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New Walk-Ons

Some new football players to tell you about as FIU is a little more than a month away from the opening of training camp on August 9.

The Panthers have begun off-season workouts and these are some of the new walk-ons to join the returningBennett players: running back Robert Boswell (Fleming Island High). Boswell, 5-9, 174 pounds, is not a prototypcial big back, but has plenty of speed.

Brandon Bennett , right, (Pembroke Pines Charter) is a bigger back at 5-10, 215 pounds and he's also new to the team adding to the Panthers depth at the position.

FIU has also added to its depth in the secondary with former LaSalle DB Sam Gervais -- a former and now current teammate of new FIU DB Sam Miller. Gervais brings some size to the secondary at 5-10. Here is some video on the newest FIU DB: Gervais highlights

Gervais Gervais, left, was being recruited by South Florida and Florida Atlantic.

Former Middle Tennessee commit DB Sean Jenkins is also walking-on. He's also 5-10 and has played receiver before as well, but is expected to play D. He's a former Coral Reef High player.

All four of these players are eligible to play this season. However, new tight end Zach Schaubhut, a transfer from Air Force, will have to sit out this season due to NCAA transfer rules. Schaubhut was a former QB/WR as a high school player in Chipley, but moved to TE at the Air Force.

Will have more off-season football stuff for you later on.


Scott Rembisz made his first start as a GCL Marlin in a 5-1 win over the GCL Cardinals on Wednesday pitching 4 innings, allowing 3 hits, 0 earned runs and struck out. Thus far, Scott (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) has pitched 8 1/3 inningsRemb and has a 1.13 ERA. Not a bad start for the former FIU ace.

Tim Jobe signed with the Windy City Thunderbolts of the Frontier League (Independent ball). Tim's platooning at 1st base and is 1 for 8 thus far.

Less than 2 weeks before the ESPYs where Garrett Wittels is up for Best Male College Athlete. You can click HERE to vote for GW.


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boswell has 4.3 speed and was a 3star prospect according to rivals, great addition although hes built more like a slot receiver than rb.

Good info, thanks for it, Pete. As panther viscosity mentioned, Boswell was actually a fairly highly recruited athlete. ESPN had him also as a 3-star player with a grade of 75, while earning honorable mention 5A All State. Rivals had him with offers from Toledo and Towson, while scout has them plus Troy as his offers.

Getting him as a walkon seems to be a coup. Now, the fact we now added Boswell and Bennet...at least one extra RB had to be expected with the tragic deatch of Kendall Berry. However, I wonder if Kedrick Rhodes (our lone freshman scholarship RB recruit) is expected to make it to FIU?...Is he here? Hope he is already at FIU.

Gervais was an honorable mention Class 2B All State DB.

Bennet was a 3rd team 3A All State player as a RB. Again, not a bad recruit as a walk on.

Welcome to FIU!

Pete, can you tell us which freshmen have shown up and which ones are having eligibility issues? Thanks!

Thanks for the update on the walk ons. Boswell looks like a guys that can really be used in alot of ways in our offense by Coach Satterfield. I like his ball catching skills. Bennett's size and GPA are impressive. And Gervais is another kid that looks like he'll contribute down the line. Nice additions to bolster our depth. The quality of the walk ons seems to get better every year.

Great recruits. Nice to know that we are getting walk-on players that have been recruited by conference teams.. Not bad at all.

Keep up the hard work!


thanks for the football fix Pete

Football please start! What did we do last year (and every year before that) from the end of baseball season to the beginning of football season? Our baseball season was extended by 2 weeks, but man its been slow.

Ive voted for Garrett and Ive been bugging everyone I know to do the same. I loved the HUGE ad FIU put in the Herald today. Great to see our school get behind Garrett. Hopefully we see more of this as the season goes on.

Thanks for the info Pete!

You would think that with two bloggers we would get something new but we're going on almost a week now. I know it's a dead period but wow, this blog is DEAD!!!

Pete, can we get a weight room post. I really enjoyed it last year.

An update please. Thanks for the blog.

Pete... any chance MC is recruiting Seantrel Henderson? I read today that USC let him out of his scholly and he is free to play anywhere next year (no one year of sitting out) I know he is looking at The U and Ohio State, but I think if he is in Miami MC should be at least giving the guy a call. With our incomming class, I think Seantrel could see the potential that by his Jr or Sr year he could be playing for a NC at FIU.

