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Middle Tennessee's Dwight Dasher suspended indefinitely

Middle Tenn Dasher Middle Tennessee quarterback Dwight Dasher (left) has been suspended indefinitely athletic director Chris Massaro said on Friday. Dasher apparently accepted a $1,500 "loan."

Full AP story here.

This is what Middle Tennesse head coach Rick Stockstill had to say about Dasher.

On Dwight Dasher's current state after the NCAA violation
He is doing well. Obviously, he is very disappointed at the moment. The team has rallied around him. He is has been humbled with this situation and knows he made a mistake. That is part of your responsibility as a coach to help these players grow as people.

On naming a replacement starter for Thursday's game against Minnesota
No starter has been named because we still have work to do. Today (Friday) is like Sunday in a normal game week, so we have a little time. We have a pretty good idea of who it is going to be, but not sure yet.

On offensive changes as a results of Dwight Dasher's suspension
It changes things a little bit. Both our quarterbacks are good enough to do what we want to do offensively. Each of them is a little different in their strengths and weaknesses.

Where Dwight could carry the ball 15 to 20 times a game, the others cannot do it quite as much, but both can run the ball. We will still run the ball with the quarterback and our passing game will not change.

Justin Azpiazu


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wow. the SBC just changed. MTSU's loss is who's gain in the SBC?

MTSU was favorite, Troy lost too many and was overrated.....
FIU is underrated and deservedly so cause we have yet to prove we can win .
The belt is wide open now....It's our time to make it happen.

Looks like Justin beat Pete with this "breaking" news.

Quijote, I don't know if Pete can post this type of news in his blog.Justing is doing a good job.
By the way, can you do a piece on the girls Volleyball team?

Wow, that's pretty big! It seems some things are breaking our way. I hope he's in for us when they come down here though, that was one of the games I was looking forward to.

Good info Justin! Quijote, Pete was answering everyones questions in his blog and may not be able to post this kind of info.

Dasher being suspended may be good for FIU but he has potential to bring attention to conference. Let us see how it plays out.

Hope our guys aren't viewing this as a "break." They need to be ready to beat whoever is on the field every Saturday. MTSU last year was much more than just this guy.

BEST news of the day.. If this guy was dumb enough to take money after the thing with Bush and USC then how in the world is he passing his classes. Thats just DUMB!

Great job on the breaking news.. BTW do you plan to answer some of the questions that are posted on the blog?

I think Troy just cashed in on the Sunbelt Title. Middle will slip down to 2nd or even 3rd. Remember that is their best player but they also have some great guys on that team.. I think we are still between 3rd or 4th in the conference.. There is NO WAY (realistically) that we can finish 2nd or 1st.. But 3rd is AMAZING and 4th is a great season as well..


thank you justin

an early christmas gift for the entire sunbelt


Dasher will be allowed to practice with the Blue Raiders, but school officials expect him to miss some games.

Todd McShay from Scouts.com has FIU taking the SunBelt!!!

Guys we need more news!

quick question, is there a cost or fee to use the FIU iPhone app?

This is why NCAA players should receive a small stipend...

Also, this gives us a shot to stay competitive within the SBC. Dasher always killed us. We'll see what happens.

Can someone give me the address to Pete's blog???
Thank you!

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