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Commissioner’s List and Academic Honor Roll awards announced

The following 124 FIU athletes were honored on Wednesday.

2009-10 Sun Belt Commissioner’s List (FIU) – 3.5 GPA or higher (47 student-athletes)

John Caballero (Baseball)

Justin Leith (Baseball)

Jose Velasquez (Baseball)

Marlon Bright (Men’s Basketball)

Cherisse Buddy (Women’s Basketball)

Elisa Carey (Women’s Basketball)

Fanni Hutlassa (Women’s Basketball)

Maja Krajacic (Women’s Basketball)

Carmen Miloglav (Women’s Basketball)

Christopher Edwards (Football)

Matthew Garris (Football)

Paul McCall (Football)

Brandon Paquette (Football)

Complete list after the jump

Ashlyn Parker (Football)

Armond Willis (Football)

Victoria Miliucci (Women’s Soccer)

Julieta Morano (Women’s Soccer)

Melanie Raimo (Women’s Soccer)

Casey Thames (Women’s Soccer)

Kasey Barrett (Softball)

Jennifer Gnaidek (Softball)

Morgan Huling (Softball)

Carolina Rojas (Softball)

Iriseldis Soberon (Softball)

Lauren Spiers (Softball)

Penelope Baxter (Swimming & Diving)

Sara Giovannoni (Swimming & Diving)

Elly James (Swimming & Diving)

Lindsay Juman (Swimming & Diving)

Chelsie Kidd (Swimming & Diving)

Jennifer Lee (Swimming & Diving)

Chrisna Luus (Swimming & Diving)

Nicola MacKenzie (Swimming & Diving)

Colleen Neubert (Swimming & Diving)

Danielle Sneir (Swimming & Diving)

Jamie Stinson (Swimming & Diving)

Maria Pazo (Women’s Tennis)

Christine Seredni (Women’s Tennis)

Maria Spenceley (Women’s Tennis)

Michael Pujol (Men’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Jonathan Schaetz (Men’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Karina Edwards (Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Daniela Espino (Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Chanel Araujo (Volleyball)

Jovana Bejlica (Volleyball)

Gaby Jaimes (Volleyball)

Isadora Rangel (Volleyball)

2009-10 Sun Belt Honor Roll (FIU) – 3.0 GPA or higher (77 student-athletes)

Jorge Marban (Baseball)

Mason McVay (Baseball)

Joseph Migliaccio (Baseball)

Corey Polizzano (Baseball)

Tyler Shantz (Baseball)

Garrett Wittels (Baseball)

Nikola Gacesa (Men’s Basketball)

Dante Jennings (Men’s Basketball)

Monika Bosilj (Women’s Basketball)

Liene Jekabsone (Women’s Basketball)

Finda Mansare (Women’s Basketball)

Antwoine Bell (Football)

Wesley Carroll (Football)

Tyler Clawson (Football)

Johnathan Cyprien (Football)

Michael Davies (Football)

Jonathan Faucher (Football)

Anthony Gaiter (Football)

Carlos Gonzalez (Football)

Ulavale Matavao (Football)

Carlos Munera (Football)

Calvin Paquette (Football)

Cody Pellicer (Football)

Artis Warthen (Football)

Wayne Younger (Football)

Yolecci Jimenez (Women’s Golf)

Tania Tare (Women’s Golf)

Samantha Girard (Women’s Soccer)

Amy Jackson (Women’s Soccer)

Carlan Jones (Women’s Soccer)

Deana Rossi (Women’s Soccer)

Kaitlyn Savage (Women’s Soccer)

Megan Snelling (Women’s Soccer)

Kassandra Sorzano (Women’s Soccer)

Kayla Burri (Softball)

Kelsey Grabiak (Softball)

Elizabeth Peller (Softball)

Sabrina Beaupre (Swimming & Diving)

Kelly Boyd (Swimming & Diving)

Kayla Derr (Swimming & Diving)

Tiffany Erdman (Swimming & Diving)

Caroline Foster (Swimming & Diving)

Kelly Grace (Swimming & Diving)

Estefania Macchiavello (Swimming & Diving)

Mariangela Macchiavello (Swimming & Diving)

Erin Pavlick (Swimming & Diving)

Namiko Shibata (Swimming & Diving)

Lauren Smith (Swimming & Diving)

Liset Brito (Women’s Tennis)

Priscilla Castillo (Women’s Tennis)

Victor Chin (Men’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Christopher Gilbert (Men’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Jason Oliver (Men’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Alberto Palaez (Men’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Daniel Stephenson (Men’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Alberto Zuniga (Men’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Anna Boisseau (Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Elma Camacho (Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Janelle Clark (Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Kimberly Dekrey (Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Jessica Deroquancourt (Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Estefani Fierro (Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Jessica Goggins (Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Gabriela Herrera (Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Julie Jozenville (Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Patrice Leslie (Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Bianca Morrison (Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Florence Ukapi (Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Ashlyn Balensiefer (Volleyball)

Angelia Colon (Volleyball)

Sabrina Gonzalez (Volleyball)

Lisa Hooey (Volleyball)

Andrea Lakovic (Volleyball)

Ines Medved (Volleyball)

Marija Prsa (Volleyball)

Olga Vergun (Volleyball)

Hope Williams (Volleyball)



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Copy + Paste = Miami Herald Blog Post

What a joke! This isn't a fan board, gentlemen. I'm not asking you to be a journalist. I'm asking you to be a blogger. Don't be lazy!!!

