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More 7-on-7s

Back for some more 7-on-7s the other morning and got to see some of the newer Panthers make some plays.

Linebacker Winston Fraser looks 100 percent after battling some injuries the last couple of seasons. AndWf to prove it, No. 34 stuck with Darian Mallary on a long pass play preventing Oooh from making the catch. WF (right) also was active in defending the running game.

A couple of veterans made some tough catches in traffic: Greg Ellingson reached down low to snare a ball with a defender draped on him. Junior Mertile beat two defenders across the middle to the ball. Junior then made an over the shoulder catch.

One guy that looks like he can make an impact this season is linebacker Kenny Dillard. Not only physically -- because KD's gains in the weight room are noticeable -- but in what is expected to be one of the more competitive positions on the team.

Remember, Dillard (left) led Dade County -- where dam good high school football is played -- in tackles his senior season at Northwestern.

KD had Glen Coleman covered like a blanket in pass coverage and from seeing Coleman's elusiveness a few times now -- that is not an easy task.

Freshman linebacker Greg Hickman had a day as huge as his physique the other day. At 6-1, 270, Dill Hickman has the physical tools to play right now. Whether, he gets the playing time will be decided in camp when everyone is battling for a playing spot.

GH picked off 2 passes -- intercepting both Wesley Carroll and Wayne Younger.

On the WC INT, GH scooped a low pass in the middle of the field. On the WY INT, GH returned it 52 yards for a TD.

Back to Coleman, like Willis Wright, GC has good size for a receiver at 6-2, 205. In the 7-on-7s, the freshmen do not have jersey numbers, because they won't be assigned until camp.

However, on one play GC borrowed No. 4 from Goodbye and of course, his teammates let him know what number he was wearing, yelling out "Little T.Y.". A little ironic, because at 6-2 GC is not little.

Anyway, GC donned No. 4 and on the first play -- yes, you guessed it -- GC makes a catch down the middle of the field for 21 yards.

Jairus Williams continued his development by reaching back to make a nifty catch.Four

Tourek Williams's motor has not slowed from last season. He sacked quick WY.

Defensive backs Antwoine Bell and Terrance Taylor broke up a jump ball for Jonathan Faucher.

Senior Ty Frierson showed some sticky hands on a fastball from WY. Frierson had two defenders around him when WY slipped the ball in there.

We all have seen how fast and shifty WY is when he takes off with the ball -- such as the game-winning TD run vs. North Texas. However, on this particular play WY could not shake Anthony Gaitor. WY made a Lee slick move that shook me out of my shoes on the sideline, but Gaitor didn't bite and tagged him for the stop.

Dez Johnson, granted a medical redshirt for last season, played some nice pass D toward the end of the session.

At 5-10, 285 pounds, Jerricho Lee (left) is built like a tank and at first glance I will admit I didn't think he had the quickness to catch someone in the backfield, but he certainly would be an asset in run D.

Jerricho proved me wrong at the end of the workout by chasing down WY, who is probably one of the 3 or 4 fastest players on the team. My apologies, Jerricho, I will not make that mistake again.


Paw Miami Central QB Rakeem Cato (right) has committed to FIU.  Cato threw for 2,777 yards and 37 TDsCato last season while getting picked off just 9 times.

Paw Whoever said football was not an international game? In the last poll question asking where would FIU football finish in the Sun Belt this season, responses came in from: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Caracas, Venezuela; Goiania, Brazil; Brighton, Unitred Kingdom; Madrid, Spain, Tokyo, Japan and the 2 newest readers to join the GPP: a reader in Burkina Faso in Africa and a reader from George Town in the Cayman Islands.

Time to update the scorecard:



42 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Gabon, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Oman, Panama, Peru, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela, Vietnam.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 2 TERRITORIES: Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico.



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Great information Pete...Thanks for providing us with all these updates. Good to hear Jerricho Lee and Hickman...two of our "biggest" recruits...are already at FIU taking part of off season workouts and going to class.

Great news indeed with Rakeen Cato's commitment, as he was, at least statistically speaking, a great QB last season while at Miami Springs and fairly highly thought of. His only drawback appears to be his height for a QB, it seems. His committing to FIU gives us an even better chance of landing current Central High teammate and former Miami Springs fellow player, WR Tommy Shuler...as well as other highly regarded Central High players.

