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Manny Machado still unsiged update 12:16 a.m.

Bball07 umtennis MHS ADD FIU recruit Manny Machado (Brito) and the Baltimore Orioles still have not come to an agreement. The Orioles have until Monday night to sign Machado to a deal. If Machado and the Orioles do not come to terms tonight, there is a chances Machado will be playing college ball for the Panthers.

Panthers' fans don't get your hopes up yet, according to most reports, Machado is unlikely to walk away from a pro deal. It's not unusually for top draft picks to wait until the signing deadline to reach a deal.

Response to comments

I highly doubt Machado will not sign. I really do not see Bryce Harper or Machado going to JUCO. They would be leaving a lot of money on the table. We all find out in a few hours.

Bryce Harper signed with the Nationals, still no word on Machado.



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I doubt he comes to FIU, he can pay for tuition if baseball does not workout with all the money he will make.

As much as I would have liked for him and the rest of Turtle's ultra talented signing class to come to FIU, I want Manny to do what makes him happy. Hopefully he can work out something.

Manny come play a couple years at FIU. The hunnies at FIU are better than anything you'll ever find in Baltimore.

FIU Dazzlers ... mmm can't wait!

I don't know about Manny but I do know that the first two Baseball games next year can possibly have plenty of NCAA History.. That will be the first time I will get to see the baseball stadium TOTALLY sold out..

Many or no Manny turtle has picked up an amazing class of recruits AGAIN! I guess that is why they are Sunbelt Champs!


I don't blame Machado for this, if I was him I would have second thoughts about playing for the Orioles, they have one of the worst front offices in baseball.
They have made a positive change with hiring Buck Showalter and it shows on the field, but if this kid really wants to win he might go to FIU first and then wait to be drafted by a better team later.

Baltimore, if he doesn't sign, he might get the reputation as someone who wants too much and will be difficult to sign, might hurt him later on. Would love to see him at FIU, but honestly, I hope he makes millions and sees fit to donate some of that to FIU Baseball. I think that would be a bigger impact (think about it? Do we really need more hitters?). Now if he were an ace on the mound (Strausburg) then I would take him no doubt!

Justin - After the signing deadline has passed, can you post the full 2010 baseball signing class? I know the draft and contracts with MLB teams greatly reduced the original signing class, just wondering who is left after deadline.

I was wondering about these signess as well. I read that some kid might play at UM if he cant sign with his pro team and I thought about Machado. I hope he can play with us. He'll give us a big boost and he just might take a liking for FIU.

Also, Quijote, Baltimore girls are pretty sweet. Miami girls arent all that great...

I read like 2-3 weeks ago that other option Machado is actually exploring (or was exploring) is to go the the same JUCO team that the #1 player selected, Bryce Harper (College of Southern Nevada) came from. At that time, and still today, Harper is also unsigned (by the Washington Nationals) and considering going back to said JUCO in Nevada for his sophomore season. By going to a JUCO, Machado could be available for the draft again next season.

Still, I don't see how Manny could spurn that much money, and chances of him improving his stock from the #3 overall pick in future drafts, are not good, for obvious reasons. I would be shocked if he doesn't sign today.

Both players are "advised" by agent Scott Boras, so both of them going in tandem should not surprise any of us. I don't expect to see him donning FIU jerseys next season.

Good luck Manny!

too bad Harper already was at a juco. He got his GED and went to the JUCO early (I believe at 16/17 years old).

Alt, are you really trying to one up Miami girls with Baltimore girls? Come on man. In the US, I'd only put LA in the same class with Miami, and, believe it or not, Austin TX girls too. Baltimore, likely falls somewhere behind Seattle but ahead of Minneapolis. Now that's a ranking I'd like to see the BCS jump on.

Machado agreed to terms with the O's with 3 minutes remaining until 12 am.....Oh well....Reportedly, the second highest ever signing bonus in O's history...


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