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First day of practice


Hey everyone, bright and early at FIU. Had to drink extra coffee this morning to get ready. Under overcast skies the men on the FIU football team took the field for their first official practice of fall camp. I watched the first 30 minutes or so before the practice was closed to the media. A few quick updates on what I saw from where I was standing.

QB Wesley Carroll looked sharp on passing drills. LB Larvez "Pooh Bear" Mars didn't practice. TE Dudley LaPorte (big kid 6-4, 244) looked sharp running routes. Saw T.Y. Hilton running around and he looks healthy.

Notes from camp

LARVEZ11 FIUFOOT SPTS JWR Injury update on Pooh Bear (left). According to Cristobal the boot is off his leg and he is walking. He is way ahead of schedule. "We expect him to be ready Rutgers' game week and we expect him to play in that game,'' Cristobal said.

TE Jonathan Faucher had a walking boot on his leg because he sprained his ankle. Faucher should be out 10-12 days.

Practice will be open to the public on Friday night, Aug. 20. Starts at 7:30 p.m. The practice is free and seating is first come, first serve. There will be an autograph session after the practice. "We'll do everything from our individual drills to our 7 on 7 drills and of course team periods involving all situations,'' Cristobal said.

Only helmets, jerseys and shorts today as per NCAA rules for the first two days ofCat10 FIUfoot MHS TMC practice.  Wednesday and Thursday the guys can wear shoulder pads. Friday is live action, full pads. Photo (right) Wayne Younger hands off to Darian Mallary (Tim Chapman, Miami Herald)

New coordinators

I had a chance to interview both defensive coordinator Geoff Collins and offensive coordinator Scott Satterfield after practice. Both seem really excited about coming to FIU.

CBZLZMELVKIYSCY.20100726174328 Collins (left, courtesy FIUsports.com) says that coming to FIU is a great opportunity for him to be a defensive coordinator at a D1 level school.

"We have a lot of returners with a lot of experience,'' he said.

Collins also stressed how much depth the team has on defense. According to Collins, the team has 8 or 9 good defensive backs that can compete in the SBC, 6 to 7 LB and 8 to 9 defensive lineman.

"Which is encouraging, not a lot of schools have the number of people that are ready to compete at this level,'' he added.

Collins is bringing in a new defensive scheme for the Panthers this season.

"I was at Alabama, UCF, Western Carolina there are influences from all those schools," he said, about this season's defense. Expect to see the Panthers line up in 3-4, 4-3, Nickel and 30 Nickel formations. "The big thing I've been impressed with is how much these kids are learning and how multiple they are allowing us [coaches] to be, because of how much they know."

Collins also feels that the defensive line probably lost the most from last year. But he feels really good about the kids that are coming back.

He is also really happy with how well the cornerbacks have adjusted to playing in new schemes.

A little on why Collins decided to come to Miami and FIU.

"I'm like LeBron, you can't say no to South Beach,'' he said. "The kids are probably my favorite thing."

Follow FIU coaches on twitter

@CoachCollins   - DC Geoff Collins

@ApolloFIU - running backs coach/st coordinator Apollo Wright

@CoachPopovich - assistant coach-secondary Jeff Popovich

@CoachMirabal - assistant coach-OL Alex Mirabal

@FIUCalhoun - assistant coach-DL Cedric Calhoun

@FIUCoachMoore - strength and conditioning coach Roderick Moore

Response to comments

@Roary  Can you post the schedule of practices this week? Any practices on the weekend?

@Panthers Fan ? With the football season upon us, I must ask a very important question, if FIU goes out and starts the season 0-4, should MC get fired.

A. FIU starts off with a really tough four game stretch against Rutgers, @Texas A&M, @Maryland and @Pitt. Any D1 team would have a hard time with those teams, especially on the road. It really would not be fair to Cristobal to be fired for starting off 0-4. If they win 1 or 2 (which would be a really big achievement) is great, but where FIU is really going to have to step up is in the SBC. The SBC, with the exception of maybe Middle Tennessee or Troy, is not on the same level as the Big East, Big 12 or the ACC. The first 4 games are really going to say something about this team, but that is not what will decide the season.

Camp Schedule (Dates and times are subject to change) -



Monday, August 9 - 9 a.m.

Tuesday, August 10 (Media Day)
Wednesday, August 11 - 8 a.m.
Thursday, August 12 - 8 a.m.
Friday, August 13 - 8 a.m.
Saturday, August 14 - 8 a.m.
Sunday, August 15 - OFF
Monday, August 16 - 8:30 a.m. & 7:30 p.m.
Tuesday, August 17 - 8 a.m.
Wednesday, August 18 - 8 a.m. & 7:30 p.m.
Thursday, August 19 - 8 a.m.
Friday, August 20 - 8 a.m. & 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, August 21 - 8:30 a.m.

Tomorrow - interview with OC Scott Satterfield, what a players usual day is like during camp and more notes.



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can you post the schedule of practices this week? any practices on the weekend?

thanks roary for the help on the practice....free week from work huh? damm emails

que bola,

it happens when you are not recruited by LSU...

thanks for the light updates... are practices goin to be open to the public any time soon?

good to hear that laporte is healthy...