Thanks for the good info, Pete!!

gh is gonna be a big time linebacker, and cato is a big time commit for fiu.

what about dline josh forney heard he had a good spring and looks bigger

Pete, can you please comment on which of the freshmen have actually made it to FIU and which did not qualify?

Only Jason Fitch and Jordan White have not reported, but are expected by next week or the following.

Richard Leonard is on the bubble as far as qualifying. Wait and see with him.

Everyone else from the 2010 class is in school and participating in summer workouts.

Good question FIUPantherFan.. It does not pay to have the Top Recruiting class in the Conference if they can't qualify to get into school.. That's GREAT news!

PETE: Do you think Darian is going to become the back RB or will he have a chance to start? I know its only 7-on-7 but who is the front runner for the starting and back-up RB spot?

Im extremely excited that some of our talented freshmen as well as our veteran players are getting ready to kick of in less then 60 days! Keep up the hard work!

Go Golden Panthers

pete, does richard leonard have a good probability of qualifying? is it test scores? hope he qualifies he seems to be one of the most promising prospects at db in this class.

Come on football season, start! Begin! Now!

I didnt get a chance to post on the last article, but Ill do so now. our 2010 team is extremely talented, particularly offense, and we should expect to win games. Often when a team has good talent, but poor performance its because the talent wasnt properly taught/coached. Im hoping the new coordinators have really worked with our guys. Our guys, specifically on defense, made a lot of careless mistakes last year and this just cant keep going. Missed tackles, taking bad angles, blown coverages, etc. Mental mistakes that our guys cant make.

In any case I think we might be suprised this year. I see a 7-5 season. Dont ask why, I just see it. We have the potential there and if we stay healthy its possible.

Welcome Cato!!!, this a major recruit, FIU is doing a good job at picking out top talent in south florida.

TY and Willis are waiting!!!

Good News.... WELCOME CATO!!!

good news on Cato...i enjoy hearing about the db vs WR battles but what im really waiting for is to see how the oline and dline battle w/ pads... because thats whats really goin to determin our season

CATO!!!!!that's great news.. statistically better than Bridgewater (UM commit).. while playing at Miami Springs... SO we continue our springs connection... GREAT JOB Of recruiting..... this is the kind of QB that would of typically gone to USF or the like, so that is an awsome grab to compete with Jake in the future... Jake was a huge get too... Fourtunately for us Jake got hurt and other schools backed away... We'll we need to grow the talent...DEVELOPE, DEVELOPE and WIN... RESULTS!! that's what MC needs to do...

Info for those not too familiar with Cato... Consider THE MIAMI CANES HERALD made a huge anouncement when they got Bridgewater to committ... and we get one blurp....
"A starter since the ninth grade at Miami Springs, the numbers the 6-foot-1, 180-pound junior have compiled in 28 starts (361-596, 5,988 yards, 67 TDs, 17 INTs) have him on pace to break all of the Miami-Dade County passing records which currently belong to University of Miami sophomore Jacory Harris (416-617, 6,365 yards, 87 TDs in his career at Miami Northwestern)."

He transfered to Central for his Senior Year...so we'll see how good he is with a strong defense to keep getting him the ball.

Thanks for all the great stuff Pete.

By the way, how does WC look? Is he picking up the Offense? Is it still a close competition (in your opinion) or is daylight between the two starting to be noticed. thanks.

Here's Cato Against the best:
Against NorthWestern:
Cato completed 19 of 38 passes for 376 yards and finished with three touchdowns. Wright caught five passes for 195 yards. Springs' receiver Tommy Shuler caught nine passes for 116 yards.

Against Central
Cato, who finished with four touchdown passes, threw a 31-yarder to Tyrone Bibby on the game's first drive. Following a fumble recovery on the ensuing kickoff, Cato connected with Willis Wright for a 34-yard touchdown. Wright finished with five catches for 142 yards and three touchdowns
Rakeem Cato 16 31 276 4 1

Against Hialeah:
Springs quarterback Rakeem Cato connected with Tommy Shuler for two scores in the second quarter. He finished the game with three touchdown passes
Rakeem Cato 16 22 264 3 1

Don't know about you but everything here reads 4-Star!!!!!!!!!!!!Welcome to FIU Cato.

Here's Cato Against the best:
Against NorthWestern:
Cato completed 19 of 38 passes for 376 yards and finished with three touchdowns. Wright caught five passes for 195 yards. Springs' receiver Tommy Shuler caught nine passes for 116 yards.

