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Fourth day of practice; interview with OC Scott Satterfield

One00 MCristobal LSPT GDCHey everyone, out at FIU this morning for some updates on what's going on at fall camp on Thursday.

LB Toronto Smith was absent from practice for personal reasons. Cristobal expects him to be back in a few days.

DL Jason Fitch apparently passed his physical clearance and was practicing with the defensive line.

Walk-on freshman running back Croswell Paige was wearing the orange injury jersey after twisting his ankle.

LB Pooh Bear Mars (right) was also in the orange jersey. Mars was wearing an elastic LARVEZ11 FIUFOOT SPTS JWRresistance band that was strapped between his ankles. Strength coach Roderick Moore had Mars doing knee extensions while he walked to build his lower body strength. Moore took the exercise one step further when he had Croswell Paige jump into a grocery shopping cart to be pushed around the sidelines by Mars.

Individual drills

A little on what I saw during the time I was allowed to watch practice. 

The running backs were working on agility and catching. QBs were working on pocket presence and accuracy. LB were working on shedding blocks. The d-line was dropping to the ground working on fumble drills. O-line was working on blocking. WR where catching passes and working on getting free from CBs on the line of scrimmage.

Satterfield 03 Fuifoot MHS PAB

OC Scott Satterfield

Satterfield, a 13-year coaching veteran, comes to FIU after spending last season as the passing game coordinator/quarterbacks coach at Toledo. Before Toledo, Satterfield worked 12 years at his alma mater Appalachian State in North Carolina. Satterfield was the QB coach at Appalachian State during the 2007 season when the Mountaineers upset Michigan. 

Offensive strengths

"Our skill players. We have a very talented core of receivers," Satterfield said. "I'm really excited about our running backs with [Jeremiah] Harden now who is a big threat. Our skill set players are our strength but our o-line and our quarterbacks are coming along."

On T.Y. Hilton

"Really explosive player. He caught a couple balls and turned it up field. You can see his explosiveness," Satterfield said. Satterfield also mentioned that T.Y. was dealing with a "nagging muscle injury," during the summer but is healthy and ready to play.

On deciding who will be the starting QB

"Nothing is guaranteed for anybody at any position. The competition that is going on between them is going to make both of them the best player they can be. We are going to chart ever practice, going to see who is completing the most balls and who is making the right decisions in the running game. I told them, 'I don't care who it is, I'm going to go to the best player on the field to make plays'."

Coming to FIU

"Everybody has been great. We have a great coaching staff here. The guys have been working their tails off."

FIU training video FIUrage posted on a previous blog entry.



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Good work Justin. I like the observations and especially the quotes.

Keep up the good work Justing

LMAO, I love how our program uses a publix shopping cart for conditioning. That gave me a good laugh. LETS GO FIU!!!! I am excited for the games this season.

Enjoying the info, Justin. Thanks and keep it up...

So we have another walk on running back in Croswell Paige.....All of a sudden, it appears that depth at RB, with the addition of Robert Boswell, Brandon Benett (2 other freshmen walk ons), plus the return of Trenard Turner....and the 3 expected to be featured in Harden, Perry, and freshman Kedrick Rhodes, will provide a fairly deep unit...albeit a bit unexperienced, with 4 of them being true freshmen.

thanks for the 411

I'm loving the coverage FIU is getting now. I'm actually visiting this site everyday and in some cases multiple times a day. Great job Justin and Adam!!! FIU is on the rise!!!!

RB might be a better position this year than anticipated. Rhodes and Boswell are actually pretty comparable and were rated as such by ESPN. Perry apparently has his speed back, and DM is healthy. Harden seems to be impressing the most, but there is depth there and that is what matters.

Our receiver corps is going to be machine this year so long as our QB's get them the ball and the line gives either WC or WY time to throw.

Pooh Bear will be back quickly, and we will see him on the field this year.

I don't know what happened but, all of a sudden, FIU has about 2 articles or posts a day! Maybe Pete's departure lit fire under the Heralds butt. Either way, I'm loving all this coverage! Keep it up Adam and Justin!

Keep em coming fellas! I can't get enough FIU coverage!!

appreciating the increase in quantity and quality of FIU sports covererage for The Herald.

I like the new LOGO, new on the Herald at least!!!

Logo is still wrong, and what's up with that yellow sun behind the panther...

what's wrong with the logo?

Any updates from today's practice?????

oye chia panther, tell you brother to call me when he gets a chance. just let him know que bola fiu loves him also

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