basically told me everybody tries to throw hard when they're pitching at this level, but very few pitchers work on hitting their spots. I can hit spots.

PP: You had an outstanding Sun Belt Conference Tournament picking up 2 wins with a 3.21 ERA and 11 strikeouts and basically saving the championship game against Troy. Do you think those performances along with what you did at FIU helped you get a pro contract?

SR: I think it helped a little bit, but really none of that would have been possible without my teammates hitting the ball and catching the ball. We really came together in that tournament.

PP: What do you think you need to do most at this level to succeed and move up the Marlins organizational ladder?

SR: I think the biggest thing is throw strikes. That's what everyone looks for in pitchers. And I've been told that at this level not too many pitchers throw their off-speed pitches for strikes and I can do that. I can get my breaking pitches over for strikes.


Aaapaw If you missed GW on the Marlins pregame show on Wednesday before the Rangers/Marlins telecast, you can click HERE to watch it. 


FIUFan: I thought, however, GW was playing in an Alaskan summer league. Any news on that?

Pob PP: GW is playing in Alaska this summer with the Peninsula Oilers. GW said he flys out to Alaska on Friday. Currently, on the Oilers roster from FIU are GW and pitcher Jorge Marban. You can get more info on the Oilers right HERE . Pablo Bermudez is also playingMiners in Alaska, but not for the Oilers. Pablo is playing for the Mat-Su Miners along with R.J. Fondon. And HERE is the Miners website. 

chiaPanther: Any one of the nonqualifiers finally have the grades? Also, Pete we are starving for football info....feed us!!

PP: We won't know about the nonqualifiers until the new school year starts. However, with that terrific 975 APR score (highest ever for the FIU baseball program) that the baseball team posted there's a good chance those players will suit up for FIU next February against UMass. 

Not much going on right now football-wise until the team reports for off-season work next Wednesday. However, I have already reported for off-season work with the Sun Belt. The Sun Belt has hired me to write the 8-year history of FIU football that will be published in the Sun Belt's 10-year football anniversary magazine later this summer. Will give you details later on where you can purchase the magazine.

josh: Pete, Any news of basketball prospects for this upcoming class?

PP: Last I heard Christmas in late July is when it's supposed to happen for one lucky university. Abron has decided to wait a little longer on his decision. Yvan is now close to 7 feet and still an FIU commit.  


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Nice Sun Belt gig Pete. Looking forward to it.

LOVE IT PETE!!!! best ever APR i would have never thought after reading the herald lol keep it up boys!!!!!! Congrats Scotty and and all the FIU baseball Alums and commits on to the next level

Good to hear the Sun Belt stuff regarding FIU Football history from your perspective.

Congrats and good luck to Scott Rembisz regarding his signing with the Marlins. Thanks Pete for the info.

Good stuff Pete! If I hadn't read your blog, I'd still have my doubts about FIU athletics in general thanks to that APR story.

Looking forward to reading your write-up in the Sunbelt Magazine.

Pete i know you've been around .... truely, noone better to summarize this program but you..... dont mind reading about our pathetic win-loss record.... some of us here have been around since the begining.....and would be willing to offer ideas.... you need suggestion box.

Pete, i must say its really refreshing to hear how our athletic department is currently doing, instead of having to read some bull$ h!t story about APR's from 4 years ago.

Finally somebody who is here to show what is REALLY going on with FIU Athletics, instead of trying to spin facts and bring up the past. Great job by the Baseball players/team scoring the highest APR in the teams history.

Congrats on the Sun Belt gig Pete!!! If anybody deserves to write about FIU, its you. Especially since you're the only one that has the BALLS to do the right thing and not be Rojas' B! tch-boy.

Wowwww...France lost?!

Pete, put a lot of emphasis on the brawl! On that note, I was in a waiting room yesterday and there was a copy of Maxim in which they analyzed the top worst moments in college football history. FIU vs UM was right in the middle of that list, complete with a nice picture of A'mod Ned and his crutches. Haha. Classic picture.

Congrats on the Sun Belt gig Pete. Thats great! I cant wait to read your stuff.

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