Against Central
Cato, who finished with four touchdown passes, threw a 31-yarder to Tyrone Bibby on the game's first drive. Following a fumble recovery on the ensuing kickoff, Cato connected with Willis Wright for a 34-yard touchdown. Wright finished with five catches for 142 yards and three touchdowns
Rakeem Cato 16 31 276 4 1

Against Hialeah:
Springs quarterback Rakeem Cato connected with Tommy Shuler for two scores in the second quarter. He finished the game with three touchdown passes
Rakeem Cato 16 22 264 3 1

Don't know about you but everything here reads 4-Star!!!!!!!!!!!!Welcome to FIU Cato.

Here's Cato Against the best:
Against NorthWestern:
Cato completed 19 of 38 passes for 376 yards and finished with three touchdowns. Wright caught five passes for 195 yards. Springs' receiver Tommy Shuler caught nine passes for 116 yards.

Against Central
Cato, who finished with four touchdown passes, threw a 31-yarder to Tyrone Bibby on the game's first drive. Following a fumble recovery on the ensuing kickoff, Cato connected with Willis Wright for a 34-yard touchdown. Wright finished with five catches for 142 yards and three touchdowns
Rakeem Cato 16 31 276 4 1

Against Hialeah:
Springs quarterback Rakeem Cato connected with Tommy Shuler for two scores in the second quarter. He finished the game with three touchdown passes
Rakeem Cato 16 22 264 3 1

Don't know about you but everything here reads 4-Star!!!!!!!!!!!!Welcome to FIU Cato.

scout preview for fiu is up http://cfn.scout.com/2/983756.html

I won the sunbelt conference on ncaa 2011. can Mario win it?

Very nice and comprehensive preview of FIU's 2010 team and season. I thought this guy certainly did his research on our team, and almost sounds like a positive FIU fan stating some of the reasons we would be a lot better this season. Thanks for the link, panther.

Garrett, win your ESPY!!!

Any chance Pete went to LA? Haha.

Roary, is the new stadium in NCAA 2011?

nope the new stadium is not in ncaa 2011 its suppose to be in 2012.

FIU FOOTBALL!!!! LETS GO--- I cant wait to see the team in 2010. Guys sound like they are practicing hard and getting better.

Panther, good article and nice read..... did anyone notice the writers name? pete . Last name? FIU....lol

Seems this Pete is a big follower of our fan blogs.... I posted that very same qb info and stats about 1.5 weeks ago.. lol
But hey if I were a national writer covering an unknown, i would absolutely read fan blogs....guys like fanatic, jm, olden, etc......are more informed and knowledgeable than one of our beat writers....A?where you at?

Btw, roary i won the ncaa tourney on my ps.... had to play as the other team at times....lol...IT make it happen.

Did GW win the espy?

@chiaPanther I responed to ur question on the last post, a lil late sorry.

'Playa, The Kentucky hoops player won the ESPY for best college athlete. Great pub' for GW and FIU anyways.

Let's focus on football and hoops now.

Will this be the year that the FIU nation FINALLY realizes that Mario Cristobal is NOT a head coach?????

Fiu knownothing Mario is the man. Go home and watch it happen have some faith

I also think Critobal is moving the program forward. What people DON'T remember is the crap that he was handed 4 years ago. NCAA penalties like crazy, less scholarships to work with, less practice time, and who knows what else. I think this year he has the pressure of running a tight ship (no screw-up's) and winning SIX games. I realize that means NO BOWL GAME, but that will be his pressure for 2011.. In the rating scale I would give:

Strock and Staff: 2 out of 10
Cristobal and old staff: 5 out of 10
Cristobal and new staff: 7 out of 10 (i hope)


MC is going a great job with FIU lack of depth is out of his control and takes a few season to fix. At this point were looking better than we did last year depth wise. Thanks to MC~

http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=5392628 article on espn about fiu, good read.

No new blogs?

What's going on? Thank goodness for the Heat this summer.

a new blog should come up soon its media day for the belt

Need new info ... Cato interview ... something please !!!

Good job Herald taking down Pete's last blog. But the internets don't lie like you do. Here's the blog: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fiusports/2010/07/hfkjdshfdkjsfhd.html

I knew it was a matter of time before they brought it down. What a joke herald has become.

I guess freedom of speech is only protected when it is in favor of the herald.

No reason to read this paper now, the only reason i purchased this paper was for fiu sports and the coupons on sundays lol. Talk about unfair coverage...

WOW! I knew they were going to take down Pete's last blog. The hearld sucks!

