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ESPN: Source : Thomas declines New York Knicks job

According to a story on ESPN.com, Isiah Thomas turned down the Knicks consultant job. Story here.

There is still no official word from the NBA on what its decision will be regarding the situation. The story on ESPN.com explains, "sources close to the NBA told ESPN 1050 New York," about Thomas' decision.

Stay tuned for the anything new with Thomas.



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guess he changed his mind...

Love seeing the FIU haters hate.

Isiah could have very well quit his FIU job in order to extinguish the NBA's conflict of interest worries and taken the NYKnicks job full time. Guess what?! HE DIDN'T. HE CHOOSE FIU OVER THE KNICKS.

Thank you Isiah, we had your back even during your consulting agreement with the Knicks, but this shows your commitment and that you are a man of your word.

From the NY Post: "While completely back at FIU, he had admitted this week he'd leave for a full-time consultant's job."

So much for that theory, Quijote.

Get lost already, Zeke. Get someone here who wants to coach this team.

You believe the NY media? If its not the Wall Street Journal or NY Times, don't believe a word in NY print.

He is STAYING! End of story.

"He is STAYING! End of story."

That's the sad part.

We shall find out.

What's there to hate? Congrats, Isiah Thomas would rather coach, than have some BS front office job in which he doesn't have any specific power, or any kind of cache. The day Dolan offers him the HC job, or the director of basketball operations job, he will bolt.

We all know that Thomas would have taken the consultant job, had guys like Coach K, and other coaches not gotten involved and started yapping about it. It's not a slam on FIU, it's Isiah Thomas, and his ego. The sooner that the FIU fanbase realizes that they are being played, the better off they'll be. Until the administration makes a legit commitment to basketball, you will have to rely on these sideshow hires, instead of really consistently challenging schools like WKU and others in the SunBelt.

And this comes from a concerned UM fan for the wellbeing of FIU....

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