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Defensive state of mind

Hey everyone, thanks for the kind words. Before I get to this season's defense, I'd like to take a moment to say that, it is really not fair the amount of abuse Adam Beasley has been getting. Beasley is a good reporter. He has a lot of experience, and is just trying to do his job. I know you guys are going to rip me for saying it, but so what. Cut the guy some slack.

That being said, you guys are more than welcome to call or write Jorge Rojas to tell him how you feel about the events that have taken place recently. His contact info: office number 305-376-3213 or jrojas@miamiherald.com. 

Defense breakdown 

Geoffcollins One of main changes to the FIU defense this season has been the hiring of former UCF linebackers coach/recruiting coordinator Geoff Collins (left, courtesy of FIUsports.com) to the defensive coordinator position. Collins, a 16-year veteran, spent a year at Alabama as the director of player personnel before moving to UCF.

In his first of two seasons at UCF, Collins lead the Knights to a second place rank (Conference USA) in total and scoring defense. Collins inherits a Panthers' defense that really struggled last season. Overall the team was outscored 424-275 in total and 258-194 in the SBC.

2009 FIU Defensive Statistics

Scoring: 35.3 points per game (7th in Sun Belt, 111 in the Nation)
Rushing Yards/Game: 232 (8th in Sun Belt, 116th in Nation)
Passing Yards/Game: 258 (8th in Sun Belt, 108th in Nation)
Total Yards/Game: 491 (9th in Sun Belt, 119th in Nation)

Last season, defensive breakdowns and a tough out of conference schedule limited the Panthers to only three wins. With the exceptions of the Florida and Rutgers games, the FIU offense was able to score points. In five conference games, FIU scored 30 or more points but only won two of those games. One to North Texas and the other to Western Kentucky (the two teams that finished below FIU in the SBC standings). Collins is going to have to sure up the defense if FIU has any hopes of having a winning record. All eyes are going to be on Collins during their tough four game stretch to open the season. It will be interesting to see how the guys responded once they start their SBC schedule.

Defensive players to watch (5 returning starters)

Torontosmith LB: Possibly the position with the most depth for FIU. Returning starters Toronto Smith (left) and Winston Fraser will be joined by OLB and projected starter Kenny Dillard. Smith, who was solid at MLB before injuring his knee last season, and Jarvis Wilson are the only two senior LBs on the roster. Franklyn Brown, who missed 2009 with a groin injury, should be back healthy. Also, don't forget about Pooh Bear Mars. Last but not least, junior Aaron Brown, who finished 2009 with 59 tackles, should be a force during the season. Even though the LB core is solid, It will be up to the D-line to open holes up front for the linebackers to make plays.

DL: After losing three out of four starter to graduation, there is a fair amount of uncertainty on the defensive line. Junior RE James Jones is the one starter left from the 2009 season. At the moment Tourek Williams is projected to start opposite him. Kasey Smith and Joshua Forneyare are the two projected starters up the middle. Three00 fiufoot SPTS ADD

DB: The defensive backs are lead by none other than Anthony Gaitor (right). Gaitor has been a thorn in the  side of opposing offenses the last two seasons. Last year Gaitor, a preseason All-Sun Belt Team selection, recorded 45 tackles and two picks.


Response to comments

@panther viscosity - You're right, I added some info about him to the LB part. Thanks

@roary What's the deal with section 112?

@TrueBlue I know where you're coming from. All I'm asking is from this point on to give the guy a chance. He's been on vacation the last few days. He gets back to work on Friday. If after football season you guys don't like him or me, what can we do?


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not to nitpick but you forgot to mention aaron davis the 245 lb talented linebacker in the middle.

coach collins... section 112 brings the chilli hot!!!

Im am not going to rip you but what makes B!tchley a good reporter? From what we can see is he could care less about us.... camp is about to begin in a few days and all he has to show is have a false report about how our basketball coach is leaving to the knicks that was posted 15 days ago... Im sure he is collecting a paycheck for those two weeks and counting! Im sure he is doing other "duties" at the U Herald but he was assigned as our reporter and he does nothing but put us down and ignore us. He is biting the hand that feeds!!!!

Justin if you dont see what we are seeing please correct me

Cyprien is a Safety and a pretty good one last year. Doubt he'll play opposite Gaitor.