As the Herald has decided it wants to hide the truth, please come to www.fiugoldenpanthers.com to read about Pete's resignation. Also, Pete, if you are reading this, please feel free to stop by and comment!

WAY TO GO PETE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go Pete! You're going to be a great success in your future endeavors. You have the character needed to rise above the garbage permeating this paper and surely we'll all find the same elsewhere. I wish you well and thank you for the FANTASTIC job you've done over the years.

As for this paper, we all knew what was the underlying tone against us here. The only way this paper will realize they've wronged an ENTIRE UNIVERSITY FAN AND ALUMNI BASE is to never support or patronage this paper or website again. I for one am starting right now.

im soooooo excied *sarcasm* for the next FIU blog about how the university should drop the football program to D2/ or completely and how we should all bow to the U ...

I see it's important for herald to take Pete's face out of blog. So how long before next blog write up? I say a month is over/under. I'm going over.

Well, it does validate much of what some of us have been saying...and/or suspected for a long period of time.

Good luck Pete in whatever your future endeavors are, and thank you for your years of coverage and especially, the way you conducted and brought to life this blog.

Way to go Pete!!!

What a shame. Pete, you are a class act. I applaud you for being a stand-up individual and fighting for us all. I wish you and your family the best of luck. You'll be fine. Cream always rises to the top.

I left a comment on the last blog before the Herald took it down. That is just wrong, wrong, wrong. Miami Hurricane Herald is awful and has always been out of touch with the real Miami and its going to do them in.

Thanks Herald, for respecting my freedom of speech and freedom of the press

Pete thanks for all the great information and entertaining blogs, the live blogs, and great articles! You fed me some FIU when I was hungry and I thank you. Good luck in everything!

I have been a quiet reader for the most part on this blog and have witnessed the events leading to PP's resignation. PP deserves all the thanks in the world from us for his dedication until the end.. and to end it like that was truly legendary. My many thanks to Pete for his dedication, I only hope that Pete Garcia takes note of what PP has exposed and that he slams The Miami Herald for their deliberate offenses towards FIU Sports in their newspaper.

Pete Pelegrin you are truly a legend in my eyes and you represent all of what a great sports writer should have. I would love if FIUsports.com hired you as the chief editor or something of the sorts because you are truly needed in our community. We have lost a great asset in the media circuit, and that would be 2 in the last year.

To Adam... keep up the "unbiased" writing you've been doing since you got here and you'll be sure to have no followers before the Football season starts. I suggest you follow the footsteps of the great sports journalist that you have succeeded or you will have no success here. Good luck.

Best of luck Pete, I suggest we write to PG and see how we can help our friend Pete out.

I wish you the best in the future. Thanks for all the information you have provided us over the years. Great job covering FIU sports.
We cant let this put a damper on this upcoming season. Besides the real blog is not the gpp.
Anxiously waiting for 9/11.


I also want to wish you all the best in the future. I hope you find a place that appreciates dedication and hard work. Thank you for ALWAYS answering all my questions about FIU Athletics. Best of luck and God Bless!

Note: I am so happy that I CANCELED my subscription 3 weeks ago.. Today was actually the first day I spend $0.50 to buy a newspaper (reason was to read Pete's FIU story). Sun Sentinal here I come, even if it means reading about FAU all day.. At least they don't have idiots running the show from the top!

Go Golden Panthers!


I read the blog this morning. Why would a local newspaper act this way towards a university that has 150,000 alumni living in the area? I would think that 150,000 college-educated adults living in your region would be a good market for a newspaper business!

I is good to finally hear the real behind-the-scenes stories at the Miami herald sports. You really put up with a lot of crap for a long time Pete. Best of luck in your new endeavors Pete.

The truth has set Pete free. Fly, Pete, fly.

The Miami Herald has now officially been purely reduced to pre-soiled toilet paper. The Miami Herald, like its bloved Miami Hurricanes, can only live in the glory of its past as it slowly vanishes into insignificance. What a joke.

Pete, you will be missed. I wish you well in your future. Enjoy the white sandy beaches!

Pete, may the best part of your past be the worst part of your future. I hope you get the best things in life.

As far as the Herald goes, I had basically already let it go, I now have know reason to read it.

Goodbye Herald, you're irrelevancy has somehow stepped itself up.

SouthPaw - You are a joke. Your comments show the lack of knowledge FIU fans have and is part of the reason the Herald doesn't want to waste its time covering your sorry butt.

