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Wittels, Bermudez, Martinez honored

Garrett Wittels, he of the 56-game on-hiatus hitting streak, has been named to American Baseball Coaches Association South Central All-Region First Team (try saying that five times fast).

Wittels, who can play all over the infield, was named to the first team as a second baseman.  Wittels led the Golden Panthers with a .412 batting average, and set a school record with 100 hits.

Also honored: outfielder Pablo Bermudez and designated hitter Mike Martinez, who earned second-team nods.

Wittels is two games shy of Robin Ventura's Division I record, and will continue to swing away this summer, playing in an Alaskan amateur league.


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Don't think I'll ever get tired of saying this.."Congrats GW!!"

Please add the author to the end of all blog post. Thanks.

it was adam

Clearly Adam... lol

Can someone post a list of who will be playing in summer league and for what team?

Texas and Texas A&M turned down the PAC-10 does that the conference realignment has ended.


Fiufpl are u reetarded or what? In the bottom of each post, u can find very clearly who wrote it! Stop asking the same question. Can u be any dumber?

Yea, I was going to say that. The name of the author followed by the time he posted the blog has always been at bottom of the article. Even before Adam joined us.

I read that Op-Ed and I thought it was funny. While fans might relish an intense "rivalry" between FIU and UM, the University Presidents clearly dont want it to be too intense.

All this conference realignment stuff is nothin more than a money grab. Pretty soon there will only be super conferences comprised of the top BCS teams with their own TV networks and their own automatic bowl games. I love how people claim that its unethical to pay college football players, yet they have no problem with the disgusting amounts of money that flow so freely in college football. I just saw something on ESPN that said Texas could receive $20-25 Million a year just from a new Big 12 TV network. Im not sure FIU (and other schools) even makes that much total, let alone from a TV contract.

What does it mean? For us. Absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, we're not going anywhere for a while.

I think its better that they delay expansion we need more time and we have to dominate our own conference before going anywhere else.

I am with FIU FPL. I only see the name of the author when I access the blog via my mobile phone but not via the web.

MiaCanes who the f**k are you to call people retarded. Go F**K yourself yourself.

I have to agree with FPL, I don't see the author of the blog on my end either.

The Op-Ed piece is just an attempt to keep things civil between both schools. I think it was a good move on Shalala's part to write to the Herald.

Although I do think emotions run deeper with fans from both schools. Just look at this fool called MiaCanes. Where did this clown come from?

Letter the editor**

Once u click on the link to the post the name diappears but when u first open the gpp, the name of the author is there. Really u guys are all tools, if u couldnt figure this out! Im outta here, u guys are overly pathetic and a complete waste of my time. Bye bye, im sure u all will miss me! Keep doing ur thing, Mr. Beasley...

Mia - do share pics once you got your new "Duh U" tattoo on your ankle. It's gonna go great with Dat U ankle bracelet of yours. Although it's gonna be hard to beat that tattoo of Sebastian you have on your inner thighs, still trying to understand what you meant by "when I'm lonely, I can make Sebastian fly."

Go scUM!!

MiaCanes... leaving... but why? you've grown such an interest in our athletic programs... Hell, you may be the GP's biggest fan...you'll be back... if not as MiaCanes than under another name. Please continue to hold conversations with yourself..... Missing you already!!!

I can't see the author either.........However, Adam's writting is so distinguishable:

" Garrett Wittels, he of the 56-game on-hiatus hitting streak. "

You know, there was a time where I thought we were growing on Adam... particularly during the nearly-24hr baseball blog at the sun-belt tourney...but, nothing to it, he'll never like us or fully respect us... that's evident on his writing. Maybe 'cause he thinks our biligual ability means we cant' read between the lines. But what ever his problem is, it will never change... Either love what you do and or don't do it...

Should our programs ever reach respectability like the Baseball Program is starting to do, it will only help him in his career as other writers may read his stuff to learn about our programs. And this is the junk you want to publish!!!

Anyways, I'm tired of seeing FIU abused and battered, tired of all the back-handed complemenents... Of Cote and his BS! Adams worthless vague articles.... Not waiting for you to come-around any longer...in psychology it's called learned helplessness and battered person syndrome.

Just hoping you move on to bigger and better..ASAP!!!... Not mad, truly hoping the best for you... Cause you will never give us your best here....

Couldn't have said it better chia'. Please continue to contribute.

Bye MiaCanes; here's to hoping that you'll keep your promise.

And no, I can't see the author of these blogs either (don't come in through the gpp link) but I have my suspicions as soon as I read a few words.

PETE: Any news about recruits that have been picked up during the month of June?

This is the only part of college athletics that I don't like. No action on the field so the topics are limited.. If anyone hears any news regarding our 2010/2011 season post it up! BTW I have not received my season tix yet. Should be here by Mid July (i hope)...


Chia, way to bring it strong. Section 112 representing!!! I just believe that he's Rojas do-boy.

Congrats to GW, what an amazing season. I'll be there for weekend opener next year. Kid has represented FIU well.

Gooch7, I heard FIU Season tickets will be delivered mid-August.

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