It wasn't fair to post a 3 year old fee story slamming FIU, it wasn't fair to post an APR story that was negatively slanted to slam FIU. Adam was given the same opportunity you have been given to be fair to the University and to provide his readers with content that is insightful and meaningful. HE decided not to do that and HE put himself in this position. What you see no is just the results of his actions and I refuse (and most FIU fans will too) to absolve him of his actions. There is no need to rip you, you are different people and we can all differentiate between the two. As you saw in your last post, for the most part, we appreciate good efforts in getting us information and we respond in a positive manner. Seeing that, maybe you and the Herald should ask yourselves, what did Adam do get the reaction he did from FIU fans. This is just the effect, you need to look at the cause.

Why has it been so long since the last article was written about FIU?

I am not a conspiracy theorist, I understand that UM will get more press since they are the ranked team. Having said that, I check the herald.com every day and I can’t remember the last time there was an article about FIU? The new weight room like 2 weeks ago I guess. Maybe there is a vendetta against FIU.

Three posts in two days............BOOOOOOOM (that was my head exploding)

C'mon back Adam. I for one would like to see some more of your stuff. However if your next piece infers that the football program is pointless and should be disbanded, our degrees invalidated and MMC turned into a park and ride lot, I suspect it won't be well received.

Huh ?


You can't be serious !! James Jones was never a starter on the DL last year. Cyp playing at corner ?

Jose "Cheese" is a CB not a safety, do you even what a safety is ??

LMAO, this is not nit-picking, it's just plain silly that the FIU Blog writer has not even a clue what he's writing about.

Very sad.

Child Pleeez.

According to a great source Paul Crawford, a 6-8/235 DE is enrolled and ready to practice for FIU

Adam's last story, the lies and fabrication conspired together be he, Lebastard, scUM Rojas, etc. still sits on the front page in BIG BOLD LETTERS. Two weeks, right in the heart of recruiting season.

Please explain that to me Justin. You want us to give him a break? give us a break!

More info on Crawford
originally signed with ole miss, recruited by arkansas, TCU and florida state


This place is a damn mafia.

crawford is a great pick up.

it would help if Justin has or had ever atteneded a practice...hard for him to write a preview when he hasn't seen any of the team workout.

Ahhhhhhhh, how cute. Justin is asking us to cut some slack on Adam. Ahhhhhhh, poor guy. We will cut him slack when the Herald fires him.

Thanks for the info Justin. Can't wait to see you at the games (you will be there right?).

I commend your effort Justin but you definitely have to be at games next year. Jonathan Cyprien was great at safety next year and Aaron Davis was a beast! Just go rent NCAA college football 2010 and you'll see they both have stars on their #'s.

Justin, it's nothing personal against you. To me it just seems like Adam has made his own bed. That APR story was a complete joke.

As for section 112, that's where the parties at!lol

Another thing, I don't know where "abuse Adam has been getting" came from. Adam is grown man, he should realize not everyone has to agree with what he writes. Another thing, how come he hasn't written anything since Isiah "rumor"?

Justin I know you have to cover for him but you went on vacation and still had to time to post on the blog and why would the U herald send both FIU writers on vacation on the same week('s)?

Just doesnt make sense about 5 weeks ago there was nothing going on with FIU and as soon as camp comes around they send you guys on vacation.... open your eyes i know its not your fault but just realize there are snakes living across your cubicle!

True Blue, that's great information about Crawford now at FIU! I would love to see an "official" info on this matter, since we don't have any other source to confirm this now. The fact he signed with Ole Miss, was offered by Arkansas as well, and that it was now between FIU, SMU, Rutgers (and I heard Syracuse was in there too) speaks well for what this youngster could have to offer.

His on-the-field stats though, are nothing great at high school, with only 1 sack and 2 overall tackles for loss. However, there has to be a lot of upside with this kid, his height and measurables, with all these SEC and Big East programs wanting him as well. Good deal!!

Justin, I completely...completely...agree with what FIUPantherFan wrote about Adam's coverage of FIU. I don't have any doubt he is a good journalist and writer, but he chose to take (for some reason) a decidedly negative look at FIU in both those articles, when there were many reasons to be either positive...or at the very least just neutral and fact providing. He deserves criticism from his "constituents" since we mostly all agree both those articles were done with a negative slant.

The Herald should stop screwing with us and just kill their FIU section.

Mejor solo que mal acompañado

Justin we know that right now all you're doing is reading all the publish previews from the net... that's cool, for now.. only because you are new. For all of us.... it's not informative. But for the voiceless its fine....ONLY because the voiceless do not visit other forumns...
Starting this weekend it wont fly. Please let this be your last copy paste re hash.