Sorry to see ya go Pete. Good luck.

Thank you for all your hard work pete. Im going to miss your articles. Best of luck in the future...

To Pete:

Sorry for you feeling the need to leave. You were thorough and entertaining, a rarity in sports bloggers down here.

To the FIU fans:

Sorry for your loss, too. I don't see any comments from this Beasley guy, but I am guessing he was a factor in Pete's need to escape.

To the UM haters:

Guys, we are just another team in town, no need to take it out on the Canes. That is like blaming Ireland for 9/11, they are unrelated.

"Adam H. Beasley is a sportswriter covering soccer for the Miami Herald, where he has worked since 2006. A 2001 graduate of Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, he has worked for newspapers in five states (plus Washington, D.C.) and spent four years in the NFL -- not as a player, but as a P.R. flack."

SOCCER? Lets see. NFL PR agent for four years, five (or more) newspapers in five different states in the other five years, and now this SYRACUSE guy is gonna understand the growing FIU sports scene? Wow, FIU fans ARE getting screwed. Again, sorry guys, but it isn't UM's fault that the Herald dropped the ball here.

Heck, Pete got censored, but the stench remains.

Good luck FIU fans....

Agreed...the Herald Sports section is a fat Cane loving piece of shart. You'd think that sports program in coral gables is successful? THEY ARE IRRELEVANT. Much love to PP for sticking it to those buffoons and doing everything he could to report the facts surrounding FIU athletics.

Yeah, the Herald loves the Canes so much they launched that investigation that got them on probation, remember?

I know they are cheap and rude and censored Pete, but they sure aren't Cane lovers.

Is adam going to write the blogs now? or no more blogs?

I had to spend ANOTHER $0.50 today just to buy the newspaper again. Since the truth has finally come out about the Herald, they decided to "Front Page a Positive Story" about FIU.. Are you kidding me! If non of this came out that story would have started and finished in section 9D (with the coupon magazine).. I feel so proud to have CANCELED MY SUBSCRIPTION a few weeks ago! The Herald will get $0.50 from me every time they put an FIU "positive" article on ink. In other words every 10 to 15 days..

Well FIU Fans one good news is that the Football Season is about to start in only 51 days.. :(



Im sure you will read this. I want to thank you so much for always answering my questions. Even though you werent the Marlins writer, you knew plenty and you always answered my questions. I'm so disappointed I wont get to read your articles anymore. Thank you for confirming what we all knew about the Herald's UM favoritism.

You represented FIU very well and I'm a proud alumnus because of you. Your excellent sports coverage has made me an FIU fan for life. I could go on for pages with all the things I want to say, but just know that you're the best! You're the king of FIU media.

Ideas have been floated around of you joining FIU Media Relations. If this interests you Pete, please do. It would be great to have you with us at FIU. I never met you, but I hope some day I will. Thank you again Pete.

Classless move by Pete. I agree he should have left a long time ago, journalism (I use that term loosely because Pete is just as much a journalist as the rest of the Herald) is a horrific business.

Best of luck to him, but I expected better than pulling a prepubescent move in, metaphorically speaking, slamming the door to his bedroom and lashing out. Very Dan Gilbert-ish of him. Should have been the bigger man. Oh well, I'm sure you guys can get your fill of him at the football games.

Fomenter as an outsider looking into this FIU world, figures you would take that perspective. Maybe us FIU fans do have a chip on our shoulder, and I hope it grows into a G-D DAMN BOULDER, let that ignite us, fuel us, lead us to excellence, then and only then will an exit like Pete's seem classless. But those are not the current times, Pete is reflective of all of us. So go soak your bunions Fomenter, and think not of us.

Thank you Pete for all your great coverage. You will be missed!! The Herald sucks...Good luck on your future endeavors...

You don't have a chip on your shoulder, you have an inferiority complex, as I've pointed out many times before. Regardless of whatever measure of success you have, Pete's actions reflect poorly on your community, and as him as a "journalist". But that's okay, he was never really a journalist, he was just slanted towards FIU. Objectivity went out the window a long time ago with him.

Incorrect as usual Fomenter. An inferiority complex stems from a lack of individual self-confidence, discouragement and acknowledgment of self. A chip on your shoulder stems from holding a grudge, a motivation to prove yourself, to wrong a right. Has nothing to do with inferiority, it's just the opposite. Fool. Why do you co-exist here? Stop. Read again. Why do YOU co-exist HERE? Sad. Get a life.