Thanks Justin thanks for the info.

Please do me a favor and read the APR story on FIU so you could see for yourself how B#tchly got all of us against him and so you could learn from his mistakes. According to him we are terrible academically and losing scholarships yet we manage to have 124 FIU athletes were honored with a 3.0 and above...

Although I read this earlier today on FIU sports...It is the first time in a long while we see consecutive posts on the GPP. How about including this great news about our scholar athletes in the paper?

BTW can you please post your name at the bottom of the page so we know its you and not B#tchly.

Keep it coming Justo!!!


Love ya dog BUT for some, this blog may be there only source of FIU Sports info. Syndicating info from other sources is part of the digital information age.

Wooh hoo! FIU doing great in the classroom. Thanks Justin.


If this what we are to expect from these guys, we may as well just use FIUGoldenPanthers.com as our news source. Copy and pasting an Athletic Dept. Release is what fans do on message boards. These guys are getting paid. At least write a paragragh of nonsense. Anything! I just can't believe he's blatantly copying and pasting something easily found on FIUSports.com. When did Pete ever do that?

Oh, and love you too bud. Lol


what can you tell us about pooh bears ankle? hows recovery coming along?

Had to comeback bc im a little confused by the Herald. If im not mistaken, the herald felt that Pete was too close to FIU, but yet the go and put Justin Azpiazu (cousin to FIU media relations person Megan Azpiazu) to the FIU Blog).

Will fatboy Rojas ever be straightforward with us, or will he continue to try and jerk us around like he does to b!tchly's little croqueta????

PS - Koplan (from last blog) def has a sick collection of yammukahs



***I could provide so much info on our sports teams, it cracks me up that so many of YOU here "expect" the UHerald to provide you with "fair and balanced" coverage.

Get it over it already. Trust me, when we starting crushing teams and truly become a story to follow, FIU will be the darling sweetheart everyone wants to date.

Honestly, I still have this bookmarked to see ya'll's reaction - it's embarrassing how small so of you are.

PIKEDANNY, you are 100% correct, if you are collecting a check - then write a story about one of the student athletes and what it takes to maintain great academics while enduring a rigorous athletics schedule.

**I find it impossible to believe that anyone visiting this site is not aware of the other message board or FIUsports.com

Fomentor - I will agree with YOU, just this ONE time, indeed a train wreck is fun to watch !!

FBG, your post on the last blog was great. It encapsulated all the bias and bold face lies that has gone on before. But has scUM Rojas turned over a new leaf? Who knows. However, with change comes opportunity. And this is an opportunity to mend fences and get to a 'hoped' common goal of having our local public university back in a positive light with these guys.

You know what, I'll take a 'positive' cut and paste over a 'negative' cheap shot any day of the week. I'm happy they're trying, albeit lamely, to mend the broken fence that is the APR story.

Justin, please have the story on your FIU site updated and/or removed. This b.s. story should not be hanging on us for this long. We all know its recruiting season and this story was 'manufactured' right in the heart of it to stir the pot (thanks BJ and Lebastard...doesn't that sound like a morning radio show).

Justin, dump the lead story on the Uherald, its bs and stratigically fabricated.
Every ny media outlet has denied it..... you waiting on the pony express for a memo.
Rakeem if you read this please note that in this state (fl) there has never been a a baketball presence south of usf and uf.
You , apack, and ,ferg will own 75 % of the state.
The fact tht the knicks consult Isih is because hes freaking Isaih Thomas... nba's 2nd greatest. Point in modern basketball. This is not Clyde who at university of houston.
Your room is here, your future is here, and he will get you draftes...
Come git it!

Meant to say fsu not usf.....
Forany dumb Umer...do not mention halmiltons 1 year run or Popas teams to me

I love it, my panthers hitting the weights and the books hard. Instead of the photos of the bloggers, can we just get a photo of ROARY and the Dazzlers...

Uff and everyone else....
There's no way I'm running away from this blog... not when when we are this close. Uheralds moves, all of them specially of late are prove of it.
Pete's sacrafice was meant to inspire our effort, i'm sure of it.
Its almost the fourh quarter and you're walking out... to be part of the other 120k voiceless alumni.. bull$hit!
Pete be Reed, join us as an independent and post on.
I love fiugoldenpanthers.com, but the voiceless do not go there.... so this is the only medium .... this is where we must take our stand...