FIUPLAYA.... did you mean National Championship when you used the initials NC?
What ever you are on, I want some...But, here's to wishfull thinking, positive vibes, and a lot of luck!!!
Go Panthers.

chiaPanther - yes I mean Nat'l Championship when I use NC. You don't think in 3 or 4 years, with the recruiting MC is doing, this FIU team will be in contention for a NC? The facts show we are. Take last year for example, we went toe to toe with the NC Alabama and gave them all they could handle. We stood up to Rutgers and almost won, and played UF tight, but lost to Tebow.

I have to say, if this team is not on the verge of a NC in 3 or 4 years, MC failed to build on the 2009 season.

How about we have a winning season and win our conference before ever mentioning FIU and a NC in the same sentence. Really, come on.

I am a DIE heart FIU fan but I can't agree with FIUPlaya.. Right now FIU and MC are bringing in some pretty good players and yes in about TWO years we can possibly win a CONFERENCE Championship. But a National Championship is about 25 years away.. Please don't say that we are on the verge of winning the Big game because we are no were near! Something more realistic is this:

2010: 6-6 (top 3 in Sunbelt)
2011: 7-6 (runner up in the Sunbelt)
2012: 8-5 Sunbelt Champs and first bowl win!

Keep up the high goals but bring it down to "reality"..

Go Golden Panthers!

i love passion, but you're statement is absurd... the facts? Onae rare block kick from 2-10...one td away from 1-11... losses to every significant opponent....
Recruiting? Only wright and pooh were highly regarded .... btw pooh barely played.. and with toronto and davis may not get his chance....same for russell.
MC will play GE over Wright.
Underrecruited OL and DL for years.....
Now about Bama.... one offensive td and shoutout second half... TYs td was Sabans mistake to kick to the best returner in ncaa.... note uf ran from him after two 40 yd retirns.
I'll STOP here cause im not a scUMer....i bleed gold....
Oh.. if you talk about NC, dont mention rutgers and in three years no TY.
I expect 6-6 (+/- 1).... anything else and Mc should go.

Gooch7, couldnt agree more....every NC has one thing in common.... decades of playing football...established facilities .... and support.... 25 yrs is a little much..... hopefully 10-15.....
What we should be able to do in 5 yrs...a top 25 ranking and better conference.

Petey.. come out and play. Man, do we need a football fix. FIUPLAYA.. love the enthusiasm and if we had more students like you we would be loud in the PANTHER DEN. but NC, puff puff give bro. I just want to win a sunbelt championship first. NC.. cogelo with take it easy.

NC teams also have something called DEPTH.

We are starting to build depth however, next year should be a much improved dline.

I dont think we are 25 years away from a National Championship.

I think we could be in the neighborhood in 10 years. NC are hard to win for anybody, they only give out one a year. But MC can get us there in 10 years, no doubt.

All it would take to make us a regular top 10 team is a couple of winning seasons and a move to a big time conf. Thats is very much in the realm of possibility. if FIU was in Albany, NY or even Lawrence, Kansas then no but we are sitting on the oil well, the powder keg, the motherload... once more of the local recruits feel FIU is a great place to go, then watch out.. its going to be meteoric rise.

The only way we can get a NC in less than 20 or 25 years is if we get a successful NFL coach who can recruit and coach top talent, a stadium sold out every game, play in a better conference with more national TV games, and tons of money $$$ reale$$$ from busters.
Right now we have the talent to compete in the Belt, but we don't have the talent to dominate the belt, and coaching is still a question mark, there is an improvement on paper, but we have to wait till Fall to pass judgement on them, I am still not sure that MC is the right man for the job.

We have a long way to go before we contend for a NC. Lets take Boise State as an example. They've gone something like 34-4 in the last 3 seasons (?), played and won 2 BCS bowl games and they've never even been considered for a NC. Until 1)the system changes so that the big money making schools arent favored (which probably wont happent) or 2)FIU joins a BCS conference, a NC is nowhere to be seen for us.

More to OC's comment.....USF enjoyed the fastest AP top 25 rise in ncaa history because of the samething that all FL schools have in common.... high school football in fl.
But even usf ranked as high as #2 did not finish in top 25 that year....depth
If they had held on they would of played for a NC in 10 yrs....because they have something Boise doesnt.... a BCS conference.....
Ps... Boise has been playing ncaa football longer than some of us have been alive.
Moral of post, instate talent will make us relavent.... but a NC team will also bring out of state talent.

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