CJ, If you go to www.FIUsports.com you see that they are promoting a select-a-seat/open practice for next friday, the 20th, at 7:30pm.

Thanks for the update Justin.

Wesley is our QB. We all know what Wayne Younger isn't capable of. All freshman SEC, come on now you can't argue that. I'm surprised at the lack of hype regarding this coup. I think we're going to see something special this year with WC at the helm.

If anyone is interested in updates and pictures then simply go to twitter and follow the FIU coaches. They are posting pictures and updates throughout the practice.

any open practices this week? they had some last year that were open in the am. inquiring minds would like to know asi need to be a corporate time stealing weasel, right roary!!

What are their twitters?

Thanks for the updates Justin !

Quijote, those are their Twitter usernames. Justin just didn't put the @. ;)

Good deal, thanks for the info, Justin.

Justin, please post the question that you're addressing. It's just much more fluent.


@Miri I added the @ to the twitter names. Sorry I don't use twitter much.

they invented air cards for all time stealing weasels... que bola section 112

I like the updates.

Justin seems like a good guy, keep doing what your doing! Good job..

Btw, I just saw on ESPN, Greg Cote was bashing Isiah Thomas and FIU. Made both look like fools...It´s pretty obvious he hates FIU and is a Canes fans...Mark my words Cote, FIU will one day compete with UM and overtake them!! Beginning with basketball and Isiah Thomas!!


You can't take Cote serious, he has always bashed FIU. Good update Justin...you will watch best collegeWR in state of Florida at FIU!


Can you elaborate on this? If indeed Greg Goat is going on ESPN and bashing Isiah and FIU, then something has to happen to address that.

Just having somebody in ESPN talking about FIU is an improvement.
I know we will rise and it will happen sooner rather than later.

That's fine, Justin. You're doing fine. Keep it up. :)

Thanks for the update.

With the football season upon us, I must ask a very important question, if FIU goes out and starts the season 0-4, should MC get fired.

I say yes.

Good updates Justin, thanks.

Good job Justin.

PantherFan, unfortunately we might go 0-4 the first four games (HOPEFULLY NOT). Take a look at the schedule Rutgers, Texas A&M, Maryland, and Pitt. Hopefully we can get a W against Rutgers at home and Maryland. Also, alot depends on Wesley Carroll.

Damn like 10 FIU post/articles this week... I wonder if anything happened to cause this ;)

I for one will be at the Aug 20 Open Pratice.

Ok...Now you guys are work... Adam, great write ups on last three..? Waz up you feeling well? Well, might give you back that invitation to have Carne Asada with us at the tailgate that we extended during the Baseball Sunbelt Tourney... That was ofcourse before you went phsyco on us... but glad to see you back to your wits! LOL

Justing see you getting warmed up on the blogs... There you go and now there's plenty to report... no more bs from the "experts" at RIVALS, ESPN, CNN, YAHOO... its pads on and cleats to the sod.!!!!

Section 112 in the house. Aug. 20, can't come soon enough... two dates on the calendar? Aug. 20 & Sept. 11... Get your Chilli Hot!!!!

Oye, extended vacation ROARY... no te jales la cola muchas veces... you'll get hair on your palm!!! LOL...
Instead of Carne Asada on Sept. 11, we should have a chilli cook-off in honor of Mr. Chilli Caliente (Coach Collins)!!!
I got some special peppers inmind.

Atta boy Justin. Keep em coming

You're doing a great job Justin!! Keep it up!!

Got to give props to Both Justin and Beasley for the coverage of FIU in the past two days. I dont think I could remember a time when FIU was on the cover of the U herald sports page two days in a row. It shows that if we unite and complain enough we could get what we want hmmmmm

Beas have earned a third chance with me at least dont f it up

I was pleasantly surprised to see an FIU front page story today. After 3 days in a row of UM stories, irrelevant ones too, last week it was nice to see some FIU love on Saturday and today. Now if we want the Herald to keep giving us paper space we have to win!!! Wesley is our QB. No matter what. I dont care what anyone says.

I suspect that this isnt really a "competition" as much as it is an opportunity to push Wesley so he doesnt get complacent.

Gotta say it's a little weird to see 3 fiu stories on the herald's website. It's like firing Pete and the criticism has opened some eyes and ears at the herald.

Miss pete tho!

MRA agreed.

I'm impressed to, if it continues many of us will subscribe once again. I canned my subscription because of the drama... true story.

Coverage has been good, lets keep it up.

PantherFan ease up, MC is doing a better than expected job. Did you not notice how many players were injured last year and the lack of depth is being addressed this year?

I too will give props on the coverage level and quality. Maybe Pete's douse of cold water has woken up this paper somewhat. On a side note, love the hate we're getting from posters over on Cotex's blog. scUM lovers can stand even on microsecond of less attention on their perennial paper champ team.

Nice update Justin.

If the Herald gets behind this team we could have two top flight D-I football programs here. After all, this community (that produces all these great athletes) deserves it.

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