Oh my....this guy that thinks too highly of himself is feeling good....LOL....

You're clearly looking at it from your own biased perspective, as you are entitled to. The whole thesis behind your "chip on the shoulder" theory is due to your inferior coverage because...wait for it...your school is inferior. Hence the constant juxtaposition that those on this blog consistently, and voluntarily, employ with that school across town.

But we'll all take lessons from the guy who wants to "wrong a right". Wrong many rights in your life, do you?

Why do I exist here? Flip out the dictionary and look at my name. It's that big book that you use as a substitute high chair to reach the big boy table son.

Hahaha, Good job Adam. We finally got the cheerleader out of here. Sorry FIU fans but we don't have room in Miami for two Universities...FIU can never be allowed to grow and take the spotlight away from UM. Yes, I know life is unfair but too bad. FIU will always be the ugly red headed step child. UM will always rule.

Go Miami Herald!! UM football back to national championship this year!

I like to lick Sebastian's balls.

MiaCanes probably graduated from Miami-Dade College or FIU anyway.

lol wernt we told that all these moves were done to create better coverage of FIU at the herald?... since petes departure we have had 1 story about our weight room... Manny navarro ( does a great job covering UM mind you his opinions can be objective but are also slightly slanted to UM @ formenter1) has written several blogs about UM and their players, and has even had several chances to interview former players. yet here we are typing on a 10 day old forum.. im not saying to have the coverage even = what manny does becuase he does go above and beyond to please his fan base. however, i would perfer to not have to wait 10 days to hear something of interest for my university thats sits no more than 20 miles from the other school in town..

Fomenter, I see GOPP's explanation of the difference between chip on your shoulder and inferiority complex went right over your head. GOPP save your time, that concept is out of his range apparently.

I NEED A NEW BLOG BEASLEY!! write something, anything. Tell me what TY had for breakfast this morning, just write. Also, thanks for the weight room article it was actually entertaining.

Thanks for all the great information Pete. I'm sure you will be sorely missed.

Also, thank you for pulling back the screen on the 'wizard of oz' (a.k.a scUM Rojas) and all that smoke and mirror b.s. the herald keeps sending our way. We knew it all along but your disclouse now adds credence to our thoughts.

Thanks again for your positive point of view on FIU Sports. You are truely a man of charachter and won't soon be forgotten.

Look what cotexxxx wrote about pete:

PETE PELEGRIN: Pete is the defrocked Herald sports writer who covered FIU, was removed from the beat for being too much of an evangelist for it, then wrote an angry blog post ripping the newspaper for what he perceived as anti-FIU leanings before quitting. The blog post was erased but you can read it here. I am not sure if what Pete wrote serves him well. I think it a bit sad. I think somebody probably needed to douse Pete with cold reality water a while ago and inform him that FIU gets covered less in general than UM based on reader interest and logic, not based on any mysterious or nefarious bias.

This greg guy is a douche.

GPP Nation, don't hold your breath expecting Adam B. to write anything, such as "what TY is having for breakfast", because that would require Adam to visit the campus, someone may want to give him directions!

Fomentor, try looking up the history of journalist that has written against their newspaper for perceived, whether true or not, inaccuracies or biases. Pete wasn't the first & as long as we believe in the US Constitution, he will not be the last! Good Luck Pete, unfortunately we now get shafted b/c we have no competing paper in town and have to SETTLE for "poor mediocrity"!

FIU #1!!!!

Not only that but Cote also took a shot at him in the Lebron topic:

Talking to you Michael Jordan, you Charles Barkley and now you Magic Johnson. "We didn't think about it because it's not what we're about," Magic weighs in on LeBron James joining forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. Please. You all didn't think about it because the chance didn't really present itself, so don't come off now as holier than thou (or at least holier than LeBron) and somehow superior. That's baloney. I'm as mad as PETE PELEGRIN just thinking about! To repeat: There is no shame in the Heat's Big 3 joining forces with winning in mind. It was NBA-certified as legit.

Cote has always hated FIU. He such a band-wagon little dork. How about this poll, Mr. Cote: If you knew Cote was gay and also a Miami Herald sports writer would you think any less of him? Overwhelming 100% answered: NO, because we all already knew he was gay.

For those of you who are older, remember the Miami News? That was a competing papers in the 70's and had a pretty good sports section. Boy I thought I'd never say the following, "I MISS THE MIAMI NEWS!!!"

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