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fiusports/2010/07/and-so-it-begins-thomas-watch-tv-update.html#ixzz0vBFj8jnY

Justin, I hope this is not a preview of what's to come with you. No offense, but you got to bring it strong!

I'm with you Chia! even though coverage from Uherald has been crappy, we still got to have our presence here. Lets show Uherald that we won't be pushed around. Believe me when I say that I have no respect for Adam Beasley, but he's not keeping me away from reading FIU information.

I wish Pete were back, hope to see him at opener against Rutgers. What would also be great if he post on this blog.



Common Justin. Your first post and this is what you bring? Common man, dig deeper. Make us want to read your post.

Just found out about Pete's departure. This is some Bull S***. Pete give us a clue on where do you plan to go next. We will follow.

Remember, you can also visit fiusm.com for FIU sports news!. In addition, you can find us on facebook @FIU Student Media:Sports

Guys some of you all need to calm down. Yes this is just a copy and paste, but it is positive, and any positive reporting is a good thing for us. You all need to chill out a bit and not alienate people off the bat.

As for the Isiah story, that really needs to be retracted. There are no legs to it and Dan needs to stop firing off unsubstantiated rumors. Dan, don't live up to your last name.

some people need to lay off the cuban coffee... you are all wired! lol ya copy and past i get it... however, they are in the dog days of summer... that doesnt mean they cant find stories if they go looking... however, dont kill them for actually passing along some information to us... especially if its something positive

Happy to see that FIU is performing on the athletic field as well as in the classroom. The Coaches also deserve some of the credit since they are trying to push for higher standards on the field and the classroom.

Can someone list three or four different web sites that we can get more updates on FIU athletics. This are the only ones I know:

fiusports.com (just general info)
fiugoldenpanthers.com (pretty good stuff)
fiusm.com (never been on it)


In addition, there is also pantherrage.com

Any clue where Pete went and where we can read his stuff? Justin that was beyond weak.

Alright, you guys need to stop throwing out random links and pick a new destination (if most think it's necessary). There is no point in scattering at this point.

We need to remain strong and united.

F the herald. May it b u r n!

Hey Justin, the blog is going well so far, but I have just a little tip. Try to add some pictures and color to the blog to make it "pop". ;) Thanks!

Justin please read the lb preview and dl preview on fiugoldenpanther.com that's the type of story we want to hear about this time of year

This is nothing against Justin. I've never come on here and bashed him or Adam. The fact remains that Justin copied and pasted something directly from FIUSports.com. Maybe I'm "wired on Cuban coffee," but to me, that's a cheap way to come up with a blog entry. This isn't Joel from FIU Student Media volunteering his time (I wouldn't get on his case for a copy and paste job). This is a REPORTER who collects a pay check insulting us by putting this up. If this is an example of his work, get FIUPIKE on the phone an see if he's down to do the blogs on his lunch hour. It seems he's done a better job on his lunch break than Justin has in a week.

No offense Justin, but if you're getting paid for this, you need to give some thought to your posts and not be lazy. Not all of us are going to automatically thank you for a wonderful post just because it's positive. I want to see the same effort Pete put into this blog.

Sorry for being real guys. It is what it is.


Joel does a better job and is now the 1'st place I look for information.

Link to Joel's blog, anyone?

More garbage from the Herald today:

http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/08/01/1 ... t-the.html

No mention that Pete was not only not promoted to be the FIU beat writer (which I actually thought he already was), but was actually taken completely off the blog initially until our letters and e-mails flooded Rojas. No mention of Rojas lying to us. No interviews of Dr. Rosenberg or Pete Garcia because the were "on vacation." More laziness, more hiding behind lies. Herald, your UM bias is so transparent.

Link doesn't work SouthPaw. What was this article? UHerald probably took it down, the tend to like doing that if FIU is mentioned in anything but a negative light.

Here is the link to my blog, "Cup of Joel" (You can also click on my name and it will take you there): http://cup-of-joel.blogspot.com

I'm going to have a new blog up within the hour. Plus, I have a special interview on Panther Sports Talk Live tomorrow morning on Radiate FM and FIUSM.com. I'll have details on the blog post. You don't want to miss it!

good job joel with the blog I bookmarked it.


Not sure why the link isn't working. You can also find it on the FIU board at fiugoldenpanthers.com.

It looks like a piece that the UM-loving fat boys at the Herald instructed to be written to take another shot at Pete. It paints Pete as a lowly "clerk" who wasn't qualified for the job of FIU beat reporter. What a joke. New lowly depths for the UMHerald.

coach cristobal is gonna be interviewed on univision 23 at 11:15 tonight, check it out.