FIU 101:
Roary is the name of the mascot.... august 7 was open tryouts
Section 112 is a section of the stadium.... this section is probably one of the "loudest" or annoying (along with its neighbor section).
It is rumoured that this section wore papper bags to a home game... but thats just hersy..

Now for you, get the dust off the press pass and talk to the coaches

Sorry, I should have written Paul Crawford had signed with Mississippi State, not Ole Miss.

Plain and simple, Adam had his chance to warm up to the GPP crowd and blew it. He instead decided to warm up to his U of Herald bosses. That's fine, it's not an unusual practice. However, he deserves no pity from us.

Beasley constantly gave off an aura like he's too "worthy" to cover FIU sports. No one cares to read another article from someone who is negatively biased against FIU.

Adam & Uherald,
You won, the B$ article on coach Thomas leaving right before a weekend recruiting trip has achieve its goal..... It appears the C (Rakeem) he was recruiting maybe going elsewhere...
So take it down already! Are you waiting for Haith and UM to give you permission.

Beasley not only has written blatantly slanted anti-FIU stories, but he's LIED to us in defending them. He said that he mentioned UM in the APR article because there wasn't space available, yet miraculously the NEXT DAY an article on UM's APR report appeared. He must think FIU fans and alumni are idiots. That guy writes garbage. Give US a break from him.

And Justin, his name is Aaron Davis, not Aaron Brown. He's just one of our better returning players. Its similar to how you failed to mention Jerimiah Harden, our likely starting RB in your story on our offense. Your knowledge of FIU football, like your punctuation skills, have a long way to go.

Remind us again why Pete, with a real journalism degree, wasn't "promoted" to the FIU beat writer job after covering FIU sports for nine years?


how bout goin further in depth of players past the first string on the depth chart. and correcting the names (aaron Davis future starting middle LB)... J Cyprien plays Safety,... Cheese plays CB....

Just remembered something important Pete was working on.. in one of his last posts he mentioned a history of FIU footballarticle for the sunbelt.....can you imagine newbie (justin) or hater (adam) writting it?

Found reference june 21 blog...

"Jose Cheseborough and Ashlyn Parker are the two projected starting safeties. Jonathan Cyprien will start opposite Gaitor."

Cheese is not a safety at all, he like 5'7" 170. He is the other corner, and Cyp never seen corner in his life. Go to the practices please and make sure your info is right.

The defense was bad but we lost plenty people to injury. If you look at the progression of the season you would understand that. This team is far better that 3-9 and if they don't finish 6-6 something has to change. Way too much talent. Only team in the Sunbelt that is flat out better then FIU is Troy and dasher for MTSU make them better. Rutgers is not that much better and FIU has a solid chance to win. Look at the film and not the stats and you will know what I mean. The defense has to limit the big play as this team stops people on 1st and 2nd down. Win 3rd down and this team will be much better. Offense has to also put points up sooner and not wait to the second half to put points up. The QB is funny to me both are great players. I think Carroll will win the job even though this new system favors a mobile QB. The DT for the will have to have depth as last year team had to good starters but behind them was little. James Jones will be a plus after a full from him knee injury and having Jackson back helps to. The DBs will be fine if the front seven holds up. Last year team pass defense failed because the run force us to go man and bring pressure too often.

This team will see a lot of people play as they have talent everywhere. Coaches have to use these players well and trust in the bench to keep starters fresh. (Troy did this to us last year).

I believe this team will win between 5-7 games. Stats don't tell the story for this team only the film does, watch them play and u will see why this team has the ability to be pretty good. Being more consistent on offense and wining 3rd downs on def should be keys that are pushed in camp.

Great insight, O'darris. Thanks and hope you keep supporting your FIU team....

Is it true that Beasley teaches journalism at FIU? I heard that the other day ...

[A friendly Boca Raton Hooter checking in on our neighbors]

Great to hear from you OD, keep us updated buddy.

don't be hating on 112. What is this non sense about paper bags with sad face smiles and tears coming down the eyes being worn. it was the halloween game. it had nothing to do with the teams performance, right roary.......wink wink. it would be nice if we had more rowdy fans like us in 112 (well more fans would be nice to start). better get it together boys this season, or it will be torture on the sidelines.
ps. dear herald. do something more productive that deleting posts. how bout firing adam. that would be a better use of time

does anyone know when practices are open to the public this week as the herald has done a great job of not posting anywhere on their site.....shocking huh!!!

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