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FIU recruits Dominique Ferguson, Phil Taylor out for fall

Dominique Ferguson and Phil Taylor will miss at least the fall. Adam Beasley has the story. Full story here.


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Is there anything IT does right? The team was an embarrasment (7-25), His promise to fill the gym never even came close. Everytime there's an opening, his name is mentioned and FIU is embarrased. He over states his recruits. Most of the coaches knew these kids didn't have the grades, but it was "good publicity". The only "positive" is that his salary is zero. Then again "you get what you paid for"

To be honest I'll take what ever isiah is doing as opposed to what we had before... We would have never had a chance of getting players like ferguson and Coleman if it weren't for Thomas.

I'll take the bad with the good any day

FIU1995... sour grapes eh?

Haha Isiah Thompson sucks...FIU Sucks!! Get the point u dorks...

The U rules!!

this is no good.. luckily the news comes 3 weeks before football season begins. otherwise i think i might blow a fuse.

Raise your hand if you think that TheUNation never even attended UM in the first place.

*Hand raised*

*hand raised*

Take a chill pill FIU1995; not sure why you're so sour or if you even follow FIU sports.

*hand raised* LOL...

*hand raised*

This sucks but it isn't the end of the world. These guys will most likely play in the spring, and there is still a lot of talent on this team, so I am not too worried.

Give TheUNation some credit guys. He was able to use a computer, find this blog, READ IT, and then type a response. Not to mention his vocabulary has finally reached the 1990's with his use of "dorks" and "rules." This guy is making progress, I now see Shalalalalalala's efforts to raise the avg scUM fan IQ above mentally retarded levels is really starting to pay dividends now. Maybe next time he reads one of our articles he'll begin to realize FIU is really three letters and not a loudly said word.

*hand raised*

Still enough talent on this team to carry us through the Fall, not too concerned.

Sure hope these two guys get their grades in order by the end of the year. We need to start winning, and big!

Got to go out to the Team Scrimmage on Friday Night and there was some great plays and some that made us look like a 0-10 team again..

Just my opinion:

QB's (C)Neither of the two QB's made smart plays.. They through a couple Ints and simply bad decision making for the most part. With all the weapons they need to be better..

O-Line (B) Way better then last year. The boys look stronger and faster.. Very aggressive specially in the running game..

RB's (B+) We might actually run the ball a lot more this year.. Speed is there and breaking tackles was not an issue. Always gained at least 4yards..

WR's (C+) Had some good catches but one to many misses. Specially when they where WIDE OPEN! Times, Wright, Laporte, and TY need to be a bigger part of the passing game..

D-Line (B+) Got to the QB a couple times (cause they held the ball to long), and had a few stops for loss. Way better then last year. Then again anything would be better then last year.

DB's (B) They had the passing game under control but missed tackles gave up two BIG runs..

LB's (A-)The best part of the roster. This guys are simply crazy! They will put you down if you even think of going through the middle..

Coaches Calls (B-) We finally saw them in a different formation then last year. It seemed we had ONE formation for everything last year. Now they are going from the Spread to the I, back to Shotgun, etc.. But they need to put the ball into the PLAY makers hands..

Fans: For a rainy day it was a very nice turn out. FIU did a good job all the way through on this one.. It seems we have less then 4K seats left to Sell Out the Rutgers game.. Not bad at all!

Let's go Dejuan Wright! He will make up for the fall... Trust!

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