Wow, that story was pure manure. Thanks for posting Southpaw.

Justin what do you think of that story? Be honest to us. Any way you can get that clown to do live blog with GPP? I got another idea for blog, get Pete Garcia and Dr. Rosenberg's views of what is happening at Uherald.9
Show us what you're made off.

Well, it's been three weeks since Pete left and here's what we've got to this point: an introduction and a cut-and-paste.

Expanded coverage?

p.s. has anybody seen Adam Beasley, he's been awol for nearly six weeks now. He's our beat-writer???

Great info about the stadium. I hope the big guys on top can agree on making this happen. I realize it all comes down to who puts out the money but I think having a Student Center at the stadium will be a great idea. If you noticed many big time programs around the country and Florida have something that relates to the student body connected to the stadium. You want more then just 10 coaches and 80 football players around the stadium. Its a great place for EVERYONE to enjoy. I personally can't wait until the Alumni Center opens. Keep up the hard work!


It's funny how the lies continue to evolve...
Rojas, my suggestion to you is to keep a notebook and write all your lies on it. You're starting to contradict yourself in every story....
Rather than address the declarations made by Mr. Pete Pelegrim, you're now taking the approach of minimizing his role in the Uherald.
What's even funnier, is that this is the Uheralds second "Opinions" or "Ideas" article on this Media Relations Nightmare Pete caused you.
On the third one, you'll state he was the janitor who "hacked" into the company's computer system... LOL

It's so sad that I cant stop laughing... UHerald is a train wreck and I cant stop looking. It's funny that it now takes me two pop-up screens to access any link in your online-articles... I recall when this wasn't so... when the Uherald used to write the news not have "clerks" check google for posted news.

In ten years, when the herald is boughtout by the Chinese (or Chavez) and FIU is striving with enrollment, an ever improving Sports product and high achivements with its' new Medical School and Law School along with it's established Business School, Engineering, and Hospitality School... it will be even funnier.

To anyone who took the time to read this rant, thanks! And I hope the Uhearld realizes before its' too late that the Real University of Miami is located on 107th Ave and SW 8st. With an active enrollment of 40K, 75% of which is Minority students, 90% from FL. Your sons & daughthers are FIU!

Adam or Justin: Sunday is fall camp/training for the FIU Football game and we haven't even had any reports yet on how the players are doing in the weight room. I am very disappointed in how the FIU Fooball team is being reported on. I really wish that someone would get on the ball and start reporting on what is going on with our FIU Golden Panthers on and OFF the field! PROUD MOM #86 HARRIS!!!!! GO GOLDEN PANTHERS! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 9/11 RUTGERS GAME!

"GPP fans please don’t fear, we will not disappoint you."

Classic line.

We have a saying in section 112... Joel and Beasly are "MUUUEERRTOS!"

to justin/beasley... hagan algo already

roary, Justin/Adam son unos MUUUEERRTOS! Put it this way, yesterday on Univision Coach Cristobal was on. If anything they could have taped the segment and come up with a blog from it...Justin you speak Spanish????

Justin, you are getting your chance but are disappointing.

Wow this is the 1st time I came on this site to see how the FIU football team is doing compaired to the Owls. I am really suprised that a newspaper would have so much issues with covering a local team.

yep this is getting kinda ridiculous now...

This enhanced coverage is phenomenal. Please, no more enhancing, my heart can't take it.

is it too late that FIU get coverage in the Sun-Sentinel?

Holy crap someone buy me some new RayBans... all of this upgraded FIU coverage is blinding me!!!


Please let us know how FAU is doing because getting FIU coverage on this web page is impossible.. I just hope we don't have to play 6 overtimes this year against FAU and it can just be a good game with an FIU victory. That trophy has been in the "Mouth of the Rat" (for you Pete) for way to long..



We need to start something so I will go ahead and post this three questions:




My answers:
LaPorte (TE)

Beat FAU in the final 2min!

15K at the Rutgers game (12K from FIU and 3K from Rutgers)

Maybe we're all just spoiled with Pete's production on these blogs. These two guys are obvious mental midgets in comparison so you can't expect a blog a week. Hell it probably took them a week just to figure out Rosenberg was our president and not NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus. After learning this, Beasley was slightly embarrassed that he kept screaming "Show me the money" in an interview.

LaPorte....really? Havent heard anything on his recovery.
So many guys underacheived last season due to injuries or lack of playing time, or experience....than again we expected so much while having so little....underclassmen had to play so much.... never saw the pantherspeedway or wildpanther until end of season. I want to say with a better oline, wesley undercenter, and healthy TY.... i think wayne times will produce better numbers in an expanded role.

Game that will be won in the final minutes is Rutgers....

And the final attendance for Rutgers is 20k. I think Uheralds anti-FIU propaganda peeks interest and Pete Garcia markets the game

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